Govt orders ‘O’ Level English paper resit

GOVERNMENT has ordered more than 260 000 candidates to retake the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) November 2017 Ordinary Level English Language Paper 2 on February 16 because of widespread cheating.


Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavima said results for the leaked paper had been nullified after it was observed that many candidates had seen it before the examination.

“The November 2017 Ordinary Level English Language Paper 2 examination will be retaken on February 16, 2018 from 10am to 12 noon,” he said.

“All results for the November 2017 English Language Paper 2 have been nullified.

“This follows the widespread cheating in this paper, exacerbated by social media, and identified during the November 2017 examination session.”

Mavima said all candidates should sit for the examination at their original examination centres and no examination fee would be paid for the resit.

He said marking and release of the results would be done in time for Form 5 students’ enrolment.

“Over 260 000 sat for the exam, the ministry will come up with ways in which they can be compensation for the time lost for those learners who are proceeding to Lower 6,” Mavima said.

“After the exam is written, the marking has to be done efficiently, so that we can integrate the results from paper two into the overall results. Then the ministry can work out the modalities to make sure that we compensate for the time lost.”

Over the years, Zimsec’s reputation has been sullied as reports of exam paper leaks have become widespread.

Mavima said they had ordered a resit because they wanted to preserve the examinations body’s integrity.

“In the final analysis, the decision has been necessitated by the need to maintain and preserve the integrity of the national examination system,” he said.

“Members of our society who continue to involve themselves in examination malpractice risk prosecution and candidates risk nullification of their results.”

Zimsec chairperson Eddie Mwenje said they were putting in place stringent measures to secure all future examination papers.

“We are actually seized, at the moment, with looking at the issues of security across the value chain because we are living in a technological world of social media where one leak from one person can actually go across the world in seconds,” he said.

Reports indicate there was no cohesion at the two main departments at Zimsec – examination administration and test development – and this saw the early sitting of November 2017 exams going unsupervised.

“The general administration is responsible for printing, distribution and writing, while the test development is responsible for setting and marking,” a source said.

“These two departments are stepping into each other’s mandate and that has created a lot of friction and has literally made Zimsec absent from supervising exams, especially for the first two weeks.”


  1. This is total madness of the lowest order.

    1. Total madness from.The minister has proved that he is unsuitable for this position.Why deal with fruits and leave the roots which are the officials at ZIMSEC.He must explain to the nation the rot in his ministry rather than inconvenience students and parents.

  2. though they will not pay exam fees what about those who have left the country soon after the exam
    what about those who were at boarding schools wanondorara pai when all the hostels are occupied with current students..
    what about those who have relocated to other areas due to reasons beyond their control…and due to physical impossibility can not revisit the exam centers they originally set…

    1. what a good comment my friend this i jus wish the minister sees this

  3. why a re-write? all the Zimsec board members should be thoroughly investigated on how the papers got to leak. those in charge are responsible for the leaking of the paper. those people should be eliminated, I think thats the only way we can curb the situation. now its a disadvantage to the learners who did not cheat. even though some saw the leaked paper its not their fault because if one come across the leaked paper how can he or she ignore the paper. so the Board should be punished.

  4. Its inconvenient to parents, students and all stakeholders. ZIMSEC let the paper leak and they now expect us to have cash to bring our kids from UK, RSA or wherever and transport them to and fro their original centres within a week after getting days off from work!Who administers, keeps the paper, avoids leakages of the exam? The onus to meet these costs should be borne by that party.

  5. So a student who travelled to UK, South Africa, Australia to see their parent/family who left Zim because of economic hardships has to fly back again to sit for a single exam which was leaked by ‘we don’t know who’. Disband all the Zimsec board and staff and start afresh. This is total madness….and we still wonder why parents opt for Cambridge exams.

  6. marumbeni katawara

    surprizingly nhandara said no paper leaked.hemust resign.The o level markers have not yet been paid ipai vanhu mari dzavo please .muri kuichengetereiko.ipai vanhu mari yavo .ED has my vote


  8. the reporting is just malicious. its another form of malpractice

  9. Zimsec is not a credible board and the government should swallow its pride and go back to Cambridge.I am grateful I never sat for an examination under that shameless bpard.Re-sitting means that they bungled but why is it that heads are not rolling for that circus.Now the parents and pupils are being punished for a crime they did not commit,life is such a shame.

  10. It is too challenging to us students. We cannot remember how some questions are to be answered since we had thrown away all notes. The resit should have been announced and done before we left our centres. Some people have no access to social media and even newspapers, so how will they know that. It ıs difficult for us.

  11. I agree with Dehwa we are not ready to be international players in Education. All it means is that learners from Public Schools whose parents are already poor will be destined for poverty . Those who attend private schools, and have money already will write Cambridge exams that are credible internationally and will continue to be masters over our children. What a shame !!!Is that ubuntu.? Zvangotitaridza kuti chero iwo ma Task acho haana standard saka tiri kungochekeresa vana vevamwe. Tovaita ma Guinea Pigs nesystem yatinoona pachena kuti haishandi?. Haaa ngatiitei manzwira hamadzangu zvanyanya!!!!!!

  12. Its a shame brethren. when did they come to know about the cheating? ummm there is something wrong with zimsec. it is a disadvantage to the rest of innocent students who even did not see that paper. zimsec must put its house in order

  13. This is drama of 2018. Zimsec infact Zimbabwe education has gone banana. What are these so called professors doing for the nation? Whose interests are they serving? Is it for the poor parents who are not able to pay for Cambridge exams or to send their children to overseas institutions? The Chairman of Zimsec Nyagura must have long resigned from his post because this is total failure. Why are we always hearing every exam session that there are leaks? Who is facilitating these leaks and is there any guarantee that the February 2018 exam session is not going to leak? The best solution to this current drama is for the candidates to refuse to rewrite the exam.this poor administration must be put to an end

  14. dont we have human right lawyers to file an urgent court application to challenge the REWRITE? I wished if I were a lawyer zvino handina kudzidza manje. Magweta ndiyo nguva yenyu yekugadzira mazita

  15. I have a son who went to Australia in December 2017. How is he going to travel back to write this leaked Exam??????? Someone is MAD to think whatever they think should be adhered to!!!!!! JUST FIRE THE WHOLE ZIMSEC TEAM, I mean ALL OFF THEM, from Head to Sweeper, CLEAN UP THE ROT AT ZIMSEC


  16. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Dailynews Zim 01 Nov 2017. Musoro wenhau dzakanyorwa naTarisai Machakaire. Pane munhu anonzi Victor Tamanikwa akasungwa nematikitivha, uyo akawanikwa aine pepa rebvunzo yeChingezi pepa 2 iro rakanga ranyorwa musi wa26 Oct 2017 panhare mbozha yake, Samsung galaxy S6.
    Zvinonzi Victor Tamanikwa akaendwa naye kuKamba yeMatikitivha, Christopher Kariyo weZimsec akadanwa neMatikitivha kuKamba, akauya nepepa rakanga ranyorwa. Pepa ndokufananidzwa neraiva panhare yaVictor, zvikaonekwa kuti zvaive zvakafanana. Victor akanomira pamberi peMuchuchisi, Josephine Sande

  17. Some private colleges which do not have qualified personnel should not be allowed to run examinations. It is not the English paper which leaked but many other papers. However, I agree with DomboraMwari that rewriting is unfair to those who have travelled abroad. Besides, there are many logistical problems that arise particularly in boarding schools. This is a miscalculation by Government. Prevention is better than cure. Zimsec should ensure that leaking never occurs. Staff should be adequately remunerated.

  18. What is happening at ZIMSEC is now disgusting. The rot has even gone to our Tertiary institutions as well, no wonder why performance in some companies by some of the so called learned pprofessionals has gone down. Proliferation of some schools publishing names of some students who are said to have excelled in some exams now raises stink as we now suspecte that the schools would want to make a good name by cheating exams for those students so as to entice unsuspecting parents to enroll their children there.
    Imagine if someone cheats at high school, proceeds to university to study for a bachelor of surgery degree, becomes a doctor and yourself or your relative is attended to by that person who would have cheated on every stage? Its so pathetic. No wonder why most companies are full of people with distinctions who are none performers.

  19. The minister and the board chair eddie mwenje should immediately resign and pave way for sober minds.It is not the first time that exams have leaked.

  20. Minister these are some of the issues to fix pama100days amakapihwa

  21. Mugabe is to blame. Every problem thats affecting us is becoz of Mugabe. Zimsec is useless and the Zimsec certificates are useless. Get rid of Zimsec once and for all.
    Cambridge certificates are the only genuine certificates vis-a-vis Zimsec certicates.
    During Mugabe’s rule many Zimsec papers leaked but becoz Mugabe was in power everything was swept under the carpet.
    Dont ever blame the minister becoz he was not the one who created Zimsec.

  22. saka mwana akatadza kuuya kuzonyora futi achange asina maresults eEnglish here.
    ichange iri mhosva yake here
    zvanzi naMinister english ngaiitwe rewrite because many have seen the paper before the exam
    vanonzi many vacho vanganiko
    ko saka exam rakaonekwa ne a few harizi kuitwa rewrite?
    because reIntegrated Science rakaleaka futi
    no exam fee shall be paid? kuda kuita hutsvene hwenhemha, ko ticket rendege richabhadharwa nani kuti auye kuzonyora kubva kuDiaspora

  23. Comment…hAa zim makutiitira marara saq vana vakainda abroad vanouya nemhepo here kuzonyora ft

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