Man leaves wife, accuses her of sleeping with his elder brother

A HARARE man, who divorced his wife after he caught her in bed with his brother, has been granted a protection order against his ex-wife, whom he accused of assaulting, threatening and verbally abusing him.


Mangani Maija Arimandu appeared before magistrate Nyasha Marufu, accusing his former wife, Priscilla Katore of physically and verbally abusing him.

“I do not want her to come to my house because whenever she does, she beats me and calls me names. She insults me in front of my relatives,” he said.

Arimandu went on to claim that she was bitter over the fact that he divorced her after he caught her sleeping with his brother.

“She is angry at the fact that I left her after I caught her red-handed sleeping with my older brother. She is now coming to my house attacking me and accusing me of humiliating her when she is the one who humiliated me,” he
Katore, however, opposed her ex-husband’s application for a protection order, claiming that she was the one on the receiving end of the verbal and physical abuse.
“He is lying, I have never abused him. He is the one abusing me,” she said.

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