MDC-T elders move to avert split

SENIOR MDC-T founding members, also known as the Elders’ Council, yesterday held a crisis meeting to defuse tension between party vice-presidents Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri, who are fighting over control of the party before news of former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s death filtered through late last night.
The Elders’ Council, led by former Senator Cephas Makuyana, was reportedly trying to bring both Chamisa and Mudzuri together and restore sanity in the party’s top leadership.


Both Chamisa and Mudzuri were claiming to have been ordained by Tsvangirai to act in his stead.

“The elders have been working hard in scenes reminiscent of Father Fidelis Mukonori’s mediation efforts between (former President Robert) Mugabe and the military last November. Both Chamisa and Mudzuri are standing their ground though,” an MDC-T insider told NewsDay.

Fears abound that the MDC-T might split for the umpteenth time with the warring factions sticking to their guns and demanding that the other subordinates itself to their authority.

Sources claimed that the elders initially successfully prevailed over Mudzuri to abort his plan to hold a Press conference to publicly accuse Chamisa of imposing himself as acting party president.

But Mudzuri reportedly reneged and went behind their backs, releasing a scathing statement accusing Chamisa of defying the party’s constitution and appointing himself acting leader “on social media”.

Makuyana initially confirmed mediation efforts were currently underway, promising to respond comprehensively “after the standing committee meeting”.

“Yes, the elders are mediating, but wait until after the standing committee meeting, then we can respond comprehensively. Just be patient,” Makuyana said yesterday.

Contacted later, Makuyana referred questions to party spokesperson Obert Gutu.

“Talk to Gutu, he is the party spokesperson. He will tell you everything. The elders will issue a statement tomorrow (today),” Makuyana said. Gutu was, however, reluctant to discuss the matter probably because of its sensitivity.

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  1. Now that Cde Tsvangirai has gone, anyone who wishes to lead the movement must submit him/herself to the electroral process. Nomore noise about being appointed Acting president. People must choose their prefered leader.

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  2. The two clowns must for now bury their difference and focus on the death of their leader but i foresee several MDC splinter groups emerging thereinafter and hence throwing the party into irrelevance.

  3. Comment…ngatimbochemeyi mudhara wedu vakomana,tozoita congress after.

  4. I am on my way to the new ZANU PF by ED, bye bye to MDC clowns. I liked Tsvangirai very committed son of the soil the face of opposition politics, Go Well Bro


  6. Hazvina kana Hunu (Ubuntu) Un culture. Instead of kuchema gamba busy fighting. Please itai serious ma Chinja.

    1. …ngatichemei suwa

  7. Bt for the sake of the party to go forward i think it’s wise for them to stick to the MDC founding principles and their constitution, before the party goes into deep trouble.

  8. My sincere condolences to the MDC-T family/fratenity.May his dear soul RIP

  9. Chinja musangano weRopa uyuuu,haina kwainoenda.All the commotion will die down bcz people know what they want*

  10. Chamisa is just but power hungry and should be ashamed because it weren’t of Save he will be just a party card holder since he was trounced by Douglas Monzora. He has been busy buying attention from both women and youth league while he knows pretty well that he is an illegitimate VP together with Mudzuri. The only legitimate VP is Khupe. Now that Save is gone if Chamisa thinks he can lead the pack then an elective congress should authenticate him. Chamisa has been taking advantage of his his proximity to Save via Elizabeth but the MDC T constitution is very clear. I now suspect that his law degree was awarded via dubious means if he can not understand the party’s standing constitution. A potential dictator, who without shame wants to capture power illegally. The man claims to be a pastor and a lawyer, but just a greedy person who thinks is popular and yet within MDC T file and rank is no body. All the rallies he has addressed are but full of lies, US$15 Billion. Now that Save is gone Madam Khupe is the only legitimate VP who should start acting as President immediately up until the elective congress. We are sick and tired of greedy of this illegal and unconstitutionally VP the name of Chamisa. He is not popular at all as evidenced by the margin he lost to Mwonzora for Secretary General position of the party. He is not a brand, Save was and hence need to restore MDCT constitution via the ballot. Rule of Law should start within the party. Chamisa is the biggest problem within MDCT and he is going to lead the party into total disintegration.

  11. Save you fought a good war..penyu makarwa SAVE.. mufambe zvakanaka tichakurangarirai nekusingaperi. Viva Democracy

  12. If Chamisa thinks he is popular, he should form his own party with his own anointed constitution. Chamisa for now should concentrate on his pastor role otherwise he is dangerous and threat to MDC T peace and security. Imagine hiring thugs to stop Mudzuri from entering Harvest House. I salute Madam KHUPE who boycotted meetings chaired by illegitimate VP who were using Save’s health position to advance their sinister agenda when MDC T constitution is very clear. He is one person who preaches democracy to outside world when in actual fact he is undemocratic and illegitimate. MDC Alliance must be ashamed for supporting an illegitimate VP and this shows how the principals of the alliance are confused and are after parliamentary seats when the know pretty well that they will never get a single seat. Save rest in Eternal PEACE, vultures are only there to abuse your brand.

  13. Chamisa is known by the povo,the others unfortunately are not known

  14. Chamisa mdara avo vari kuComment negative they are opposition varikuziva kuti Chamisa ithreat he is well known than mudzuri.We Want blood

  15. Mean **young blood** kwete chembere

  16. ngonidzashe choruma

    Mudzuru was the best candidate but unfortunately he is not well known as Chamisa. The elections is abt numbers so that makes Chamisa the only hope MDC T has. Coz in a free and fair election Ed has the odds on his side. So mdc needs to be serious..

  17. Thought that MDC was for better democracy as its name implies. It is full of political vultures who hve very divisive agendas. They are simply toddlers in the political game. They did not learn anything from Save. Zororai murugare Save

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