MDC-T circus reaches crescendo

THE circus in the MDC-T over leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s succession took a new twist yesterday, with two of his three deputies – Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri – claiming they were in charge of the party.


The fight escalated on Wednesday after Mudzuri left for South Africa with another of Tsvangirai’s deputies, Thokozani Khupe, and party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora to attend a coalition workshop with other opposition parties in Cape Town.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka on Wednesday released a statement, saying Chamisa was now the acting MDC-T president.

But a few hours later, a letter was released purportedly signed by Tsvangirai, claiming that Mudzuri was still acting president, dismissing Tamborinyoka as a “liar”. This prompted Tamborinyoka to convene a Press conference yesterday, where he angrily described the letter rubbishing Chamisa’s elevation as bogus.

“I also want to place it on record that there is a purported statement from the office of the president that seeks to nullify what the president himself directed I communicate,” he said.
“For the record, that letter is on a fraudulent letterhead with a scanned signature of the president, which signature is readily available online.

“The office of the president has not released such a letterhead to anyone and the president, who is currently in SA, has not asked for it, for him to place his purported letter. In short, the so-called letter is fraudulent and bogus.”

This drew Mudzuri’s ire, who hit back at Tamborinyoka, claiming he was just acting on his own behalf.

“I am the one who sent that letter. I am here in South Africa and I am coming back home,” Mudzuri told NewsDay from South Africa. He [Tamborinyoka] is refusing to communicate with president Tsvangirai and he is now behaving like an errant person.

“What he is doing is coming from his head and not from the president.

“Nothing has ever changed and the letter I sent was given to me from Tsvangirai. I am not responding much to him [Tamborinyoka], when you are not there you cannot do much, but that letter is authentic. Whatever they are doing, I don’t know why they are denigrating a united party and tearing it apart.

“It’s not correct to change things without consultation. This guy didn’t get anything from the president, but we are going to act on that.”

Mudzuri said action would be taken against Tamborinyoka, adding that he was going to meet Tsvangirai to discuss contentious issues in the party.

Tamborinyoka, who has served Tsvangirai for almost a decade, said Chamisa had already assumed his responsibilities in an acting capacity as directed by Tsvangirai.

Yesterday, Chamisa addressed the parliamentary caucus and also met provincial chairpersons.

“I wish to state that the stampede in the cockpit is needless and unnecessary,” Tamborinyoka said, adding: “This needless stampede by political vultures is disrespectful of his wife and family as well as the towering edifice of Brand Tsvangirai that has inspired Zimbabweans over the years.”

In September 2017, Tsvangirai appointed Khupe to act as party president, while on January 5, Mudzuri became acting leader before Chamisa assumed the reigns this week.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube weighed in an said as a coalition, they saw no value in the South Africa meeting.

“When the MDC Alliance finally obtained a list of the delegates from other coalitions/alliances and parties, the insidious agenda of those responsible for handpicking the MDC Alliance delegation to exclude more than half of its principals, while including every Tom, Dick and Harry from other groupings, became self-evident and the MDC Alliance consequently resolved that it would not be party to a process calculated to divide and dismember it,” he said.

“The MDC Alliance remains committed to genuine dialogue with other democratic coalitions/alliances/parties so as to build the broadest possible coalition of democratic parties. However, the MDC Alliance will resist all attempts to place it in the service of any Zanu PF faction.”


  1. Comment…its high time we stop saying this is democracy in action in MDC….this is a crisis not democracy in action.

  2. so we now have two mdcs within tsvangirais mdc what stupidity and both of these fellows have proved that there are not worth to rule this country

  3. Matebele Warrior

    i dont know why people like taking their matters to the media .
    we want a united MDC please stop your nonsense you guys at the top or else we wont vote at all and give the ‘coup guys’ a lifeline.
    You are disappointing us day and night .We dont want Zanu , we want you on the ground.Please hear what we are saying .

    1. is it mdc or its the papers want to sell. I don’t think its as serious as the papers want us to believe.

      1. wake up my dear mdc is in crisis iwe ndiwe urikuda kuzviramba , ask those who are within. kana mukasdzi achirambidzwa kuona murume wake iwe woti all is well…

        1. Apa ndoo pataurwa hapana manje. Wanga watanga zvakanaka wani.

  4. Comment…Chamisa is the right candidate,with his charisma tosvika kure

  5. Chamisa is the new brand broom to swept Zimbabwe.Popularity and ability are the two key words for Chamisa to ascend to Presidency.MDC cadres please be supportive not jealous it does not work at all.

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  7. Mudzuri must just back off, he has zero support except from his wife & kids

  8. Mudzuri!!!! how can you be acting president when you are out of the country?

  9. dont see the way to the MDC becz u busy fighting each day. go and do campaigns to mobiliz pple than fighting. and tell us zvinobatika to help us zimbambweans

  10. Clowns in the MDC.ED should capitalise on this confusion.


  11. I really like this confusion with 5 months to go let this continue for a long time.#EDHASMYVOTE

  12. While I commiserate with the ailing Tsvangirai, I am compelled to believe that he has helped create the messy the once glamorous and government-in- waiting opposition party finds itself in despite desperate denials from die hard supporters. He should have dealt with the succession issue before it dealt with him. The all time towering political giant is fastly metamorphosising into a pale caricature of his former self and is now probably unconscious and hence mentally and physically incapacitated, totally oblivious to the goings on while his comrades are busy shedding crocodile tears by day, praying for his recovering while they secretly prey on him, wishing his speedy death. Ironically, MDC T and ZANU PF seem to be in the same WhatsApp group. Interestingly, Luke Tamborinyoka is seemingly behaving like George Charamba at the pinnacle of the ruling party’s succession innuendo. His body language and emotion betrays his undying allegiance to the Chamisa camp. Pakaipa!

  13. Chipangano chauya


  14. Comment … mdc is on fire ,mdc iz burning ndopaunonzwa rimwe richiti mdc wll win zviroto zviroto shuwa keep on dreaming Zanu chiororo tinopinda pinda pese pese hamulume

  15. Let the circus continue continue. It will certainly be victory for the crocodile kkkkk

  16. Mudzuri should should just give Chamisa the chance, he’s more popular and has support from a lot of people.vanhu vanoziva chamisa kwete mudzuri

    1. Nhema dzako!
      Chamisa is clueless. No one in his or her right mind would vote for Chamisa. Mudzuri and Khupe are better leaders.
      Chamisa is being fooled by Biti and Welshman, whose sole objective is to destroy MDC-T

      1. You are spot on we do not need lying small minds

  17. The country of Zimbabwe is full of idiots,self centred hearts full of jealous and people who want to derail development because of selfishness.Zanus has been and are still derailing our vision.Black people,being black does not mean that our vision must be bleak,please let us show the world that we are creative people.

  18. Mugabe-osis is the disease that will take us over 60 years to cure because most politicians are infected in Zimababwe and in Africa at Large or even in the world (North Korea) His idea of “One center of power” has infected many… Zuma is in Trouble, Uhuru, etc.i always say this statement that the last time we had a home grown opposition party was in 2008… and from there NGAMANYALA KUPHELA…….

    MDC got infected by this dizzs between 2008-2013 (GNU).. and now we have ruling ZANU PF (team Lacoste) , emabttled ZANU PF (G40), rotting ZANU PF (Mujuru) and finally we have Opposing ZANU PF (MDC T)…..

  19. I agree with V1 .Tsvangirai should have sorted this out shortly after Mugabe’ resignation. Those who blame the papers can’t you see the confusion in MDC?The papers are there to make money yes but they help the population to check on politicians including opposition. If the MDC isn’t giving information on what’s happening in their camp it’s the papers duty to provoke a reaction. Everyday it’s this one said this oh no they didn’t. Criticism is done on both sides. The opposition should not be spared after all they are the gvt in waiting. They said they have the key to unlock the economy. With this confusion?They need to speak with one word. Their supporters an’t helping either. They don’t like critises. Well remember we all used to have a field day with Mugabe. MDC Dindigwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe .kana rokwevewa roti mavara angu azara ivhu.I am neither an MDC card holder nor ZANU PF. I am not even an electorate. Just a Zimbabwean who loves her county.

  20. Comment…Who is Khupe?Who is Mudzuri? I know Nelson Chamisa since when he was still at U.Z. Mufanha uyu ane mibvunzo zvekare ane nhoroondo pane ma Engineer vaikundikana basa ava.

  21. mukoma digmoregold

    these guys should do coalition talks in zimbabwe are they afraid of CIOs or state agents.talks should be held in zimbabwe.vuka MDC

  22. Isu veZanu Mwari anotida imiwe!!!

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