Habitual thief jailed 32 years for unlawful entry

A 42-YEAR-OLD Hatcliffe serial thief has been slapped with a 32-year imprisonment term by a Harare magistrate after he was convicted of 16 counts of unlawful entry.


Jairos Bondamakara, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges, was on Tuesday convicted on all the counts and will serve 22 years in jail after Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta suspended 10 years on condition of restitution.

In aggravation, the State, represented by Patience Chimusaru, asked the court not to exercise any leniency on Bondamakara, who stole almost anything he came across including teaspoons, food, plates, clothes and cups.

Chimusaru further said that Bondamakara, who has previous convictions, had not learnt that crime does not pay and urged the court to exercise its power and hand him a long sentence.

Sabarauta sentenced Bondamakara to a period of one to five years’ imprisonment on each count.

The court heard that on October 31 last year at around 4am, Bondamakara broke into Maxwell Chingodza’s residence in Hatcliffe.

He stole a gas tank, plates, pots solar panel and radio.

Using the same modus operandi, Bondamakara went on a stealing spree from various people including Honest Shumba, Spiwe Isiah, Maxwell Chiuswa, Enock Mutamba, Amon Chapataronga, Biggie Jambulosi, Sakaja Carriot, Shelton Kamonera, Prince Majunje and Kine Maromo.

Bondamakara was arrested on January 1 this resulting in the recovery of various stolen properties.

Some of the complainants managed to recover their properties from Bondakara’s residence.

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