Justice Chigumba new Zec chairperson


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed High Court judge Justice Priscilla Chigumba as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson, replacing Supreme Court judge, Justice Rita Makarau, who tendered her resignation from the country’s electoral body in December last year. The appointment is with immediate effect.


In a letter dated January 31, 2018 addressed to Justice Chigumba, the chief secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, wrote:
“His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, having consulted with the Judicial Service Commission and the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders, has the pleasure to appoint you as the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission with immediate effect.

“You will be sworn-in as the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission at State House tomorrow (today) at 10:00 hours.”

The appointment was confirmed yesterday by Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs permanent secretary, Virginia Mabiza.

“I also heard she had been appointed to that post. Yes, it’s not untrue,” she said.

Makarau is said to have quit the post without giving reasons.

Chigumba served as a resident magistrate and provincial magistrate before being seconded to work as a senior professional research assistant in the Office of the Chief Justice. She was later sworn-in as judge of the High Court in December 2012.

Zimbabwe holds elections this year and when Makarau resigned she was leading the process of coming up with a new voters’ roll.


  1. Is the post reserved for women only, at first it was Rita Makarau now it’s chigumba, is she not going to resign like her predecessor before elections

  2. Is she not the same judge who at one time was alleged to have solicited for a $20 000 bribe from one of the parties (a Mr Kanokanga) in a case she was presiding over?

  3. She will have a lot to unravel of the mess left by at incompetent Makarau. If she can get a handle on all the processes that must be completed before an election can be held and make a realistic and transparent work plan, she won’t have any problems.

  4. 20000 bribe was a false allegation raised by pple who saw tht she was th only candidate eligible for the post of supreme court judge. Remember kut shes th only 1 who cleared Mawarire and cleared demos much to mugabes disappointment, leading him to attempt to fire “incompetent” judges. Tht bribe allegation surfaced in her interview for th supreme post, after some horny billygoats saw tht she was not carpet interview material. She really knows what sh does that girl. If only they dont manipulate her. When th daily news wrote the headline – Brave judge dares mugabe – they were referring to tht beautiful jurist.

  5. Vurongwa bwese bwaitwa tinotenda kuti sisi ava vachaite basa namazvo. Mwari ngaave nemwi mweya wevunhubu usaswedera pedo nemwi. basa sezvamatumwa nomukuru wenyika

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