Minister warns corrupt VID officials

Transport and Infrastructural Developmentminister minister Joram Gumbo yesterday warned corrupt Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) officials and driving instructors that the new political dispensation under President Emmerson Mnangagwa will take stringent action on the culprits.


Gumbo issued a ministerial statement in the National Assembly in the wake of reports that driving instructors were acting as conduits of corruption.

He said 54 VID officers were fired for corruption amid reports that 199 drivers’ licences were issued in Chiredzi to undeserving applicants which have since been cancelled by the ministry.

“Zimbabwe’s drivers’ licences are internationally recognised and allow people to drive in any country and government needs to guard this status jealously,” Gumbo said.

“I would like to warn all owners of driving schools that all issues of corruption will be fully investigated and handed to the Zimbabwe Republic Police and where it is established that a driving school is involved we will ensure it is closed.”

He said corruption at VID also involved the issuance of certificates of fitness for vehicles.

Gumbo said there was also proliferation of bogus driving schools where the owner operates from a vehicle, not from an office.

He said these would be de-registered and that the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe would now be required to publish names of registered driving schools.

Gumbo said automation of VID would assist to deal with graft which has seen learner drivers forking out between $150 and $300 to get drivers’ licences.

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  1. Fair and fine that 54 VID instructors were fired and again the Driving schools which were the conduit are not flushed out so the problem will continue to be there Mr Gumbo unless you have the secret list like the one ED has on those who plundered the forex in this country then its fine.

  2. If it’s true and there are criminals why not publish them.You’re are a bunch of liers all you do is rotate those same criminals changing them from one city to another…Deal with yourselves first you bunch of corrupt ministers,and for you why are our roads not being fixed isu tollgate tichibhadhara zvamunogona kudya Mari nekutora action pavanhu vasina basa…

  3. Comment…Minister gumbo what are you saying ne ma private vehicles avakungotakura vanhu Madiro ivo vasina ma permit, fitness of the vehicles, defensive driving certificate pama police and Vid road blocks motor idzi dziri kupfuura sei corruption is still there full time. pounce on them serious

  4. it is an open secret that hauipihwe usina kubhadhara chioko muhomwe minister wake up

  5. warning is not what it takes. Take action to arrest and name the offenders Hon Minister. This practice has been going on for years and it is public information that for one to take a licence, money has to be paid via the instructor of the respective driving school being used. I believe Hon Minister you know what to do and if you are really true to the promises we got from the President about curbing corruption arrests should commence. Fighting corruption requires decisive action.

    1. The minister must go first coz he is the most corrupt person ko ndege dzake naSimba dziri kupi

  6. Name and shame them please

  7. Tanzwa nekubirwa mari nevana wenyu iwawo vamurikuti v.i.d

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