Mandiwanzira denies he is corrupt

INFORMATION and Communication Technology (ICT) minister Supa Mandiwanzira says his hands are clean in the face of corruption allegations levelled against him by former NetOne chief executive officer Reward Kangai and businessman Agrippa “Bopela” Masiyakurima.


Mandiwanzira told Parliament yesterday that instead, the police must pounce on Kangai and Masiyakurima for allegedly engaging in shady deals that resulted in the parastatal losing millions of dollars as exposed by a forensic audit commissioned by Auditor-General (AG) Mildred Chiri.

The ICT minister had appeared before the William Dhewa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media to speak on the Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill and government’s decision to invest $40 million in Telecel Zimbabwe.

The meeting suddenly turned explosive with Mabvuku-Tafara legislator James Maridadi (MDC-T) questioning why government used a broke company like Zarnet to acquire 60% shareholding of Telecel from the Netherlands-based VimpelCom.

Mandiwanzira then set the record straight on allegations of corruption against him saying: “As Minister of ICT, one of my huge responsibilities was to clean up very murky cartels operating in State enterprises and parastatals under the ministry in terms of shady business contracts, where there was a $280 million project implemented by NetOne and we had consultants who did a study and they advised us that we had been duped, and they were only able to recover $30 million, but this contract was signed by Kangai.”

He said government realised a lot of things were in bad shape.

“I did not want my principals to point a finger and say I was part of the corruption and the AG conducted a forensic audit and hired PricewaterhouseCoopers and the audit says Kangai and Masiyakurima (Bopela) were involved in corrupt activities getting tenders without following procedures and avoiding taxes.

“I, as a minister can declare that I am not a corrupt person, have never taken a cent from government, have never supplied a pen or vegetables to Telecel, NetOne and so on, and I was in business before I got into government,” Mandiwanzira said.

He said government was forced to buy Telecel shares because VimpelCom was making $20 billion profit through its global operation but was failing to pay off its $137,5 million licence fees despite being given seven years to do so.

Mandiwanzira said companies like Strive Masiyiwa’s Econet paid off the fees in 90 days.

“Government paid the $40 million and it was mobilised through various investors, and part of it was paid through an escrow account in London and passed on to VimpelCom in the Netherlands.

“We did not get foreign currency for part of it and so we deposited it into a Barclays Bank nostro account. NSSA came in as a financier, but when we dispose of the Telecel shares they can become a shareholder.”

The ICT minister said government decided to take over Telecel when VimpelCom tried to dispose its 60% shares to another international company for $110 million. He said government was able to negotiate for a $40 million deal and localised the company.

He said government’s partners in Telecel was Empowerment Corporation and not businessman James Makamba.

On the Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill, Mandiwanzira said consultants were hired to do the drafting and paid not more than $10 000.

He said there were plans to merge the Bill with two other pending Bills, the E-transactions Bill and the Data Protection Bill, before it was taken to Cabinet.

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  1. so after all the hullabaloo supa finally declares that he is clean what a turn around and i am not sure if his statement of clean hands will have many gullible takers

    1. Supa is smart,cunning,and can outwit his critics,i have known him since the days of talking business on ZTV and he is a shrewd business man,instead of pipo being jealous of him Pres ED must ask him to head the industry and commerce portfolio as a shadow minister in the background.Well done mukoma Supa we need pipo like you.

      1. Who is “we”? Supa’s homies?

        1. Actually i am from masvingo not a homie of Supa but an admirer of his acumen

      2. Iwe “Pied Piper”, dont use the word “we” write “I”. We have nothing to do with Super.

      3. Richard Deschain

        Pied Piper, I wonder who you refer to as ‘we’ in your comment. You not a spokesman for the rest of us. The way you lick Supa’s backside is pathetic and cringeworthy.

  2. Did anyone honestly think he would declare himself as corrupt? To many fingers in the pot

  3. Cde Supa what about the $7000 weekly ($28 000/month) payment you were getting from NetOne the whole of last year? Is that not enough to label you as a very corrupt Minister? Why does NetOne not have a substantive CEO? You wanted to appoint B. Mutandiro whom you are related to although he came third in the interviews. Is that not corruption?

    You said NetOne recovered $30 million from Huawei, right? And the company that did the revaluation of the contract is Megawatt that wanted USD4 million as revaluation fees from NetOne. You instructed Kangai to pay this company but he refused. Is that not corruption again? You have interests in Megawatt, aren’t you?

    Why do you continue to award more contracts to Huawei Technologies yet it is a dishonest company? Supa you are corrupt to the bone man.

  4. I wonder how analytical ZACC personnel are because these are some of the simple logical questions that need to be asked. Thanks @Musvunuri.

  5. Super Thieve Chibuku with his hands on the telecoms cookie jar,…Apa RD u disappointed when u appointed this SUPER THIEF

  6. An individual declaring themselves clean isn’t enough to clear them, especially if they hold public office. He should be investigated.

  7. Sometimes l wonder what kind of justice system is used in this country, when ED spare people like Supa. Vashandi veZimpost are languishing in poverty, Managers eZimpost vakungoitawo zvavanoda. Supa created a subsidiary company inonzi Zimproperties at the expense of the mother company. Why cant ZACC interrogate further vashandi vatambura.

  8. Though I am not privy to the ins and out of what transpired at NetOne and government acquiring of Telecel shares, I can smell a rat here. Much more needs to be investigated and not to rely on Supa’s word that he has declared himself ‘clean’. We will forever languish at the bottom of the ‘shithole pile’ (brutal I know!!) if we don’t deal decisively with this cancer of corruption.

  9. Supa smells of corruption but seems to have covered his tracks well. I doubt if that smell can cause him to be investigated because that smell permeates the current government from the top man himself. You will need a lot of time with forensic auditors to nail Supa.

  10. Haiwawo uyu we kukweretesa mukadzi Kuna Joseph Kabila ndokubva Joseph amuramba nokuti haanake. Matsotsi aya tinovaziva. Business man wekupi. He is corrupt and a former G40.

  11. The snowman is not corrupt ???

  12. Soon enough the net will close in on you!

    Every penny that you own should come under scrutiny.

  13. The Portfolio Committee should learn to ask harder follow-up questions. They should read documents and prepare adequately to successfully interrogate and expose corruption, otherwise they are not doing their job and should not be voted back into office. Otherwise we start suspecting that the MPs have been bought by the Minister. ZACC also needs to dig further and come to the logical conclusion of all corruption allegations and a good start would be to take Kangai’s account of corruption allegations more seriously. We just dont need corrupt public officials when so many Zimbabweans are suffering from unemployment, and economic hardships. These economic crimes must attract harsh punishment as they are selfish and have a murderous effect on the ordinary citizens!

  14. Even the baboon says its beautifull.What about a corrupt individual?

  15. What about the Supa-Bvute-Chingoka connection?

  16. Comment…supa igava remunhu, gororo rekupedzisira, kupa mumwe murume mudzimai nekuda mari, nekunanzva magadziko ana ED na bob

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