Let’s go to tribunal: Mwonzora

THE late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s succession fight is not yet over as some party stalwarts are now lobbying for the matter to be referred to the party’s appeals tribunal after moves to hold a special congress stalled last week.


MDC-T secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora, told NewsDay yesterday that they were now pushing for the matter to be settled by the tribunal following a stalemate over the interpretation of the party’s constitution on issues of succession.

“These are genuine disputes around the meaning and interpretation of the constitution, that no one can supress, for that reason we have initiated the mechanisms to make sure that we settle the constitutional question within the party,” he said.

The opposition party faces a split with Tsvangirai’s three deputies — Nelson Chamisa, Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri – all claiming the right to succeed the former Premier who succumbed to colon cancer and was buried at his rural home in Buhera last week.

“In terms of our constitution, where constitutional disputes arise the matter is referred to the appeals tribunal, for interpretation of the constitution. It is therefore necessary that we refer the dispute to the tribunal, which must settle this question,” Mwonzora said.

Mwonzora’s remarks came following the elevation of Chamisa as interim leader by the party’s national council, a move Khupe dismissed as unconstitutional.

On Friday, Chamisa got another endorsement after 630 delegates from the party’s 210 districts nominated him as presidential candidate, effectively anointing him Tsvangirai’s successor.

Mwonzora yesterday said he was aware of the recommendations from the party’s structures, but insisted on sticking to the MDC-T constitution.

“There was a recommendation by the consultative meeting that we make interim leader Chamisa our presidential candidate, a formal meeting has to do that. There is debate in the party on whether the national council is the body or not that must do that, or it must be special congress… this debate is going to be exhausted on Wednesday, by the leadership. It’s going to decide on what are the constitutional bodies that must do that,” he said.

Khupe has claimed that by operation of the constitution, she was the bona fide candidate to succeed Tsvangirai since she was elected at congress, while her peers Chamisa and Mudzuri were handpicked by the late party leader. Mudzuri has, in the meantime, taken a back seat in the succession race, amid reports he was now backing Chamisa.

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  1. ana khupe kuda kubvoronga zvinhu if u are not happy why not form your own party

  2. Mwonzora and Khupe have been paid up with the looted diamond money by ZANU to stall progress and attempt to discredit Chamisa. ED and his old people’s home of thieves knows he cannot stand the youthful and energetic Cyclone and is attempting to infiltrate MDC from within. Manje we will never be shaken, we shall soon become a hurricane. Go Chamisa go! What does not kill makes you stronger! The more they talk about you and maim you, the more popular you become, and the more we love you!

    1. Why including ZANU PF in MuDhoSvo fight.Cheriti kwana. It used to be the case that the MDC had too many lawyers and injiniyasi but when one looks at the careers of Gwisai, Jongwe, Welshman, Mangoma,Mwonzora, Gutu and Biti, one must say that the MDC is a curse for lawyers! Blame game yechindaroiwa haishandi iwe idiotic Cheriti

  3. Why Mwonzora, Khupe, Bhebhe are concentrating on a special congress when elections are just around the corner. Expending a lot of energy where it is not needed. I am now suspecting these successnists cabal. Next congress Khupe and your cabal consider yourselves out.

  4. Next congress Mwonzora and Gutu will be history. Mai Khupe will stand a chance

    1. kupe ko kenza yadayi kutora Tsvangy yave papi nezamo rako rakasara?

  5. Why would you support somebody who is breaching the party’s constitution? My fellow Zimbabweans you surprise me!!!

  6. @TANAKA u and those u are siding with go to hell n may the devil rape u even kucongresss Chamisa ndiye anohwina full stop

  7. Truth has always being perverted over the years and we have good-BAD examples of it’s after-effects. However even young people of this generation still hate truth as they pursue their personal ambitions at the expense of stated statutes.If a generation is caught up in a political poverty cylcle…it becomes difficult to tackle it. Movers and Opposers (MDC neZANU et al) have joined each other to make this circle. The populace is confused. My advice—-Let’s not undermine constitution no matter zvadii….kana ushe hwasvika pane wawakavenga woti ngatichinje JANA….AAAAAAH. Pasi nemhandu dzeConstitution. Let’s be guided by Constitution and constitutional installed leaders

  8. Mwonzora don’t complicates things in the people’s party please.Welshman and Tendai Biti demised themselves in their political ambitions,so do you also want to go lost and demise your political goals? Even Mugabe and Zuma are saying the same saying that they removed unconstitutionally. What do you want anymore the entire MDC has endorsed Chamisa? We don’t want sellouts please or else leave peaceful.

  9. mwonzora, khupe and mthwakazi are like brothers, they want Zanu to win. they dont have peopleat heart, they have selfish agenda. God will deal with you soon

  10. how are you zimbabweans

  11. why is the Chamisa camp afraid of congress if he is popular as they claim then they (chamisa camp)should be the ones pushing for a congress.Is this the democracy that the MDC was preaching along… beating up those who also have a constitutional right to be the zim president.


  13. go back to your book maDISH. Khupe is right

  14. I support young Chamisa but why not just go to Congress and cement the debate, But it will be total chaos if they go to congress and decide to elect new leadership altogether..

    1. Pane infiltration baba, people have been bought to manipulate the whole process. Abt $2million is required to convene the special congress, the party is finding it hard to pay workers, but Gutu yesterday claimed he can get 2 million for the special congress within a week.You should smell a rat here. Why is Gutu failing to bail the party out in order to be able to pay employee salaries, but ONLY has money for the special congress. Truth is the guys know they are fighting a losing battle but just want to sink the whole ship!Acc to the constitution, the National council can appoint a Presidential candidate via a secret ballot or convene a special congress, Why do these guys want an expensive route when the party is debt ridden, when a shorter and cost effective route is there.

  15. No need for congress because national council already a point a successor

  16. The issue of Congress is that there is no time to do that since National Elections are just around the corner why kupedzera tsvimbo kumakunguwo idzo njiva dzichiteera. Doug and Khupe you are selfish leaders. all what you need is to deny Zimbabweans election victory through Chamisa, the people have spoken why cant you listen to the people .

  17. Comment…mwonzora na khupe mukutambisa nguwa hapana chichachinja chamisa hoyeeeeeeeeee

  18. History has a tendency of repeating itself.Politics is a game of numbers and sometimes we need to follow what the majority wants even if we are opposed to it.In 2005 , the Professor led a rebellion citing the same constitutional grievances and went on to call Tsvangirai names but that took him nowhere.Tendai Biti is another classic example of political ignorance. So if Mai Khupe is clever enough, let bygones be bygones before she is buried in the political dustbin.There is no time for childplay at the moment and she must be aware of sympathisers in the form of Douglas Matemadanda and other repressive pseudo democrats

  19. Ya ndimwi ma authors e democracy, human rights and observance of rule of law. Hendei tione. Chokwadi chichabuda pachena.

  20. Comment. Mwonzora and Khupe seem to have interesting agenda. The issue is not someone’s right to inherit what he/she cant earn. This is time for correct reading of lesdership popularity barometrs and not time for looking for people where they are NOT normaly found I.e. in paper called constitution. Some thing along lines of statistical random popularity surveys;two, three or more, will surely deliver the kind of information yo presidential aspirants would find most beneficial, Mr Mwonzora. Otherwise people have always been waiting fo long for some turbulence wrt. nhaka yamudhara. Calmness normally suggests insignicant political capital bequeathed.

  21. Comment…ana khupe ava vanoda vana ve zim varambe vachitambura avadi nyika inake.why you need to go around yet there is a shortcut

  22. imi anhu woye Khupe anga aripi for 8 months kuzooneka parufu constitution kudii kwacho

  23. Whether congress or not, Chamisa is going to win , so why waste time chicken fighting

  24. constitution ndo musimboti we zvose. kana uri popular unotyireiko congress

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