MDC-T meets over Tsvangirai successor

ACTING MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa has summoned the opposition party’s main decision-making bodies – national executive and national council – for urgent meetings tomorrow to resolve the festering leadership wrangles and possibly anoint him as successor for the party’s ailing president, Morgan Tsvangirai.


The resolution to convene the crisis meetings was made by the party’s standing committee during a meeting chaired by Chamisa yesterday.

The meeting was attended by 11 out of 15 standing committee members where co-vice-presidents Elias Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe, organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe and national chairman Lovemore Moyo were the only absentees.

Article 6:4:2:6 of the opposition party’s constitution states that: “An emergency national council meeting may be convened on the basis of a petition signed by at least one-third of the members of the national council provided that at all material times only the president or any person specifically delegated in writing by him or her shall have the right at any time of convening a meeting of the national council.”

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed tomorrow’s crucial meetings.

“The national standing committee, chaired by acting president Advocate Nelson Chamisa, resolved that there be an extraordinary national executive committee meeting at 1000hrs on Thursday at Harvest House. This will be followed by the national council meeting, at midday to resolve and deal with all the issues to do with party cohesion and hygiene,” Gutu said. ads Ads

A party insider said tomorrow’s meetings would likely to endorse Chamisa as Tsvangirai’s successor and possible MDC Alliance presidential candidate.

“The statement clearly show that there is a push to discredit the other vice-presidents ahead of the national executive and council meetings and paint Chamisa as the only person upholding the vision of Tsvangirai,” the source said.

Mudzuri, who had initially called for his own national standing committee meeting today, snubbed Chamisa’s standing committee meeting, insisting that he was still acting party president.
He later issued a Press statement where he hammered at Chamisa for allegedly harbouring “unbridled ambitions for power”.

“I will not have unbridled ambitions for power. Let me assure you that once the party is united and there is order and direction, everything will fall into place. When the time comes that there is a vacancy in the presidency, everyone who wishes will have the opportunity to present themselves to the people who will make their choice. I will respect that choice and lend all my support to him/her,” he said in a statement.

“The shenanigans of fast-tracking standing committee, national executive and national council meetings by the self-appointed Nelson Chamisa and those who want immediate power at all costs at the expense of unity, constitutionalism and due process and in the absence of a free and fair process to democratically make decisions cannot be tolerated or condoned by any right-thinking Zimbabwean.”

Khupe, who of late has been snubbing key party meetings since Tsvangirai was hospitalised, could not be reached for comment although she is also on record claiming to be the bona fide heir apparent.

This came amid manoeuvres by other top party officials, among them secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, to send all the party’s three warring deputy presidents for a meeting with Tsvangirai in South Africa to clear the air on who should lead the party in his absence.

Khupe, Chamisa and Mudzuri are locked in a nasty fight for control of the party amid reports that Tsvangirai’s condition had worsened, effectively ruling him out of the race for this year’s general elections.

“We are saddened about the discord in the cockpit especially the different claims by more than one person that they are acting president of the party. It has put the party into serious disrepute,” Mwonzora said.

“I have tried, as the secretary-general, to rein in the vice-presidents so that we come to the truth of what Tsvangirai said. We have recommended that all the three vice-presidents go to South Africa to see the president so that we come up with one clear position.

“We want them to go (to SA) as soon as possible because this is short-changing our members and it is unfair to the members of the MDC-T because what it means is that one of them is lying and that is a serious issue.

“Programmes have been disturbed by this embarrassing wrangle. We are calling our leaders to be guided by the common good and not individual ambitions.”

One of Tsvangirai’s sons, Richard, also waded into the MDC-T fights and called on warring party leaders to safeguard his father’s legacy and stop washing their dirty linen in public.

“My dad has done quite a lot in fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe. He has led the MDC for the past 18 years. We want the party that he has led for the past 18 years to safeguard his legacy during this time he is indisposed,” he said. “It is my wish and appeal as one of his family to keep his brand great even beyond his time and that at one point, his vision gets fulfilled.

“There are a lot of things happening right now in the party and he (Tsvangirai) cannot fight two wars at the same time. The warring parties must make peace and come together to achieve what they are supposed to achieve. My dad is getting better and he will be home soon.”

Richard’s sentiments were echoed by MDC-T youth leader Happymore Chidziva, who yesterday accused some sections of the party leadership of trying to undermine Tsvangirai’s legacy.

Chidziva accused Mudzuri of using the Tsvangirai family to capture and abuse their ailing leader.

“We are greatly concerned by the nefarious attempts by a clique within the party to subject the president and his family to a state of capture. Such actions are contrary to the nature of our party and of our values,” he said.

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  1. Tsvangirai should just quit ,i love mdc policies,and vision,but to vote for Tsvangirai in hospital i cant!!!so far ED has my vote.

    1. chamisa you are very correct and is the way forward if morgan recuperates we will simply recall nelson as is the case with jacob zuma right now but critically we need a leader who will spear head our campaign at this juncture we may not need experiments or rocket sciences to know what we want

  2. Matebele Warrior

    @lucky , if at your home your father is not well , do you change your surname and use that of your neighbor who all along has been ill treating your father and yourself.You have never been with us in fighting for a true Zimbabwe.Maybe that’s a sign of political prostitution

    1. Hakusi kurasa Tsvangirai, that’s how our politics in Zimbabwe is crippled. The same mental trauma affecting ZANU is affecting MDC (Our only best hope). Hero worship and inability to disagree without being disagreeable. Anyone who challenges Tsvangirai is automatically made an enemy of the party not by the leaders but by the people. That could have been better if they didn’t resort to violence but we have seen the brutal attacks of people like Mangoma. MDC youth are as violent as ZANU youths. Let democracy prevail, let’s have opponents in a particular race and not enemies knowing in our hearts that what unites us, far outweigh that which try to seperate us. MDC is one big family so is Zimbabwe.


    2. hahahaahahaha good comment

  3. Tsvangirai’s vision and that of those who want to see zimbabwe progressively beyond zanu pf’s fatal failures has god’s blessings.As ZIMBABWEANS, we want to have totally change in party governing and government.That is where the secret of development lies in. People who are still supporting Zanu pf up today are mad, useless in the zimbabwean society and they are the very people who are supporting underdevelopment in zimbabwe. If ED Mnangagwa was transformed,why did the USA impossed him with personal sanctions? ED Mnangagwa is still zanu pf and has been a zanu pf cadre beyond 37 years of misrule and destruction,why must people support him? Supporters of zanu pf who got farms through patronage,what economic changes has they brought today into zimbabwe? The country has no money, no changes,but these zanu pf supporters are doing farming.Why people can’t see this curse and evilness in zanu pf?

    1. manje nehupenzi hwedu hedu tichangono crosser pakanzi ED

  4. alheit-nemoyowese

    Interesting that son of Tsvangy wants the job in the MuDhoSvo Tuck-Shop. What about Obheti Gutu asingazivi mutupo wake as a lawyer? very soon he be suspended from the party that Tsvangy has led in 18 unsuccessful years, five years after the date when he should have left from when they launched the party in 1999 and claimed that theirs would be different because it would have term limits.
    Ten years and you are out, because we do not want people clinging to power, they claimed.
    In retaliation, he suspends the lawyer that helped him kick out the first lawyer to suggest the sanctity of those term limits.
    It used to be the case that the MDC had too many lawyers and Injiniyasi, but when one looks at the careers of Gwisai, Jongwe, Welshman and now Biti and Injiniya Mudzuri, one must say that the MDC is a curse for lawyers and Engineers!

  5. I salute Nelson and the MDC leadership for finally realizing that its sunset for Morgan and that a new and energetic should be found. The Standing committee should also be applauded for taking heed to the call for this leadership renewal in the MDC. Vasingade vose mudenga|. Rovera pasi

    1. You reminds me of the slogans I hate, the pasi nanhingi things which we took from the Chimurenga, The pasi nemhandu, a slogan of trying to portray our opponents who loves this nation as we do as enemies to the state. The Capetown mudenga rovera which in itself emits an odor of violence. Zimbabwe we are a long way to go. We need to view people in the other side as opponents and not enemies. I like Chamisa he is so charismatic, he is the leader Zimbabwe need. Yet let’s not forget his 15 billion blunder and the way he together with Tamborinyoka wants to unconstitutionally grab power.


  6. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    MDC by supporting economic sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe, remains cursed by God. Its meetings will remain the devil’s workshop. Tower of Babel meetings are futile.

    1. Fake professor, sanctions are against specified individuals with no restriction on trade. Your propaganda is aimed at people who never went to school and cannot think for themselves. Fortunately, the number of such people is dwindling in Zimbabwe.
      The curse is on the party of bloodshed and bloodletting which has ruined a once prosperous nation and does not want voters to make free informed choices. Only idiots cannot realize that.

      1. Kusaziva kwako. Which individuals are targeted. American companies were ordered to pull out of Zimbabwe. Herzts pulled out of Olivine Industries. These are sanctions. Zimbabwe is not on AGOA and as a result all its textile goods attract duty in America where as countries like Zambia Mauritius Ethiopia Uganda Rwanda and so on have preferential trade on textile with America. We are on sanctions 100%. Our government is not recepient of USAID funds the global fund is channelled through UNDP and managed by PWC when Zimbabwe has a National Aids Council which can effectively managed USAID funds but its not a recepient because of your sanctions. Why do you want to juice Zimbabwe problems to catalyse your entry into state house. Yangu vote hauioni. Yangu kwa ED


  7. Comment…You are wasting time commenting and quarrelling about politics I think if you read the Bible in the book of Isaiah 55:8 you will be comforted

  8. i want Adv Nelson Chamisa to lead the party and he’s got my vote, E Mudziri is old. we want youngsters who are energetic to lead the party. T Khupe should be the vice of Adv N Chamisa. Adv N Chamisa is the only way to go.

  9. Sandy. You don’t call people stupid for supporting a party you don’t like. Do you know what was Hillary’s down fall was?Calling people who would vote for Trump stupid and uneducated. That was her nail on her coffin. To Matebele warrior in politics you be allowed to change sides .That’s the problem with Zimbabwean politics call someone father as if you don’t have one .Look at what got us into with the munhu wese kuna amai.I applaud those who have eyes to see and switch sides for the good of the country.

  10. movement for democratic change,kindly remove the T AND It then reverts to a political party with a Constitution which has guidelines on how to handle crises rather than this personalized party which even the family thinks it belongs to him.

  11. Tinofara nekuisa silver platter pamberi pa ED kwamaita. I am not sure of the my father’s legacy being mentioned Richard Tsvangirayi. i think somethings are best left unsaid. What legacy is he talking about? “Maybe womanising” Then that legacy should not be protected. Siyayi zviite madhisinyongoro.

  12. Zim is a very small country , one would wonder why parties would have more than one vice-president? Is it in the interest of the economy and electorate?

  13. Damburanay mupedzani ZANU yedu iite romp to Victory.


  15. VaMudzuri makura chizororai, muzarwira kutonga nevachinesimba, rally behind NC,

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