My hands are clean: Sugar Sugar

SUNGURA musician Taruvinga “Sugar Sugar” Manjokoto yesterday said his estranged wife is to blame for their five children’s woes because she was the one who took them away from his house in Stoneridge to squash in a one-roomed cubicle in Mbare.


The unrepentant singer said the door was still open for the children — who are now being taken care of by well-wishers — to return home.

Sugar Sugar claimed that the children, who had been well-provided for under his roof, chose to go with their mother, Regina Chibanda, after she remarried.

“I am tired of hearing that story (of neglecting the children). Some of these things make you feel weak. I stayed with the children and she took them from home. How could my children leave home where they lived freely to follow their mother to a small place in Mbare?” he queried.

“One of the kids is not going to school because the mother is now blind, so the child helps her in her errands. She promised to return the child, but didn’t. I decided to keep quiet to avoid unnecessary trouble.”
Chibanda, who is suffering from Glaucomma is currently being treated at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, after a group of well-wishers, Gamba Remumhanzi Crew, paid $173 for medical bills and raised money to renovate a hut for the family in rural Uzumba where the family is set to relocate.

Sugar Sugar, famed for the hit song Mairosi said he was able to take care of his children, but would only do so when he retained custody.

“So you think I cannot take care of my children? Isn’t it they gazetted everything with their mother? She left home and went to their grandmother in Uzumba and I took them back to Harare. She then took them again and started all this nonsense of saying I am neglecting my children,” he snapped.

“If God blesses me with money, I am not going to give her a cent. I am going to take my children back. Do not talk about maintenance, because I won’t pay anything, since I will have custody of the children.”
He accused Chibanda of seeking to tarnish his image.

NewsDay Life & Style established that Chibanda did not have proper identification documents required to apply for maintenance of the children by Sugar Sugar.

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  1. You just one of the most stupid fathers i had ever seen on this earth. You can’t support your kids simply because you have separated with their mother. It is you duty to provide for your kids because your divorce will never change the fact that you are their father. Vamwe vanababa kungwarira pasina. Apa ndopasina nezvababa apa.

    1. Musapindire nyaya dzamusingazivi. You’re already taking sides. Be careful my friend, one day it happens to you!

  2. @ndoga iwe ndiwe stupid reubaba mwana kana ari wako anodya mari yako ainewe or amai vako full stop.iwe ndiwe wakangwarira pasina kutaura kwausina kuswera tibvirepo just shows hauna mwana.maintance initially yakagadzirirwa vasingade in this case sugar sugar akuda kugara nevana vake mai stupid yemunhu ndiye akuda kuvaita social welfare

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