MDC-T trapped in debt

THE main opposition MDC-T is reportedly mired in heavy debts, a development likely to compromise its election preparations with some of the debtors threatening to attach the party’s assets.


Last year alone, the party lost a significant portion of its office furniture at its Harvest House headquarters in Harare to credotors.
According to documents gleaned by NewsDay, the party owes Harare City Council more than $264 000 in unpaid rates, while party employees have reportedly gone unpaid for several months.

Party insiders blamed MDC-T treasurer-general Theresa Makone and secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora for failing to mobilise adequate funds for the smooth running of the party.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed yesterday that the MDC-T coffers were running dry, but attributed it to the general economic challenges in the national economy.

“The liquidity crunch that is wreaking havoc in Zimbabwe is sparing no one, the MDC included. It is not a secret that just like any other organisation operating in Zimbabwe at the moment, the MDC has got its own share of financial woes,” Gutu said.

“However, we are managing to get by and, in fact, we have structured an arrangement with various creditors to enable a payment plan to be effected to liquidate our debts. It is business as usual at Harvest House and indeed all activities are proceeding well.”

Gutu said the party was owed more than $2 million by the government in terms of its resource allocation under the Political Parties Finance Act. He said once they receive the money, it would go a long way in paying creditors.

But some party officials were demanding answers from Makone.

“We cannot continue on this path. If our leaders are failing to manage the party, they must give way to others who are capable. We are going for elections and those creditors might come and attach more property, including the party headquarters,” said an official at the MDC-T headquarters.

“That would be bad and the electorate will see us as disorganised. This must be mitigated and we are demanding answers now. The matter will be brought to the national leadership’s attention and if we fail to get solutions, then we might call for replacements.”

Efforts to contact Makone for comment were fruitless yesterday.

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  1. not only trapped in debt but infighting as well

  2. but according to my understanding of our politics these opposition parties shud have their budget from the gvt coffers. the gvt shud be funding these opposition parties. we shud restrain ourselves from politics of hatred

  3. What happened to funders ,Hanzi naChamisa we have keys to unlock donors and economy.First mr chamisa start with mdc then our country,kumhanyira zvemberi zvekumashure muchikonewa.lf this part wins elections there will be a looting spree since they are poor,cry my beloved country zimbabwe vultures are waiting for you.

  4. If this is true and the MDC has failed to manage its finances to such an extent (a) how different will it be from Zanu PF if entrusted with the national treasury (b) we have witnessed a propensity to resort to violence when fissures occur amongst party members. How different are they from Zanu PF and once in power what guarantee do we have that they will not use violence to retain power. (c) Zanu PF used to boast about the one centre of power principle in which all party and ruling (at national level) power went unchecked resulting in the creation of a monster and a monstress. The current MDC leader wields unfettered power and is also idolised like Mugabe at one stage. How different is MDC from Zanu PF?

  5. MDC should have postponed the elections ,ask for electoral reforms, get a new leader and maybe get some funding. With due respect to Tsvangirai, you can’t go in an election with someone as ill as he is. Even if he wins .You can’t hold any office let alone a Presidential one.Their hope is that Chamisa boy will take over .Well just check our constitution. That’s why old Matibili was going to Asia to hide his medical records. Otherwise he would have be discharged on medical grounds. Do these MDC lot think. You can’t give a burden to a man who is terminally ill.He did his part.

  6. theresa u can do better

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