Matsito suffers another stroke

The late Tedious Matsito

POPULAR sungura musician, Tedious Matsito suffered another stroke last week, adding to his health woes.


The Gede hitmaker experienced a mild stroke in December 2016 that affected his speech while on duty in South Africa and has never fully recovered.

Matsito’s wife, Patience, said they had been warned that after the first stroke, there could be more attacks in future.

“He (Matsito) is not feeling well after suffering another stroke. The doctor told us long back that mild strokes can attack repeatedly,” she said.

Matsito has been on and off the stage, resulting in him engaging in tobacco farming in a bid to earn some money.

The mild stroke he suffered in South Africa affected his speech such that it took a while for him to sing again.

The latest attack has left his Ngwenya Brothers outfit in a difficult situation.

“I have been taking him to the therapist and his speech had improved, but since Wednesday, we are back to zero. He is struggling to speak,” Patience said.

A former gardener, Matsito rose to fame following the release of Gede, but his leg developed gangrene in May 2012, after he sustained injuries in a car accident in 2008, which killed some of his band members and destroyed all his musical instruments.

He has been getting assistance from local promoters, who have been holding charity gigs with the proceeds being channelled to him.


  1. Life is hard. Sometimes you would wonder kuti munyama here kan kuti its a curse. I really feel sorry for this guy but he should put everything in God’s hands. But zvinongorwadza so. WISH HIM A SPEED RECOVERY.

  2. Shame very sorry Mr Matsito.Zviosiririsa.Get Well soon Brother.

  3. Comment…get well soon chibaba

  4. Comment…usanyepera vanhu iwe munhu akaita mukurumbira be album rainzi Nyaradzo a little check won’t hurt

  5. Comment…get well soon Tedius Matsito !! our prayers are with you !!

  6. Get well soon mukoma Tedious

  7. t man l salute you but shaa enda kwaMagaya

  8. Alexander Awilo Buwe

    Get well soon my homeboy from Nyanga,Ngwenya bros, Tedius, Michael(late) and Jabulani(late) rose to fame with their first attempt in the showbiz, Nyaradzo

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