Government urged to come up with disability policy

PEOPLE living with disabilities (PLWD) in Bulawayo have called on the government to come up with a disability policy, as they have been excluded from the rest of the population and government programmes.


During a national meeting of PLWD representatives at St Patricks Hotel yesterday hosted by the Bulawayo Polytechnic College in conjunction with National Disability Department and Young Voices, disabled people expressed that they also need to be included in all affairs of the country.

One participant Marita Moyo said: “We do not want to be discriminated against, but we also want to be a part and parcel of the government initiatives,” she said.

Speaking during the meeting, Bulawayo Polytechnic principal, Gilbert Mabasa said people should be passionate about others regardless of their abilities and their disabilities.

“We organised this meeting because we believe that young people’s voices should be heard and people with disabilities are a reality to part of our society and they expect to heard as well. All of us are disabled or with limited abilities and we should respect one another and make sure that the disability issue is well addressed,” he said.

“At polytechnic, we have to redesign our infrastructure to ensure that they cater from disabled and also make awareness campaigns to educate people that we are differently,” he said.

Young Voices project officer, Juliet Muzondo said there should be improved human rights and participation of people with disabilities in social, economic and political spheres in.

“The young people should be empowered with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need, to understand their rights, to demand change, and to advocate effectively, leading to positive changes in the attitudes of duty bearers and eventually to the implementation of the disability policy in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. We need government to help us on that,” she said.

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  1. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    I thought that the gathering was going to be specific about their needs or what they wanted to achieve by organising such a meeting. What is reported here is too general. If they wanted employment, farms, aisles and ramps visibility in public areas especially government institutions as senior employees if one has got the qualifications or even housing and loans. Let us learn to air exactly our problems so that authorities can address them

  2. That’s the smart thniknig we could all benefit from.

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