MDC activist pushes for Mugabe’s arrest over Gukurahundi

MDC Matabeleland South provincial chairperson Pilate Ndebele yesterday threatened a solo protest against police for allegedly refusing to charge former President Robert Mugabe over his involvement in the Gukurahundi atrocities.


Ndebele claimed officials at Bulawayo Central Police Station last week refused to open a docket against Mugabe over the 1980s mass killings.

He said they referred him to western region prosecutor-general Martha Cheda.

“I wanted to open a docket against Mugabe to cause his arrest over the Gukurahundi massacres, but the police officers said they had no powers to take up the case. I insisted that they open a docket and they also insisted that their hands were tied,” he said.

“They also asked if I had any evidence about Mugabe’s involvement in Gukurahundi, and I told them other than the several mass graves in Matabeleland, his admission that it was a moment of madness was evidence enough,” Ndebele told Southern Eye.

This is despite that Mugabe is immune to prosecution.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango yesterday professed ignorance over the matter.

“I will make a follow-up and get back to you,” she said.

Ndebele is among several activists that have been piling pressure on government to deal with the Gukurahundi massacres that left over 20 000 civilians dead, according to a report by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently signed into law the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill to deal with the issue, among other past human rights violations.

Mnangagwa has also been sued by pressure groups to force him to release the Chihambakwe report that contains findings of a commission of inquiry into the disturbances.

Mnangagwa recently revealed that traditional leaders will be dealing with Gukurahundi to find lasting closure to it, but Ndebele said he wanted Mugabe’s arrest.

“I have not yet been to the office of the Prosecutor-General, but I will be going back to the police to file a docket against Mugabe over Gukurahundi. Having Mugabe arrested is one way of finding closure to the issue. I will hold a solo demonstration if they refuse again to open a docket against the former President,” Ndebele said.

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  1. leave this non-genarian alone the Almighty will take care of his right and wrongs or put more aptly his errors of ommission or commission

  2. It’s a very worrying trend when uninformed/treacherous people take the leading role to gain mileage and want a prosperous generation to rally behind them.
    Uninformed/treacherous in the fact that :1.The gukukurahundi issue has always been told from 1 side. 2.The real facts are never said in full, just half truths to serve a purpose. 3.The agendas are never for the nation but for personal gains.

    You honestly believe H.E Mugabe was supposed to fold his hands and let chaos be the order of the day, or maybe in your wisdom he was supposed to deploy PRG to deal with the situation.

    Have you ever put your senses together and ask yourself why Matebeleland lags behind in terms of infrastructure.

    Most of your sources of information were mostly the very people who funded and encouraged those disturbances for your own information.

    Why did H.E Mugabe refuse to apologize, did you ever ask yourself why.

    Have you ever pondered why treason charges were preference against people who talk about cessation,

    Think again my brother, have the courage to gather your facts before you act irresponsibly

  3. I am also going to sue this muNdevere for 1890s attack of Shonas by Ndebele King Lobhengura and this fool is from that family. Gukurahundi was a legal State of Emergence.

    1. did you say gukurahundi yes yes it was very defacto way of eliminating the uprising which could have swalllowed the whole country into anarchy somalia etc style

    2. Umkhonto ka Shaka

      Sue King Lobengula in his grave but by then there was no country called Zimbabwe, it was a jungle;survival of the fittest. The Gukurahundi issue was perpetrated along tribal lines not survival of the fittest hence the Chiwenga,Shiri came havily armed with all sorts of artillery to kill/maim innocent now i can sue Mugabe so that he releases this damning truth in the present day Zimbabwe.

    3. Go ahead. You are welcome!!

  4. Peace peace peace magents

  5. People we are clamouring for peace and prosperity not useless words of war,we want zimbabwe to develop not to keep on running to neighbouring countries while zanu pf are enjoying the fruits of zimbabwe’s riches along. Let us tell everyone out there that zanupf must go at all cost.Go and tell your elders out there in your rural homes that it is time to change the governing party and government.We want everyone not to be used by these useless zanus anymore.

  6. And Shonas who were killed by dissidents.?Vanhu vakarwa akurirwa ndiye anomhanya kupolice station ,but anokanganwa kuti naiye arovawo.Why did Joshua Nkomo negotiate for immunity against prosecution for former dissidents?Isnt it that they were fighting on his orders and on his behalf for and Ndebele people so that they must always be a VP from Matebeleland.

    1. What has Mugabe’s arrest have to do with Shonas? Who is talking about Shonas here?

  7. I have said this before and will say it again,lina mashona utuvi sizaliphaqa kuphela,you so full of shit and instead of coming eith facts,you jump to protect these zunu pf thugs and day people must forget,how can we do that when this was a clear and present danger of killing a particular tribe eith the hope of gaining one part and one tribal ruler which is shona,you are full of nonsense,you can call me tribalistic i dont care ,you are also thats why you quick to protect these shonas that are dripping blood in their hands,and i can tell you,come ekection time as happened in 2018,this time as before they will not spare you trust me and you will cry loudest

  8. Please leave Mugabe alone

    1. We will never leave him alone – are you Chatunga?

  9. Siyana nazvo Pirato, waita mudoko

    Pilate must be gentleman enough and wash his hands off this case!

    1. That will never happen. We are unrelenting and its non of your business!

  10. As i said before this matter is very complicated and both tribes here in Zim should just focus on the future. History is full of Ndebele`s barbaric acts against shona`s as well don’t forget

    1. Mugabe is not a tribe you idiot!!

  11. Maybe its me who missed it here,is there anywhere in this article where Pilate mentioned shona people I read like he is demonstrating against President Mugabe,maybe again not in his personal capacity but representing the administration at that time.

    1. These small creatures born after 1980 and 1990 are idiots of the highest order. The defend a man who even ruined their lives all because of their own tribalistic upbringing. Very stupid!!

  12. The problem is that those who talk nonsense about gukurahundi are only young pple who did not experience anything. Pilate ndebele is an MDC chairperson who has own agenda. How old are you Mr ndebele if I may ask? Are your lines of duty to distabilise this nation to gain political mileage or what? Consult intelligent people like Dumiso Dabengwa, he will tell you all about the causes, and the results of gukurahundi. Don’t rely on social media info, lest you will be sued. For your own info: unknown number of shona people were killed by the ndebele dissidents. They would come to a group of pple and start speaking ndebele and if found non ndebele speaker, you are dead. Shonas lost lives, cut off lips and ears, were raped, barrel of the gun inserted in female genitalia, sons made to make love with their own mothers in the presents of father and other chn. The ndebeles wanted to eliminate shonas, but they were overpowered by the govt of the day. The main aim was to stop the spread of these killings which were being perpetrated by the ndebeles on shona pple. No man wanted it to happen, circumstances caused it to happen. Now the peace and reconciliation committee is there to resolve the issue once for all. Then who are we to talk of something we don’t know the history and origin. Let’s respect and give value to the commission set by the President to show respect to those Zimbabweans who fell victims. Up today no Zimbabwean is happyvwith this mishap, but it happened, we cannot run away from the truth. Let’s unite as a nation to resolve this issue peacefully and amicably and avoid repetition of the same. We need peace, peace, peace in Zimbabwe, we are one people regardless of the hurting events that took place among us yesterday. For how long should we live in the past? May God bless our country with good leadership, peace, unity and prosperity.

    1. The problem is the Shonas who defend Mugabe. Leave Mugabe’s Gukurahundi victims alone to deal with the offender. You are not the offenders here – its non of your business, so buzz off!!

  13. thanks Mwanawevhu. The Gukurahundi was heavily handed by Mugabe but we need the reconciliation to take place, compensate apologise and move on as a people.

  14. That’s right Tapiwa, else better still for Pilate ndebele to stage a solo demonstration instead of mobilising innocent Zimbabweans to take part in something they don’t know where it comes from and where its heading to. Only him knows why he wants to do so, so let him go solo in his sordid act…

  15. what the hell are you talking about messers dube

  16. Why do Shona people always talk about Shonas killed when we are talking about Mugabe and Gukurahundi? Who is talking about Shiba here?

    Mugabe was not representing Shonas when he did what he did, so why defend him?

    This is why I have no sympathy for any Shona who has suffered under ZANU PF. To hell with Itai Dzamara and the many such Shona idiots!

  17. Seems Zimbos are too confused to have any intelligent and meaningful discussion on Gukurahundi. The traditional chiefs are certainly not endowed and equipped with the skills needed to deal the gravity of this topic and differences in opinions between the two major tribes.Mugabe’s decision not to talk about the topic might end up seeming more sensible than the half hearted and politically motivated formation of the stupid commission which may only further tribal divisions and hatred..

    1. Eish – what major tribes? You people simply cant get it. You are the very people who have allowed ZANU PF to get away with evil because you keep tribalising Gukurahundi. This was not about tribes- it was about ZANU PF, Mugabe and absolute political power. Its not a tribes issue man. ZANU PF tribalised Gukurahundi because they knew they would get support from simpletons like you people. Leave ZANU PF to stew in their mess and stop tribalising the issue of Gukurahundi!!

  18. Going back history lane, the Ndebeles inflicted heavy atrocities on the Shona population and separated families. Such was the cruelty of Ndebeles. They have always been lovers of wars and conflict from the days Shaka Zulu chased Mzilikazi their ancestor from South Africa and encroached into Mashona Lands here. Never been a peaceful people at all just like these Warlike Middle East lot. The only time Mugabe was right was when he dealt with Ndebele dissidents and stopped the country from descending into anarchy.

    1. Gukurahundi is not about Shonas. Its about Mugabe you idiots. When will you get it?

  19. I cant wait to see Shona vs Ndebele civil war, it will be nice to watch

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