MDC-T vows to descend on party hooligans

MDC-T top leaders have pledged to investigate the violent scenes that characterised the burial of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai at his rural home in Buhera on Tuesday.


Presidential spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, in a statement yesterday, said MDC-T interim leader, Nelson Chamisa, had tasked the party’s security team to smoke out the suspected youth, who physically assaulted vice-president, Thokozani Khupe, secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora and organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe at Humanikwa village in Buhera.

This comes amid reports that the youth allegedly threatened to torch a hut the trio had sought refugee in and deflate their vehicle tyres.

“Acting president, (Nelson Chamisa) has ordered the security and intelligence department of the party to investigate the violence and harassment of the senior members of the party and submit a report to him in the next 24 hours,” Tamborinyoka said.

Chamisa said stern action would be taken against perpetrators, adding violence was not part of the MDC-T character.

Mwonzora said the party would convene an urgent meeting to deal with the matter.

“It was humiliating to the leaders involved. We cannot accept a situation, where a leader of Khupe’s stature is being subjected to tribal rants and hate speech. I am the secretary-general and I will advise the leaders of the standing committee meeting,” he said.

MDC-T youth assembly secretary-general, Lovemore Chinoputsa said: “We take with great exception whenever people fail to find each other, they always want to blame the youth assembly. They don’t want to introspect, but rather they want to always push the blame on young people, which is sad.”

MDC-T chairman, Lovemore Moyo, acknowledged that the scourge violence was growing within the party.

“Normally, there is no formula for dealing with a human mind that has all of a sudden decided to go wild and exhibit itself as a violent mind. As a leadership, we always preach non-violence because those are the foundations of this movement, those are the guiding principles of this movement and MDC-T is known for a non-violent approach to our political approach,” he said.

Bhebhe said what was happening on the ground might be a mirror of the calibre of leadership they would be when in government.

But MDC-T deputy treasurer-general, Charlton Hwende, a Chamisa ally, denied reports that the party was in a crisis.

“Khupe and company have been boycotting meetings, where these issues were discussed and now they go everywhere to disparage the party,” he said.

“The situation must be contained and allow the party to move forward and prepare for elections.”

He said there was no turning back on the current leadership and those calling for an extra-ordinary congress to choose Tsvangirai’s successor were out of order.

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  1. This is a party in real crisis.

    1. yes it is and it will pass because its base is so strong. just watch and see. mdc will give zanu a hard time. this will be like the parties in England and America. democracy because of morgan will live for long in Zimbabwe. short sighted people will not see that. we are not going back as zimbabweans. people in Zimbabwe without rigging are finding that mdc is now their party not zanu and will continue to do so for a long time. that is why the leadership of the party is fighting over it. however people will rule at the end. morgan did something different even with his mistakes which people want to paint him with more than look at the positive. the darkest hour is before dawn.

  2. what crisis,u cant reap what u do not sow where was khupe ,Chamisa did rallies in epworth,mutare,chitungwiza and mutare,iye akarara hake,chamisa has already won mdc supporters,so he is now the face of the party..khupe if she lead she will move out of alliance ..she just want to lead those masses.fighting for power they do not have ,when real power is with ED,,

  3. Comment… Sorry mama Khupe n baba Mwonzora,u wld hv learnt kudhara Tsvangirai chaiye akapotsa auraya Mangoma.Mama K kuteverwa Buruwayo kunorohwa,Shame

  4. Comment…Mwonzora and Khupe should be politically mature enough not to do or say things in public that provoke public anger….somethings are better said in private than in public.

    1. Very true in politics not all people are reserved some misbehave if you say bad things in public and they meet you pound for pound.

  5. Comment…There seems to a hidden hand to have mdc-t’s brand soiled, maybe cio/nikov.

  6. We see a ruthless tyrant in the making. Chimisa is a very dangerous man. Another Stalin in the making. Watchout for the inevitable purges

    1. hauna nyaya

    2. I disagree. Having walked and talked to that young man he is not that character. Yes he is arrogant and boastful but he is not a Stalin.

  7. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Chamisa, Tamborinyoka nevamwe vose, mukakwanisa kusunga munhu akakonzera mhirizhonga Buhera, ndokupayi sarudzo yangu pana Kanzura weMDC-T. Ndakamirira kuona CVs aMP naPresident. Ini handione, uye handidi kutungamirirwa neasingaonewo. Akasvinura kuti aone zvichaitika, uye dzakateya hadzo kunzwaka.

  8. The only way to stop this ‘Mugabe in the making’ boy is to vote overwhelmingly for ED!!! I’m a registered voter and the Croc definitely has my patriotic vote.

    1. It’s not the ONLY way, there are other options. Blind yourself, if you may, but don’t blind others. Besides, your vote is your secret, so is mine or everyone else’s.

    2. So to you Chamisa is more violent than ED?

  9. It’s Chamisa’s character that is doing all the damage. As a mature leader he should have called off the disputed national executive meeting and let people concentrate on mourning Tsvangirai first. With 3 deputy/vice presidents there was never any danger of a leadership vacuum. Chamisa is to MDC what Grace was to Zanu Pf, a catalyst for confusion and chaos. He will single handedly destroy the party if he doesn’t control his lust for power. Yes it would be nice to be a young president of Zimbabwe but withou vision and direction his quest for power will only lead to doom.

    1. Madoda!! I have seen violent people before, the only person who have managed to live long is Mugabe otherwise most of his violent cronies have died. Chamisa is a young charismatic leader and it is embarrassing for him to steep so low and revert to violence and to fast track his ascendance as if he also fast tracked the death of his leader. After all if you look at his supporters 95% are morons who can only throw a stone and asha heavy tribal insults. It`s embarrasing before your father is buried you already at his throne mmmmm mfana manyanya

    2. Haaaa its such a pity that most people have decided to see Chamsa as the causer of such violent acts when it is Her Khupe who invited the young people to deal with her in such a way. Remember she would not meet President when He was still alive and now that the old man is gone she wants to lead us , she is behind all the attack levied on Elizabeth and Chamisa . She deserve that beating

  10. will tiudze vision yakhupe and co.

  11. If one looks clinically at the scenario before MT’s death, only Khupe did NOT impinge into MT’s life for anointment or whatever. A dying man in pain can say anything and forget what he has just said. In my view, anyone visiting MT before his death had nefarious reasons for doing so, and in my book, will not make a good, disciplined and tolerant leader.
    The MDC “leadership” must be mindful that many sympathisers are not MEMBERS of MDC but would prefer to vote for them. They have no obligation to continue supporting a party that encourages violence, tribalism and desists from constitutionalism. I would rather abstain than vote for such.

  12. Chamisa if he wants people to take him seriously must deal with the violence perpetrators viciously, MDC should not be a carbon copy of zanu pf, we do not want blood stained hands in the party. We can differ in opinion but that does not make us enemies, why would you want to stress your belief by using violence like Mugabe and his zanu. Fellow Zimbabweans what we want at the moment is a clean sweep of change, that is why Chamisa must uphold human rights as his hym book wherever he goes.No to violence and violence to barbaric zanu pf, not MDC, there should be a difference.

    1. Which people? As we see at rallies the same people are showing they like Chamisa so which people are you talking about. For your own information all those speaking ill of Chamisa are not MDC members or supporters they did not, don’t and will not vote for MDC whatever the case,no matter how peaceful they so you need discernment. If that is the case zanupf would never win an election because they have degrees in violence.

    2. Charles Charingeno

      I think you people are confused. How can Chamisa be blamed for the violence he did not commit and he did not order to be perpetrated? Instead he actually sent someone to calm things down and that is why the situation improved! Noone mentions it, that it was Chamisa who stopped the hooligans. I am sure some of you are just saying things out of the blue and trying to discredit Chamisa. When you have your supporters behaving violently are you responsible for their actions or it is them responsible for their action??? The supporters were just overzealous! and who can control overzealousness!

  13. koooo tipeiwo ma videos panomhanyiswa ana khupe nana mwonzora tiseke hedu

    1. Haapo pane evarikuimba even ekuti dzokera ku matebeleland and dissident hapana.


  15. Chamisa is a dictator in the making for certain. Watch this space and his ascent marks the demise of the MDC-T if a properly constituted election of a leader is done

    1. Better him than mhondi saMugabe andmunangagwa .

      Lets change zanu pf and replace it with mdc t being lead by Chamisa for a change

  16. To Charlton Hwende please be reminded that boycotting meetings and the assault case are not corerelated. Violennce no matter the circumstances must not be tolerated. Ndozvamuchazoita here kana mave nema purisa nema soldiers, apesana mafungiro nemi morova. munenge masiyana papi na Bob

  17. Well Well Well,,thanks to one isaac Maphosa who had to intervene to avoid these officials getting hurt.I’m kok sure there is a terrible violent hand of Zanu pf playing a third violent force here.lets be careful and not be divided by enemies of destruction,This is a pipos party and does not belong to MT (MHDSRIP)or NC,TK,DM,EM,this is a pipos party FULL stop.The 196 out of 215 are not sticks but pipos representatives and they sat to avoid a leadership vacuum.The three leaders must first sit as the presidium and iron out their grieviances,then we move to a fresh process.The Tsvangirai family must stay out and instead grieve as this is not a family property for inheritance and they cant and should not tell pipo what they think.We think on our own ,After all they were the first to wash their dirty linen in public.ICho!!!


    pastor/advocate/administrator chamisa pliz pliz remove the tint on mdc.

  19. I think Chamisa is ex biting gullible attitude he should be a reluctant leader, he must be chosen by people in the party clearly without the involvement of his hand, if power is given to such characters worse still young characters Mugabe will be proven to be an angel compared to your Chaminsa. watch him!!!!

    1. My friend in politics if you want a position you campaign you don’t fold hands that is politics for you. its different from being a team captain of a football club. Even Khupe bludgeoned Lucia out that is politics.


    Leave Chamisa alone imi maCIO.

    1. chamisa is worse than mugabe

    2. Why why all the blame game. Hope the ruling party is clean on this vanhu vangori vanhu. khupe,bhebhe and nemumwe wacho uyo mukaona nguva kwanai sewe khupe you were disregarding Morgan now that he is gone woda dzvene kwana iwe

  21. Comment…fine & fair comment but, the threats and harassments were done in broad daylight. It is up to the party President and his executive to denounce this kind of behaviour openly,rather sooner than later.MDC T can not afford to loose any members because of the fact that the funeral of Late Great Iconic Leader Morgan Tsvangirai was over subscribed. No, no, not even one member. The acting President should realise that people came out in numbers mourn Tsvangirai not to attend a rally.

  22. Chamisa is worse than Gushungo.

  23. Chamisa is the way to go, even if u try to defame his character. He did not commit any crime. This is however different from ED who has history of great atrocities

  24. Chamisa is the only way to go now guys zanu Pf taneta nayo . Imagine kuti all those who have been graduating from 2014 Havana mabasa now you guys if you really got respect all the money you been paying for school fees you should just change government chete . Imagine kuti iwe you are given 300 as your pay but it takes you almost 7days to get it all from the bank yet mazanu achiisa Mari mums ceiling ahhh no hazviite

  25. Am extremely surprised that mdc fails to recognise Khupe. What this story of classifying Zimbabweans on tribal lines. A leader can emerge from any province in Zimbabwe. I am shona but all zimbabweans are equally important. Let’s stop the fight and respect each other. Zimbabweans should accept any leader who wins elections regardless of tribe or gender. Sorry Thoko for all what you have gone through under the hands of misguided elements.

  26. Chamisa hasn’t been in power and destroyed a country’s economy killing thousands of his fellow citizens along the way.
    Mugabe has.
    And you say Chamisa is worse than Bob?
    Moron doesn’t even begin to describe you @maths

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