Gudyanga wasted State resources, says magistrate

A HARARE magistrate has described former Mines permanent secretary, Francis Gudyanga as wasteful and not a credible witness after he, on several occasions, failed to account for the funds he allegedly siphoned from the Minerals Mines Marketing of Zimbabwe (MMCZ).


Magistrate, Elijah Makomo said this during the acquittal of former MMCZ general manager, Richard Chingodza and his deputy, Hanna Chitate, who were being accused of fraud involving $600 000.

In his ruling, Makomo said the evidence produced in court showed that the grant, which was paid to Pedstock was disguised as a grant to the Zimbabwe Republic Police border control section, while it was in actual fact used by Gudyanga for his personal gain.

Makomo said he cleared the court gallery in an effort to extract the truth from Gudyanga as to where the funds were being channelled, but the court failed to find a satisfactory answer as he kept on ducking the questions.

“The professor (Gudyanga) could not tell the court, where exactly to whom the money was paid. If information is withheld from the court on the basis of ministerial certificate as Gudyanga alleged, the State runs their risk of an advisory ruling if information placed before the court found to be inadequate,” he said.

Makomo said Gudyanga was an untrustworthy witness after he failed to explain the money he demanded from MMCZ, as funeral assistance for the burial of his wife and mother.

He said Gudyanga showed some traits of bad corporate governance and had shown the court that he abused his office.

Allegations against Chingodza and Chitate were that, contrary to their duties and without following procedure, they fraudulently awarded themselves acting, education, long service and back pay allowances and loans totalling $625 226,88 between June 2013 and April 19 this year.

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