MDC-T praises new military leaders, slates Chiwenga

MDC-T deputy chairperson, Morgan Komichi yesterday described the new military top brass as professional and people expected them to uphold the country’s Constitution, unlike their predecessors.

BY Garish Phiri/
Tafadzwa Mutacha

Addressing mourners at the late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s Highlands home, Komichi said the newly-appointed commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Philip Valerio Sibanda, was professional unlike his predecessor, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, whom he said often “illegally dabbled in civilian politics”.

“Changes in the new dispensation brought about transformation in the security sector and that’s commendable, as these commanders are professionals and level-headed people,” he said.

Under former President Robert Mugabe’s regime, the MDC-T often complained of a partisan military top brass, which they said supported Zanu PF.

Komichi said this in the presence of a Zanu PF delegation led by party chairperson, Oppah Muchinguri, Zanu PF political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje, a retired army general, and spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, who had gone to pay their condolences to Tsvangirai’s family.

The MDC-T deputy chairperson said in the forthcoming polls, the opposition expected no violence, as some of those who were known to be champions in fomenting violence were now responsible for building peace across the country. ads Ads

“There was a time when we would meet as political opponents and people were being beaten. The new President has said that it is now a thing of the past. My uncle, Rugeje, you have a huge task that what used to happen long back does not happen again,” Komichi said.

“The issue of the military asking for serial numbers from those who have registered to vote using the BVR [biometric voter registration] and the violence in Bikita must end.

“There is need for removal of fear and intimidation in the electorate by proposing a national committee of MDC Alliance and Zanu PF to do party rallies denouncing violence as we go towards elections and this will help to boost regional and international confidence so as to attract foreign direct investment (FDI).”

Komichi said joint rallies would assist Zimbabwe gain international, national and regional confidence.

“This will also help us with the FDI that we want from international delegates,” he said.

In her address, Muchinguri described the late opposition leader as a true patriot, who worked for the new Constitution as well as provided checks and balances to the Zanu PF government.

She chronicled Tsvangirai’s political history dating back to the days he was in trade unionism up to the formation of the MDC in 1999, saying the former Prime Minister in the inclusive government sacrificed his personal life for peace.

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  1. Komichi, bear in mind that, you are at a funeral not a political rally.

    1. Chemical Solution

      Also,NACIDO RICO remember that Komichi is just preaching what an iconic politician in the mold of Tsvangirayi was preaching. Do you remember what Rugejo did in Bikita and ZAka? So its just a reminder that this has to stop as we are all Zimbabweans.

  2. also bear in mind that this is a funeral of an iconic politician

    1. Indeed …indeed!!!

    2. Very true political funeral in deed and he is not campaigning but indicating that Tsvangirayi did not want violence as was happening…good piece

  3. Hats up to Komichi he gave themm the right message, especially Rugeje.

  4. He learned that from Mugabe.

  5. let us forget our past differences and move forward. Chiwenga mighty have eered in the past but remember he is the same guy who visited then ill tsvangirai at his highlands home. chiwengwa in his condolence message also saluted tsvangirai…. by describing him as “son of the soil”
    this funeral has also united people across political devide thats y high profile zanu pf members also pay their condolences. to me the speech is ill timed

  6. I wish that MDC will someday stop unnecessary criticisms and focus on development

    1. Comment…

    2. what development when zanu pf and the military cant develop their minds

  7. Comment…the death of mdc leader morgan brings together the people of zimbabwe as compared to those who say we forght fo the liberation of zimbambe whilst they don’t have love to those whom they say we liberate,lets unit and build our nation regardless of political afilliation

  8. Komichi was to the point. Rugeje is one of the problem makers in Masvingo. All this is being said because of Tsvangirai the son of the soil. They unifier. The Politician who came with peace and forgiveness to the people of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

  9. Comment…chipinge son nyaya yavana munangagwa yekuita kafira mberi Tsvangirai vachitarisira kuwina mavote ndinokumbira vannhu vava nyadzise vasava votera.vanhu ava havana chavanga ita kuvana vezimbabwe vane utsinye vaurayi maopresers vakauraya vanhu vakawandisa kubva pakapera hondo nanhasi vanoita sekunge ndivo vanhu chete munyika izvezvi masunction akavagarira saka munofunga vangaigadzira zimbabwe ivovasina hushamwari nedzimwe nyika.veduwe ngatimbopaiwo chance Mdc.T ISHANDURE nyika taneta kugara musango zvoita sekunge south africa ndimo mune zvakanaka chete.nemuZIMBABWE zvirimo asizvinodiwa kuti zviite zveZANYU PF CHETE MBAVA DZEZANYU.NGAtichinje nehuwandu hwedutose tisiye kapart kemakororo mhondi.ndozvavai rwira kuvana vemuZIMbabwe vazare pasirese vachitsvaga mabasa hamunyari makaita vanhurudzii munongoda kuramba muchitonga pasina zvamunodilver kuvanhu muchiba hupfumi hwenyi vachitambura.bvumaikukundwa mubvepo papinde gutsa ruzhinji.pamusoroi vana veZIMBAbwe kana unepfungwa shanu kana unevana uchifungira uana nehama kuti ramangwa richava sei kuti vasaenda kunyika dzavamwe kundotsvaga mabasa handifungi kuti uchavotera Zanu pf yenhamo nematambudziko regai kunyengedzwa nemascud kana zvikafu zvemadoner munofangenhamo mangwana mhondidzeZAnyu dzisisina basa nemwi.slogan Mugabe have go Munangagwa must follow hatijiki .saka unhuwese Nelson Chamisa for presdent Vote mdc.T TOPINDA Muhuchinemukaka vana veZIMBABWE VADZOKE KUMUSHA.THINK for tomorrow before you Vote musavarairwa.ngativanyadzise vanhu veutsinye ava.CHINJA MAITIRO.EVERYONE THINK FOR TOMORROW otherways you will sufer forever mind you.THANKS.ZANU PF ALWAYS KILL PEOPLE BECAREFFULLY WHERE ever you are. They distroy in order to build.munhu we kundovotera Mdc.T presdent Nelson Chamisa.i say sorry to M.TSVANGIRAI THE WICHDOCTORS OF ZANU PF HAVE KILL you as is there job always rest inpiece we always love you .THANKS

  10. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    A new page has been opened. As we mourn the death of an icon let us embrace unity and a non violence culture. We all agree that the man preached unity and peace. This was acknowledged by the President and the ruling party. Zimbabweans, we can do it

  11. that what Tsvangirai wld have wanted thank u for telling the truth.As for the operation restore legacy its time these people tell us whose really legacy where they restoring bcz am 110% sure it wasnt for Zim at all.

  12. Comment…l noticing traits of intolerance from the very party that purports to be the party of excellence.l am not amused.

  13. Comment…l am noticing traits of intolerance from the very party that purports to be the party of excellence.l am not amused.


  14. Thanks vana veZim kuti murikuona mamiriro akaita zvinhu muno saka kuzvipedza kugadzirisa.


  15. Its not an ordinary funeral its apolitical funeral so komichi is hundred percent correct

  16. Haa if you think mdc has become more popular nekufa kwachematama haa you are mistaken to the extreme…mdc alliance has nothing tangiable to offer this country.a party infested with vultures who are power hungry and know nothing abt constructive criticism and unity peace and development.tsvangi is your hero you mdc pple not every zim’s hero.period.zvekut panhamo makungo hukura zvepolitics izvo ah it only shows that you’re nt being sincere with your leader’s death…mface wekuda kupa nyika kuma british uyu tsvangi wekukoka sanction onzi hero nhasi???dai akaita at least 3 types of cancer lyk colon,lung and prostate simultaneously….tikungoudzanawo chokwadi hedu kwete manyepo.

    1. haaaa blaz uku ndokurasika chaiko.asi ndim veRESTORE LEGACY???hpna choziikanwa apa we are watching yu carefully and what yu are preaching is opposite whats on the grnd.vanh veZanu majaira mhan.WE ARE TIRED OF ZANU PF zvekut wch party will take either allianc or nt we jus dnt want ZANU nevana vayo!!!!

  17. @facts if u dont have anything to plizzzz keep quit we have suffered hell on earth bcz of ur dirty Zanupf.Ur e most dumpest; cruel n stupid person on this earth

  18. ummmmm will we ever unite i doubt

  19. Ko shefu bonus yacho yakanga Tichifanira kupiwa February irikupi?

  20. u are callous and inhuman, because of that u have written i curse u, get ready to receive all the above illnesses. next year around this time, you shall see the effects.

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