Memorial service for Gukurahundi victims set for Bhalagwe

Bulawayo pressure group, Ibhetshu LikaZulu, says it plans to conduct a memorial service for Gukurahundi victims buried in a disused mineshaft in Maphisa, Matabeleland South.


The commemorations, set to coincide with former President Robert Mugabe’s birthday, are being held under the theme Dispossessed in Life, Dishonoured in Death. Bhalagwe Victims Remembered.

Ibhetshu LikaZulu co-ordinator, Mbuso Fuzwayo said they chose Mugabe’s birthday to hold the memorial service to “remind him of the suffering that Gukurahundi victims went through”.

“Our people are still hurting over Gukurahundi, they are still in mourning, but have never been given an opportunity to share their experiences and mourn. It is in our culture to go to Bhalagwe to pay our respects to the departed,” he said.

“We find it an insult that government has declared Mugabe’s birthday a holiday, but in the same vein failed to acknowledge the atrocities or allow the victims a chance to mourn. For us, February 21 is a reminder of the suffering that Gukurahundi victims and survivors went through.”

The planned memorial service comes as the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission has begun nationwide consultations to find closure to the 1980s mass killings and other human rights violations.

Mugabe unleashed a North Korean-trained militia to crack down against alleged dissent to his rule in Midlands and Matabeleland, resulting in the death of an estimated 20 000 civilians.
Zapu spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa said the party’s leaders will attend the Bhalagwe memorial service, but could not confirm whether president, Dumiso Dabengwa, will be in attendance. Dabengwa was among the several politicians and human rights activists barred from visiting Bhalagwe last year.

“We thank the organisation for providing victims and survivors a platform and space to finally mourn their loved ones. Mugabe’s birthday best suits the holding of the commemorations since he was the instigator and instructor to the genocide,” Maphosa said.

“Our children will know that on this day, a man was born who in 1982 embarked on a genocide on Matabeleland people. This version of our history will also remember Mugabe for not only refusing to acknowledge the genocide for over three decades, but for putting a lid on the subject such that it became taboo to talk about it.”

During his tenure, Mugabe refused to apologise for the atrocities, which he described as “a moment of madness”.

The Chihambakwe report that contains findings into the Gukurahundi massacres has never been made public by government. The commission reported to Mugabe.


  1. How can people still be hurt, mourning and whinning and all sorts when the country has moved and the focus in all other regions is now development, this is undiluted nonsense and this is being perpetrated by retrogressive forces who want that region to remain backward. Dissidents and accomplices who wanted to unsettle the legitimately elected government of the day were appropriately dealt with that time and a commission will decide on the quantum of wrongs if any and how to appease whatever happened in the correct manner not though attention seeking.

    1. You are heartless. May be you are not an orphan by commission. You should have seen how some of the massacres were done-bayonnetting tummies of pregnant women in front of people or digging your iwn grave before being ferretted by a hail of bullets for no crimes committed.God bless you.

      1. you are heartfull then
        what happened to mbuyanehanda and sekuru kaguvi
        you hanged them for their own land with the help of whites
        take back inkomo zika chaka zulu to south africa
        maybe they will take you back as your fathers ran away with stock
        then you start crying accross the river you fools
        stop crying over nothing
        zinja zika mthakathi now you say mthwakazi

        so funny hey


        go back home zulu kingdom

  2. Every dead person in the world derserves to be remembered

  3. Find bter things to do kuda kudya mari yenyika using gukurahundi issue

  4. Comment…ya

  5. please please dont talk of gukurahundi as you know what you had done to mbuyanehanda and sekuru kaguvi
    you must forget

  6. before we can go much further with this ndebele and shona thing please note that for a certain reason what ever happened have happened stop telling your childern about what who did to mbuyanehanda and kaguvi and you also stop telling your kids about gukurahundi
    you are just spreading hatred that will never benefit anyone of you
    if you say mashona killed ndebeles who are the ndebeles at the first place.
    you will all die and leave your kids singing the same song instead of bettering themselves
    dont say amashona talk to your mugabe not to say amashona
    isf its amashona do what you want to the shonas and you will be fed with the same spoon that fed your fathers who had also wronged the shonas from the begining
    why did the ndebeles take mashona wives when they arrived in zimbabwe running away with inkomo zika shaka

    yonke lento ngumdidi dinga imali ukhulise imuli yakho
    otherwise the shonas will pay you for making noise

    kkkkkk we will all die

  7. who sang that track gukurahundi
    is it a single or its got many tracks
    i want the owner of that track to give me the rights i will do it in ndebele it wil be known as
    imbolisamahlanga (that is the meaning of gukurahundi)

  8. where were you ,don’t rely on something which you were told you born free nxa

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