Khupe attack draws fire

POLITICAL parties and civic society organisations in Matabeleland have blasted rowdy MDC-T activists, who allegedly physically assaulted the party’s vice-president, Thokozani Khupe, secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora and organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe at the burial of former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera on Wednesday.


The trio and Chamisa are locked in in a vicious fight to succeed Tsvangirai.

Khupe, Mwonzora and Bhebhe reportedly sought refuge at Maxwell Hapanyengwi’s homestead as over 150 MDC-T youths bayed for their blood.

The youths were reportedly chanting slurs such as: “Khupe go back to Matabeleland. We will not be led by a woman.”

“Some people have to learn it the hard way. They did the same to Welshman Ncube sometime ago and maybe they are yet to repeat it again since he has gone to them thinking they have repented, these people never repent,” Mthwakazi Republic activist, Hlonipani Ncube said.

“Why do our people subject themselves to be used like a chewing gum. It’s clear Khupe has been used and she is no longer needed. They are now bringing Ncube to lure the gullible people of Matabeleland.”

Ibhetshu likaZulu secretary-general, Mbuso Fuzwayo condemned the attack.

“Ibhetshu likaZulu condemns violence in the strongest term. It’s so sad that the MDC-T which was supposed to be preaching change leaning towards peace, seems to be identified with violence,” he said.

“A lesson is that those that are previous beneficiaries of violence have now become victims, thus, it’s a lesson that we must all the times condemn it as it comes to haunt in future.”

The Zimbabwe Peace Project also condemned the intra-party violence.

Zapu spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa said the attack was testimony to how tribalism was entrenched in MDC-T.

“It’s a cancer that (former President Robert) Mugabe and Zanu PF infected our society with and MDC-T, just like any other offspring, is taking after the father. They are simple tribalists,” he said.

“Also, this speaks to the issue of succession, which Tsvangirai failed to handle properly, while still alive. Instead of approaching it soberly, he gave in to the tribalistic temptation and became a divisive leader, cherry picking those from his tribe to usurp political functions of a democratically elected Khupe.’

Zipra Veterans Association secretary-general, Petros Sibanda said although he did not condone violence, Khupe was a beneficiary of MDC-T violence in 2005.

“But violence cannot be condoned especially when there are tribal undertones. Khupe is nationally right, but politically fighting a losing battle, she will die for nothing,” he said. Interim MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa told VOA that the violence was unacceptable and it would be dealt with, although he claimed the instigators could be provocateurs deployed to cause noise.

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  1. Its clear to every normal being even with the international world especially those who attended the burial of one of the greatest tribalist, that people of Matabeleland have been portrayed as the enemy of this poor country.It all started with zanu and has been transformed and ignited in mdc…a clear testimony of tribal hatred. Evidence of brutal killings and beatings of innocent women, children,the defenseless men all started in the early 1980s and continue unabated to this decade. People of this region should join the mthwakazi and stop being part of the shona project.

    1. You are fanning tribalism and violence within ZIMBABWE because MDC is not Shona project but a nation issue whereby a successor should carry forward from where Tsvangirai left.

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Zvematongerwo enyika, kukakata, kudhonzana, kukaisirana nekurigirana pasi chete nguva dzose. Vamwewo ndovanongo tengera vanhu
    doro. Vamwe vachngo vimbisa zvenhema. Vazhinji vachiwoneka nguva yesarudzo chete. Kana mudare reParamende vanongova ZIYIII. Veduwe, dayi tikaedza kusasarudza munhu asina kutipa CV rake. Uye ngarive CV rakanaka.

    1. we will vote for Chamisa and Ncube will b the vice president not this nonsense lady

  3. What do you mean by tribal, khupe and mwonzora are not of the same tribe,even though i don’t support violence againist anyone khupe,mudzuri and mwonzora are cowards!!!

    1. In your heart of hearts you know the truth. The violent youths only insulted Khupe and never said anything about Mwonzora – what’s your take on that?

    2. you are ryt I support you khuphe cant lead whether they like it or not

  4. I despise people who use tribal lenses to analyse even simple constitutional matters. Khupe is not being persecuted on tribal lines at all. get your facts right

    1. I am a Karanga from Masvingo but MaKhupe ndimai vangu avo.musandiurayira mai vangu veduwee vanaChamisa.hamusvodi here kutya mukadzi,manje moms vachakutongai chete.sorry Mama tichavadzinga muparty mapenzi ayo.

      1. Wezhira Wezhara Wezheve

        How are you Zimbabweans? Colleagues, politics is about strategies and tactics, it’s not about tribalism or seniority. If you look at the caliber of leaders that we have in MDC-T party, no one, except Advocate Nelson Chamisa, has the ability and energy to take this party forward. Khupe, Mwonzora, Mudzuri, to mention but just a few have no leadership qualities that are required at that level. Furthermore, the current paradigm shift is now on youth taking over the leadership of this country. I come from Zaka and Mudzuri is my neighbour butI would not vote him as MDC-T Party President. He is not charismatic, crowd rouser, he is now too old, the same applies to Khupe. Yes at Constituency level, they may be voted into office but not the highest office on land, President of Zimbabwe. Colleagues, we should not be emotional, but logicall and objective. Mwonzora, is good as a lawyer, but not a Party President. We want young leaders like Chamisa, Obama, not anyone who is above 55 years. Please give a chance to the young generation and see what will happen.

        Thank you

    2. Do you have your own facts? If someone says “dzokera kumandevere” or words to that effect, what is that called?

  5. parties which subscribe to mugabeism will remain scholars of its masters. some of us were expecting a conglomeration of technocrats and progressive thinkers to offer something (not necessarily the one man bands) but sadly this was not going to happen.

  6. Comment…perhaps madam khupe should have read between the lines long back. In politics there is no permanent friendship

  7. Mwonzora is quiet not because he was treated differently,but he knows that making a lot of noise abt it is detrimental to his political carreer,an attack at Khupe was random as the lady had walked abt 200m from the event’s place to gogo’s place with unarmed and a skeletal security checks and this was all at a place where tension was all over the place. About saying go to Matebele,isnt she one who sstarted the issue of divorcing Matebeleland from national party programmes and iam glad she declared in her own vocabulary tht she has and she will never embrace Chamisa ultra vires the party constitution. If Grace was around i wsh she wld hit it home and say,”Unopenga,unopenga”

    1. Excluding other tribes from anything and everything is a Shona past time, yet they shout so loudly about their being non tribal – which is a lie. We have heard the “Go back to South Africa” mantras so many times than I have cared to count. Its a Shona thing. Scholarships can be dished out to exclusively Shona people only and no eye braws are raised – because its normal; its expected. We have organisation that have 100% Shona only employees in Zim, no eyebraws are raised. In Matebeleland, of all places, you find govt departments that are 99% Shona – and you ask yourself, if the situation is like this in Matebeleland, then what is it like in Mashonaland? Zim – what a shame of a country!

  8. The violence was caused by the Zanoids in Mdc members , they failed to create the fiasco between Chamisa , Elizabeth and Gogo Tsvangirai , so violence was their last option , Zimbabweans wake up and smell the coffee , vakomana veCIO ndokubasa kwavo , now you are blaming MDC , but there was police , why is it the culprits were not arrested , shame on us . We are fools and we keep on playing to Zanu PF’s tricks of separating opposition , muchakarara svinurai muone .

    1. You have a point. Zanu can infiltrate and cause problems especialy vakomana veintel.

  9. @ Anonymous, the aspect of tribalism arises from anti-Ndebele chants uttered by Ms Khupe’s assailants. These rapid attackers are Chamisa’s supporters who are scared stiff of constitutionalism.

    1. You and your Cabal have lost, sorry for sure. this is politics my friends


  11. Comment…khupe is using the tribal issue to get sympathy. go to hell even mwonzora was attacked or vana mangoma before them. goodbye madam. she wants position but th way she is doing it is very risky. if they go for th congress she is pushing for she wil be lucky to come out with any position at all. chamisa is th man of the moment like it or not, violence or no violence. education is not about books only.

  12. I hate it when it turns tribal. The violence against Khupe was wrong but was not because she is Ndebele if that was the case are we saying there where no ndebeles at the funeral? Khupe reappeared from nowhere when all along she has been boycotting MDC meetings now how does she expect to lead the same organisation she has been boycotting, was she waiting for MT to die? Unfortunatley in politics you have hooligans and she knows what they can do since she has been part of them.

  13. Bhora musango kana zvakadaro.Hamungandiroveri amai vangu.Toita shaisano

  14. Ko inga zvaasina kana mavanga wani kumeso? Asi vanhu vacho vaimurova ne chicken feathers kani? Such a perfect and near beautiful face?

  15. Khupe wasara nechitima…its no longer an issue of tribe or lost the heart of many when you where busy boycotting DR Richard Morgan Tsvangirai’s meetings…you part your ways with MDC long back soo chasara idemo…magogo its all in records that you and mwonzora were pushing for a special congress aimed at retiring Tsvangirai on health grounds…you are power hungry thats why you never wanted the idea of allaince …IF CANT BEAT CHAMISA JUST JOIN HIM OR JUS FORM YOUR OWN MDC K …EITHER WISE TOKUDONHEDZA MANGWANA CHAIWO CHAIWO

  16. she is a loser that lady and her cabal. she is more like Grace. this is Zimbabwe and Africa at large. your politics only works in the books and films, not reality. so please just know that, you Khupe you are nothing, even your constituency will reject you come elections. you will not derail this cyclone,elephant train Chamisa. she is very and more than Save in terms of support. Check with yo constituency, they will tell you that things changes on the ground.

  17. Aiwa violence yaipa machinda uye nyaya yekuti MaZANU kana CIO yaka deployiwa hatidi kunzwenga nyaya vanhu ve MDC vari violent its true then sort it rather that pushing such serious issues to other parties vanhu hamuvazive here.

  18. Comment.Chamisa insulted. not only Khupe but the Ndebeles as a. society through his thugs so we the Ndebeles no more MDC we will all vote. for E D

  19. Let’s give these factions names. Since Chamisa is 40 and most of his supporters are young people, I’ll suggest his faction be called G40. Now, you all know that whenever we have G40 on one side, we will have to have Lacoste to balance the fight, so Mai Khupe and her lot can be called Lacoste. So handei tione.

  20. Tinokugashirai Mese

    Huyai mese ed ndozvo

  21. I am strongly opposing the view that Chamisa was involved in this because he has nothing to gain from such an act. Who are the beneficiaries of these skirmishes then? The following individuals could be the potential perpetrators of the said violence at MT’s burial as they are the ones with more to gain.

    1. Madam Kupe herself
    Kupe has lost the acting presidency to Chamisa and might now want use these dirty tricks to gain public sympathy where people will view her as a victim. My question to madam Kupe is why does the so called perpetrators of violence against her and her cohorts avoid hurting them. It seems they are always lucky to escape all attempts of violence against them. To me it seems like they might be the ones behind these stage managed skirmishes so as to gain public sympathy with the view of creating doubts in people’s minds as to whether Chamisa is a good leader. They want us to view him as a potential dictator as others are already thinkig. Her ultimate goal is to soil her rivalry (Chamisa)’s image whom most Zimbabweans have warmed up to. Remember this madam once accused MT of being behind the same violence that ensued their Bulawayo meeting following her decision not to support the national council’s decision to be part of an alliance with other parties. How come MT whom she was accusing of all sorts of things has become a good man just because he has died and Chamisa who is alive is now the bad guy. Ok, if these hooligans are the same people who were sent by MT, it will put to rest the succession issue which she wants to contest as it is clear that MT and Chamisa were singing from the same him book hence the reason why he is the right successor.

    2. ED and his ZANU pf
    ED and his party are not at easy with the endorsement of Chamisa as by MDC as its 2018 presidential candidate. They know he is loved by many Zimbabweans for various reasons. Come election time he is going to give them a very strong challenge a challenge that is even stronger than the one they were anticipating from MT. To ensure that does not happen, they would want to divide this party even along tribal lines so that the leadership of MDC will lose its focus like Madam Kupe is already doing.

    3. Another possibility could be the intolerant group of MDC supporters
    Their actions can not be viewed as having been sent by Chamisa because he was seen rebuking such in the public glare.

    Chamisa should not leave any stone unturned as the outcome of this issue if properly investigated might shock most of us.

  22. Even if Khupe was having differences with our Late President. What the so called youth did to her was totally wrong and must not happen again.

  23. I hate Zanu pf to the bone. However those that are cling this a Zanu pf provocation are trying to create a diversion and thus won’t work. It’s just like Shona people trying to dissociative themselves from Mugabe by claiming he is Malawian. That’s cheap. Unless Chamisa can provide solid evidence that Khupe’s assailants are Zanu pf he is proving he is part of the problem. Its a simple fact that in Chamisa’s match to grab the MDC leadership any one who questions the failure to follow the constitution is branded a Khupe supporter or worse a Zanu pf supporter. Go on any online forum and this is clear for all to see. Did Tsvangirai and Chamisa not see the tribal implications of their actions? I think not. They new. The irony here is that Raila Odinga – a man who has gone through two world published tribally toxic elections was almost like the MDC guest of honor at the funeral. Why did Chamisa not see this coming? It becomes even clearer to all with common sense and a duty of care to all the country’s citizens that holding the power grab meeting with Tsvangirais body still in the mortuary was as ill conceived as it gets. Do those preaching tribalism remember what happened in Rwanda 1994-6? Shame!

  24. Being constitutional or not, myself will not support female leader in policts, they lack that mandra for the post. Chavanoda kupiwa zvigaro zvekunzwirwa nyasha chete

  25. Chikuru kufema Kupe Na Elias

    Comment…vose vanoda kuvhotera zanu makapusa. kuvhotera munhu atadza ku fulfila mampromise ake e 100days iye asati avhoterwa kokuzoti mamuvhotera momuonepi
    muchakangavira nenhamo.
    #ChamisaMunhuWamwariAanevanhu Pamoyo#

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