MDC-T blasts govt for Tsvangirai hero status snub

MDC-T Bulawayo spokesperson, Felix Mafa Sibanda has blasted the government for not according his late boss, Morgan Tsvangirai national hero’s status.
Sibanda’s remarks came in the wake of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s announcement that the government will only give Tsvangirai a State-assisted funeral.


“Should we look to and expect thieves and murderers to say: ‘Yes, indeed Morgan Tsvangirai was a hero?’ The same people, whose thievery and murderous associations Tsvangirai fought and opposed. You can’t give Tsvangirai national hero status because he already has it,” he said.

Sibanda said Tsvangirai was a national hero to most Zimbabweans.

“You can’t make him a hero because he already is one. So, whether you call him one or not, it has little to no effect. Ten people can sit down and decide Tsvangirai is not a national hero. But millions, without even meeting, agreed Tsvangirai is a national hero.

“There is a prestigious heroes acre, built in the hearts of the people. This is where the loved ones like [the late Vice-President] Joshua Nkomo lie and this is where the memory of Tsvangirai will take its place. It is not where your physical remains are interred that makes you a hero,” he said.

“It is where the memory of you is kept and how people will remember you that make you a hero. At the physical heroes’ acre lies nothing but bones, polished tombs and grave stones. But in the hearts of people you will not find graves. You will find the dead alive, kept as treasure. For the most precious treasure is not kept under guard, lock and key, but in the heart, where the best thief in the world cannot break in to steal.”

Tsvangirai, who died last Wednesday at a South African private medical centre after battling colon cancer for two years, will be laid to rest at his Buhera home tomorrow.

The provincial spokesperson said Tsvangirai will be buried with love and truth because he will be buried by people from every corner of the country.
“Like treasure, they bury him in their hearts, where there is no death because the heart, like the spirit, does not die. There, he is made alive…,” Sibanda said.

The MDC has since its formation been questioning the criteria used by the government to confer Zanu PF hero’s status.

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  1. Comment…Nyarara benzi I we

    1. Aita benzi papi ipapa?

    2. Iwewe ndiwe benzi!

  2. Hundreds of thousands voluntarily thronged the Harvest house yesterday, in the rains, and the numbers are way way much higher than the regular National Heroes acre attendees that we have withnessed over the past years, most of whom are forced to attend. Not to say that he has to be at the National Heroes Acre, the fact is that he is a real people’s hero, my hero, our hero, whether some politburo likes it or not.

  3. This is nonsense everyone knows that Heroes Acre is a creation and preserve of zanoids and these fellows should have bought acres of land in Glen Forest for their heroes thats all is required and declare and confer hero status own their National Heroes do not wait for other people to do it for you.

  4. “You can’t make him a hero because he already is one. So, whether you call him one or not, it has little to no effect. Ten people can sit down and decide Tsvangirai is not a national hero. But millions, without even meeting, agreed Tsvangirai is a national hero.

  5. If he is a hero already, saka chakurwadzai ipapa chii? Why cant you just keep quiet and know that he is your hero. Why making noise on a decision which you are saying is irrelevant?

    1. The Second Coming

      Is bcz less than 50 people are clandestinely making the whole world (billions and billions of people) at large and nation (millions of people) in particular to believe that by not laying MT beside serial murderers like Elliot Manyika, it appears as if he is not fit and worthy to be accorded the National Hero status. Mwana waNhemia, MT is the hero whether you like it or not.

    2. Zion these are your days. One day the winds of change will be and you need to start opening your eyes uchasara

  6. Well spoken Mr Sibanda!


  8. Well spoken Mr Sibanda. I agree with you.

  9. Mafa is just politcking. He was an independent now back ku noisy.


  10. A hero cannot make pple suffer,b4 mellenium what was the situation in the country,just think abt it guys if u really knw where u come 4from

  11. We need to take a step and really look at what we are asking for. The mortal remains of our hero, the people’s hero to be conferred on the hill of thieves, chikomo chembavha. NO No No we can not ask ask for that let all the ZANU PF thieves have their space there while we keep our hero such as Morgan, Joshua, Tongogara in our hearts and one day in our textbooks of a free Zimbabwe and we can point to the hill and say to our grandchildren “there lie the thieves and the murderers that killed our country”

  12. People crying for their own to be declared Heroes by ZANU PF are the ones giving this ZANU PF charade a semblance of dignity. This Heroes thing is a ZANU PF thing – why are people in the opposition crying for such recognition from ZANU PF? Instead of seeking ZANU PF favours, you should be fighting this tooth and nail for its total abolishing as this amounts to abuse of public resources and is totally utra vires to the Constitutional!

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