MDC-T set for March extraordinary congress

THE opposition MDC-T is set to hold a critical extraordinary congress to fill the void left by iconic leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who passed away last Wednesday following a two-year battle with cancer, NewsDay can reveal.


Party secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora told NewsDay in an exclusive interview that the MDC-T has no choice, but to go to congress for the selection of a new leader and presidential candidate ahead of general polls later this year.

“The issue of who fills the vacancy in the presidency cannot be determined by the national executive or national council, but this can only be done by an extraordinary congress. This has to be before the election and before the 15th of March.

“If we allow the national council to make the decision of who is leader that would be trying to usurp the power of a body composed of about 5 000 and replace that with a body made up of around 170 members. It’s not logical,” he said.

Mwonzora’s comments fly in the face of MDC-T acting president, Nelson Chamisa, who last week was appointed by the party’s national council to replace Tsvangirai for the next 12 months.

Mwonzora said the argument about the party lacking resources is “illogical” and unconstitutional.

“The business of an extraordinary congress is to dispense of one item, to elect the substantive president of the party and an election presidential candidate. The constitution does not say we must hold a congress when we have the resources.

“In order for the chosen person to have legitimacy, we have to follow the law to the letter and this what president Tsvangirai would have wanted. We are a social democratic party and have since formation argued for respect for the law. We have no choice but to show our supporters, the country and the world that we respect the law and live our word,” the MDC-T secretary general said.

Mwonzora said after Tsvangirai’s funeral, the MDC-T will trigger an internal process leading to an extra-ordinary congress to elect a new leader and a presidential candidate, adding the former Prime Minister had done well not to anoint a successor.

“It was the correct thing for him not to anoint anybody. This is because it would have been undemocratic [and] monarchical. It would have been akin to usurping the power of congress.

“Tsvangirai came to power through congress and anyone who wants to lead the MDC-T should come in that way. It is world best practice and would be ill-advised to proceed in any other way,” he said.


  1. chamisa who is a confessed mugabe admirer will not allow free elections

    1. @Mwonzora,The issue of who fills the vacancy in the presidency cannot be determined by the national executive or national council,.How come National council decides on Mps,Councilors and Senators?Stupid SG Mwonzora stop smoking mbanje and think straight.Calling for congress yet you know it verywell tht you have manipulated structures with Abednico Bhebhe,we say No

    2. @Khupe,test your own medicine.Just a reminder,Entumbane Constituence elected Prince Dube 2013 Primary Elections but Khupe Imposed D Tshuma,Magwegwe Constituence elected Felix Mafa but Khupe imposed and rigged for Anele Ndebele,Makokoba prefered James Sithole but Khupe imposed Gorden Moyo,Byo Central wanted Nick Brown but Khupe rigged and imposed Dorcas Sibanda and Byo East wanted Swithern Chirodza but Khupe used tribal cards and imposed Tabitha Khumalo.If constitution needs to be followed Khupe must confess and ask for forgiveness because she did attrocius damage in Bulawayo province and constituences eg Gorden Moyo and Banda appointment mdct constitution was violated.

  2. Do these dhanda heads realise that general elections are less than 5 months away? Who cares about wasting time on a constitution if all it will do is hand over power to the junta on a silver platter? It’s as clear as daylight who needs to lead the mdc

    1. Truth. Mvonzora is very correct. If these guys do not follow their constitution, who will?

  3. Ko Iye Nelson Chamisa arikutyei Kuenda Ku Congress?

    1. Bhebhe and Mwonzora manipulated structures and please Note last congress Khupes ex-Husband Gidion Shoko ZCTU member conived with Brother inlaw Abednico Bhebhe formed parallel structures and rigged Chamisa mind you ZCTU operated like Zec in 2014 CONGRESS

  4. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Bumbiro remutemo rebato renyu rinotiyi? Ndiro teverayi nemazvo nguva dzose. Musada kudimbudzira panisa nzira munowira mugomba, munopinda muminzwa kana kuwira mudziva rine makarwe nemvuu. Remekedzayi BUMBIRO, vanhu vanokurudzira Hurumende yeGUTSA RUZHINJI vanotevera BUMBIRO nguva dzose nenzira kwayo. Pamberi neGUTSA RUZHINJI.

    1. Re ZANU rinoti kana zvaramba itai coup here? Food for thought!

      1. why copying ZANU

  5. we have not for that,Mwonzora ,people have spoken.Chamisa is next,

  6. Comment… Lawlessness musati mave KUTONGA ko kuzoti

  7. congress a few weeks before national elections is suicidal.Mwonzora it seems is being used by people who want to see the demise of the Mdc.

    1. If a congress will divide rather than unite the MDC, then in what way will a presidential campaign with a disputed president not even be worse X10?

  8. I also advise Chamisa ti keep his mouth shut and be a spectator throughout the funeral to give the relatives space and peace to bury their loved one.
    Parufu what I know is that vanhu vanoita zvido zve hama dzomufi. Mai vake vanokosha ndokusaka vange varipo to the time he breathed last.
    Tswangirayi is no longer there he is no longer an MDC. Its just memories so no MDC issue should be mixed with the discent burial of Tswangirayi.

    The Congress route would be the best after the burial of Tswangirayi

    1. The Second Coming

      Is Tsvangirai not Tswangirai. One mistake is acceptable but a mistake after a mistake is no longer a genuine mistake but a deliberate mistake. Tisadaro u can’t say with his popularity you don’t even know how to write his name. U might pronounce differently as ndebeles used to do with terms like svo where they say so, tsva where they say tswa but in writing u have to be adjustive. Ndikuone futi uchidaro

      1. you are made go to hell. if he cant spell it wel kukuhlupha ngani

  9. An extraordinary congress is the only logical way forward, since (for better or for worse) Save had created three vice presidents. Chamisa seems to have broad support(even apparently from Zanu PF) so there seems no reason why he should obstruct this; if there are things he fears will be exposed during the campaigning at that congress, it is better he faces them now and not via dirty-tricks from the ruling party, during the presidential campaign.

    1. Unless, of course, Chamisa has become (wittingly or otherwise), an agent for Zanu PF…

  10. mwonzora cabal are spearheading for Congress because they want to bribe delegates to go against the anointed one like what they did before.
    the voice people is voice of God, the people has spoken . Chamisa will be face of genuine opposition whether those idots likes or not.

  11. That is the best way to go. I also advise Chamisa to support the move. You will make at the congress.

  12. The MDC T national council has spoken, what else.

  13. WHat will stop him to violet the constitution of the land if he is able to violet his on parties constitution. The constitution rules everywhere.

  14. tendai chaminuka

    Chamisa and his funeral coup.

  15. Zimbabweans love to cheer. It would have been worse had Patson been declared the new leader. Little or no analysis of the qualities in contrast to what has already been (even in neighbouring countries like DRC, SA). I might cheer if something absolutely new which has never been there came into existence.

  16. Comment…I would like to urge my favourite politician Chamisa to go fo congress.If he is the chosen one by God,nothing is going to stop him.

  17. But it is common cause that the last Congress produced results which appeared inconsistent with the popular will of the members, suggesting that the party machinery on voting administration, at the current configuration, might not produce uncontested results.

  18. People do not understand the strategic move by Chamisa. Indeed the party will go to congress before the election. Any other argument is difficult to sustain. The move was just meant to make him have control of the party in the lead up to congress. An acting president he at least has an advantage. Notice how more and more people are accepting him. Social media in overdrive to sell his profile. Not many remembered he was founding youth chair.Not many realised he is one of remaining members of founding executive.He has benefited from departure of original mdc big guns like Ncube Biti etc but he probably is the man.

  19. The Secretary General is spot on there. If Chamisa trashes the party’s constitution, what else is next.

  20. Congress is what Zanu wants because it will leave Mdc more divided than ever before only a few weeks to the elections.While Mdc is busy preparing for this congress Ed will also be busy campaigning.Those scarce resources would have been better used to campaign in the forthcoming plebscite.

  21. is that party to continue being called mdc-t since t is late

  22. chamisa is the peoples favourite no need for xtra nonsense Congress ,dzenyu ,dzekuda ku rigger Chamisa ,muchitengana sezvamakaita GoGo vaye ,.manje zvakashaya basa

    1. The law is the law, therefore the constitution must be followed. The constitution is a guiding document that organisations & institutions prepare while everyone is still rational before emotions & events sway proper judgement that is why it is prepared and signed before anything else. if you allow this most important document to be overlooked then we would have created another dictatorship which is above the supreme rule of the party. Remember we just got rid of one such charismatic person who operated above the law & since he was above the law it was only the use of force (Army) that could deal with this, so please lets be a country of laws for a change

  23. Return to constitutionalism

    I think Douglas Mwonzora is right. The will of the party supersedes the will of any being, moreso avaricious avaricious and the will of the party is enshrined in the Constitution. A new leader should be elected at a properly convened Congress. So far, Chamisa is on cloud nine, riding on Tsvangirai’s ghost but reality shall soon dawn upon him immediately after the interment of Tsvangirai who to his credit or lack thereof created three vice presidents thereby inadvertently creating three divisions in the party. If Chamisa is indeed popular, he needs to be constitutionally elected at a Congress. I hope he is now sufficiently popular in the party to clinch the top post because the last time a Congress was held, Chamisa emerged the biggest loser.

  24. But surely if MDC-T cannot raise R2 million Rands for its president’s medical bills, how come they have the money to hold an extra-ordinary congress, and campaigning for the general elections. The real motivation for the congress is not to follow the constitution, for the National Executive Council is a legal body mandated by the very constitution to make the very kind of decision it has done of appointing an interim president to represent the party in the general elections. The party can then organize for the congress when it’s due, and by that time the party will be stable, financially or otherwise to hold a credible congress. I have the strong feeling that Mwonzora is not sincere, but is hiding behind constitutionalism, knowing very well that currently he and others, who have openly shown disdain to Chamisa have an upper hand in deciding the agenda of the congress, the delegates to come, how elections will be conducted and ultimately counting the results. The priority now is to quickly galvanize the support and engage in serious mobilization in the remaining 4 months or so before the elections and not to confuse the membership with unnecessary divisive summits.

  25. After ED was fired by mugabe…and after mugabe resigned who was to become the president according to the constitution…did they go to the congress to choose ED as president?…mwonzora went to the cape town meeting with mujuru and he is duin his best to destabilise the MDC T party so that their mooted coalation w g40 and mujuru becomes stronger…the vanguard is watching

  26. Chamisa vanedzungu ava why not wait for the congress and beat them constitutionally and democratically…A good is leader must be elected by the people not to be endorsed.Tsvangirai once advocated for democracy but why did he not respect Khupe who was constitutionally elected by the people in 2014.He endorsed Mudzuri and Chamisa which is undemocratic.Mwonzora munoti anonzwawo sei kuisirwa Chamisa as VP yet he defeated by vote him to the SG position.

    Lets watch the space dzinotungana chete dzemudanga.Mdc will always split during the election time.This is time they give zanu pf a favourable ground

  27. Dzinotungana chete dzemudanga.Watch the space and split.panobuda maMDC akatiwandei after congress yacho.ED chiororo vatopinda.Zanu pf are a united front during election time.

  28. Chamisa is 100% correct, Zimbabwe is the country of the greatest election riggers in the world & we all know how Mwonzora cheated Chamisa last time. As long as you have public support the only way to get into power sometimes is to just grab it by force ( ask Chiwenga & Lacoste)

  29. Zanu Pf ine zvainoda kuita paCongress yeMDC so that Chamisa is booted out so that they get a weaker candidate.

  30. Why have a constitution if you can’t abide by it? Why condemn Zanu for failing to abide by the countries constitution if you have the potential to do the same. Be aware that everyone including the silent level headed and international observers will be watching, it’s easy to manipulate and get the noise makers and bootlickers on board but, the bottom line is they are of no-value when it comes to building the country. You can have many useless voters as Zanu does but that doesn’t solve the countries problems because the people who matter will not help if you choose to ignore or modify constitutions to suit your personal interests.

  31. Extraordinary congress will cost the party in upcoming election. The timing will be a disaster in the sense we have elections coming in next few months, its better the resources are used for campaign instead of congress which will further divide the party. Mdct is not going into elections alone so its important anyone coming have support of other alliance leaders so as to avoid split within alliance . Time is running out, all must support electable Chamisa all need to carry the word to rural areas,, chamisa is our President

  32. New blood yamaichemera

    Ko ngaaende ku congress kana zve congres zvamuramba anongoita ka MDC C tobva tamuteera tese kuta kuti hwuuu.

    Chamisa ndomunhu woga anomisa Zimbabwe angatevera Tsvangirai. Munosiudza Zanu kut toda change toda new blood, iyo new blood makudei futi vana dololo

  33. Chikuru kufema Kupe Na Elias

    Kutungamirirwa nemukadzi mofa nema women rights vafana. kupe kupe wekupei, anokupai ma women rights anorwadza uyo mukaperera mumajeri

  34. Mudzuri …its better to be a vice president of a winning party than to be a president of a loosing one.

  35. ARTICLE 16 …pg 82 of the MDCT constitution says……
    16.1 The National Council, notwithstanding anything contained herein shall have the absolute discretion of determining the manner and process of any selection including the power of making any appointment for any position.
    16.2 Furthermore, the National Council shall in the interest of gender representation have the power of reserving any seats or positions for women.
    16.3 The National Council shall have the power of directing that no primary shall be held in any Constituency for good reason.
    16.4 The National Council may disqualify or reject any selected candidate where it is satisfied that it is not in the interests of the party for that candidate to stand as the party’s candidate in any election.
    16.5 In the event of such a disqualification or rejection the National Council may call for another selection process and election or may itself choose the candidate by a 2/3 majority

  36. Don’t allow Mwonzora to make us think he knows more than any of us here. Fortunately that document (Constitution) is a public document!

  37. Thanks for finally writing about >MDC-T set for March extraordinary congress – NewsDay Zimbabwe <Liked it!

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