Land, language, identity of San people conference on cards

Tsoro-o-tso San Development Trust, an organisation fighting for the rights of the marginalised minority San people, has organised a conference to address the tribe’s loss of land, language and identity.


The trust’s director, Davy Ndlovu, yesterday said the conference would be held in Bulawayo on Friday.

“The theme of the conference is Land, Language and Identity: The Story of the San People in Zimbabwe. This follows the successful launch of the report on the San people in Zimbabwe last year in November. Discussions will be centred on the history of the San in Zimbabwe, why the Zimbabwe San are the least researched in the region, land disposession, loss of language and identity,” Ndlovu said.

“We are also going to discuss the constitutional provisions on language and cultural preservation, citizenship and indignity.”

The conference comes at a time the San people have, for more than three decades, been complaining of marginalisation and being sidelined on governance issues.

Tsoro-otso San Development Trust is also involved in the writing of Tsao-language books. Ads

Historian Phathisa Nyathi will take the delegates through the history of the San people in Zimbabwe and how they lost their land to other tribes and ended up marginalised.

Other speakers will be Prisca Dube, who will talk about constitutionally recognised languages, Delme Cupido, who will present a report on Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa’s case study in promoting indigenous groups in Southern Africa and Tineyi Mukwewa, who will talk about possibilities of class action by San people — lessons from the region.

The San people got recognition in 2013 when their language was included as one of the country’s official languages of communication.

However, they are worried over limited reading material in their language.


  1. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Davy Ndlovu, if this conference is indeed for the San people and not for pomp and money spinning, why not taking the conference to where the San community reside. Why the urban city

  2. These are the real true indigenous and true owners of the land between the two rivers, now called Zimbabwe – not the lies about Munumotapa, great Zimbabwe rubbish that have been peddled by land thieves from Central Africa, who to this day cant stand the reality of having been thoroughly defeated by the other land thieves from the South, in this primitive land thieving game of old. Let us face the real truth and move on with the times in peace and stop with the propaganda and reinvention of history to soothe tribal egos!!!

  3. But there is no San speakers. Who is speaking for them? What are their interests? Take the conference to Plumtree or Tsholotsho where there are San communities. Stop these ivory tower money spinning conferences.

    1. How do you know there are no San speakers? And how do you know uNdlovu is not San? We have Ndlovus, Letosalos, Botha, Van Wyk San people all over this region of Matland, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa my friend. Please do your research and get informed.

  4. @Real Truth
    If you have nothing to write why waste your time bro

    1. I always have the REAL TRUTH to tell brurr, to counter ZANU PF propaganda that many kids have grown up being fed with in tribalistic Zimbabwe in the last 38 years!!

  5. Angus Martens

    The new upcoming government of Zimbabwe…must take cognisance of minority tribes

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