Khupe appeals to Guardian Council

MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe has all but surrendered her fight for the party leadership to Nelson Chamisa after she appealed to the party’s elders to resolve the internecine dispute following the death of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.


Tsvangirai died two weeks ago in South Africa after a long battle with colon cancer and his burial at Humanikwa village homestead in Buhera was characterised by violence triggered by succession battles.

Khupe, who argued she was the acting president according to the party’s constitution, appealed to the party’s Guardian Council to intervene and resolve the leadership wars pitting herself against Chamisa, the interim president.

Apart from seeking protection and calling for the disbandment of the party youth militia going by the name “Order of The Vanguard”, Khupe was also demanding an investigation into the source of funds being used by Chamisa to bankroll meetings, which she said were not coming from normal party channels.

“I am appealing for the Guardian Council organ of the party to intervene in the leadership dispute currently going on in the party,” part of Khupe’s letter dated February 23 read.

“Your intervention is provided for in Article 6.7.1(d) of our party constitution, which outlines your mandate as being to investigate, arbitrate, and reconcile members and organs of the party.

“Acknowledging that such a request should ordinarily come from the national executive committee, I wish to state that I have not had an opportunity to convene such a consultative meeting with this organ because of the ever escalating threat of violence targeted at my discharge of mandate and duties.”

Chamisa has already found his way to the party’s top leadership post after being endorsed by the MDC-T decision-making organs, spurning Khupe and secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora’s calls for a special congress to elect the party’s presidential candidate.

Khupe argued that she was the rightful heir to Tsvangirai’s post because she was elected by the MDC-T congress in 2014.
She said she wrote to Tsvangirai raising several concerns, including the issue of the MDC Alliance, and on the violent attack she reportedly suffered at the hands of alleged party youths, but the issue was not solved due to the late leader’s ill-health and subsequent death.

Khupe said Tsvangirai was committed to solving the problem and withdrew national organiser Abednico Bhebhe’s suspension to pave way for negotiations.

She also claimed she met Chamisa and they agreed to abide by the party constitution before he made an about turn and called meetings, where he was ordained as the party’s acting president.

“On my arrival in Buhera, I was accosted by rowdy youths chanting Chamisa slogans. The rest, as they say, is history. I was called names including being called a ‘dissident’ woman who should return to Matabeleland. I had beer poured all over me. I was poked at the back with umbrellas, and got a few whips with the tree branches that they had,” Khupe wrote.

“In the aftermath of the burial of president Tsvangirai, I called for a standing committee meeting to discuss all the issues bedevilling the party, but to my surprise, a counter-meeting was called and attended by some standing committee members.

“This confirms that Honourable Chamisa is not relenting in his efforts to use whatever means necessary to forge ahead with consolidating his grip of the party outside the constitution.”


  1. Ungalala uyasala mama, vusa

  2. @kHUPE test your own medicine Byo East,Byo Central and Entumbane constituencies are in tumeoil due to your imposition of your cabals.

    1. Comment…As a supporter of MDC T i think you 3 guys you know very well who’s who among yourself but some of you are being used to destroy the party cause you are after money

  3. Comment…just come back to the people and say sorry

  4. Comment…

  5. LovewilldestroyHate

    Comment…We respect Makhupe, but i think Mr Chamisa should lead the party. One plants and another waters. But the mission is one, to remove the corrupt junta regime from power. Everyone in the leadership should work for the realisation of this mission. Otherwise future generations will judge us harshly if we fail to unite for this noble cause. THE JUNTA REGIME MUST BE DEFEATED.

  6. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Comment…Zvematongerwo enyika! Ko zvino iye mufana uyu zvaanzi ndiye achapinda ari weMDC-A zvodiyi? Iwe Khupe ahusi nhengo yeMDC-A. Madirira
    tivhange chaiwo. ZVIMBERI ZVIUYA. Asi murikupedzera mabara kudhimba mochema maona gurusvusvu rehanga. Kwedu toti, ndomene

  7. Kuphe uchatinetsa

  8. Poor reporting!! What is this so called Guardian Council??

    These journalists are weak.

  9. ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ Lord Acton

  10. ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ Lord Acton

  11. poor reporting for sure, kune vasingatozive kuti chii chacho chinombonzi Guardian Council.The journalist should at least have made an effort to enlighten the readers kuti chii chinonzi Guardian Council

  12. Comment…Kana zvanetsa ngatidzokere kuvanhu nokuti part ndeyevanhu

  13. Comment…khupe imbomira kani haasi chamisa akakonzeresa vanhu isu nokuti ndiye watinoda

  14. Real Change Luver

    Madam Khupe whether u are wrong or correct, swallow yr pride, go and say sry to yr people. We luv u, but u are not reciprocating. Humble yrself sezvaiitwa naSave mo loviwa mhani mai imi. KUITA NHARO NA CHAMISA KUPEDZA NGUVA BECAUSE EVEN ZANU PF AND ROBERT MUGABE ALL ARE GOING TO VOTE CHAMISA


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