G40 challenges Mnangagwa legitimacy

MEMBERS of Zanu PF’s G40 faction, who are coalescing to form a new party, New Patriotic Front, have formally petitioned the African Union and Sadc challenging the legitimacy of their arch-rival President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


The 79-page dossier urging the continental body not to recognise Mnangagwa’s government on the grounds that it was born out of a military intervention was yesterday formally served by the new political party’s lawyer, South African Marius van Niekerk.

The petition was received by chairperson of the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security and Angola President Joào Lourenco, chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussaka Faki Mahamat, chairperson of Sadc South African President Jacob Zuma, Sadc executive secretary Stergomena Lawrence Tax, and the outgoing AU chairperson Alpha Conde of Guinea.

Most of the copies seen by NewsDay were received between February 2 and yesterday.

The NPF is pleading with Sadc and the continental body not to recognise Mnangagwa, who came into power following a military operation against former President Robert Mugabe in November last year .

Mugabe resigned following the military operation code named Operation Restore Legacy, but former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo claimed the veteran politician was forced to resign by the military. He added Mnangagwa should not be recognised by the international community.

The dossier contains minutes between Mugabe and the military’s top brass after he was put under house arrest.


  1. Hon. Temba P. Mliswa

    Unashamed desperation on the part of G40 gay gangsters.

  2. A waste of time. It was the people of Zimbabwe who went onto the streets and said Mugabe must go, if it was not for the army that protected Mugabe, people would have marched to the so called Blue Roof residence. By the way who are these former members of the G40 who are now using a lawyer in South Africa. Whom are they representing, because the people of Zimbabwe including the opposition parties acknowledge that ED is the boss. What a waste that people can day dream and think the world can entertain them. When the MDC-T was taking its concerns to the AU, SADC and even UN, these same G40 members were rubbishing them, now let them feel the heat themselves.

    1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

      Lier. Military,War vets in the Lacoste called out for people to come and demonstrate whereas when we tried the same before the same military sent tankers to threaten us against demonstrating against Mugabe.

      1. So what are saying, you want Mugabe back?

    2. yesss yesss urikutaura wangu..plus ED nomater wat,wil not be defeated by any force.ED IS OUR ONLY PRESIDENT WE WANT HEY..muchazama means dzose muchingoita muchingoita muchingoita asi iye achingotonga achingotonga achingotonga

    3. Demonstrating and celebrating Mugabe’s departure is not equivalent to welcoming and celebrating Mnangagwa’s rise to power. That was just a coincidence. It also doesnt mean approval of coups by the military. The Dictator had made people suffer for more than a quarter of a Century – any means to remove him was welcome!

  3. Unashamed desperation on the part of G40 the gay gangsters.

  4. @ L Makombe, couldn’t have said it any better.

  5. Point of correction. The people of Zimbabwe were asked to demonstrate because demonstrations always attracted the riot squad then. It was not spontaneous at all, but most were keen to see the end of RGM and his “team”. Trouble is, in Zanu PF, who was NOT in this “team”?

    1. Very Very Interestiiing 1 st who is NFP,Who do they represent ,Where was NFP launched,Who recognises NFP, Are zimbabwean political parties formed outside a free zimbabwe legitimate,Why form a party outside zimbabwe when the feared robert is gone and waiting to be buried,who is the president of NFP,which pipo do they represent,What does their constition say.mmmmm i smell the hand of grace mugabe and Jonathan,they are free to try their luck but us the people of zimbabwe if need be to tell the world again ,we are ready to go out and honk and jubilate in the streets for our General and Super president ED our man.Viva Zimbabwe

      1. You have beaten me to the punch…
        Who signed the document ? When was NFP , formed under a cave, registered in Zimbabwe

      2. Bull’s eye. Tsvagai mabasa vakomana. Manga majaira kudya zvekulooter. Sadc was there when we expressed ourselves as Zimbabwean. Hamutsveruki nei.

      3. komuredhi munoziva zvokwadi imi

        1. Pasi nemhanduuu.Rest in Peace cde Jonso.

  6. Are they saying they want Mugabe to come back? Or they are fighting for Grace? This really shows why they lost power. They have always been out of touch with reality. Mugabe is gone. For good.

  7. G40 boys you don’t know the freedom we are experiencing along our roads without police roadblocks

  8. G40 boys

    You don’t know the freedom we are experiencing along our roads without police roadblocks

    1. Can the lawyer representing the humiliated G40 cabalists aka NFP feel free to come to our beautiful zimbabwe and experience firsthand freedom peace and love now prevailing in zimbabwe all this denied by the G40.they wish us to suffer but alas the almighty has ruled and released his children from the bondage of mugabe era.SHAME SHAME on you Jono,Patrick,Saviour and you disGrace you still have our money to waste huh?all will come to zero,apologise and come back home after all zimbabweans are forgiving.

  9. past events kkkkk

    1. and what are the changes he made after mugabe has gone

  10. Vanogwara nechigwere chisati chambogwagwa!!!

  11. Who is the president of the new party.I hope it’s not Zhuwao

  12. ahhh vatori ne mari havo yema lawyers? vaye vai blocker ma accounts avo hamuna kuita basa kwaro. anyway, this is a pipe dream. hapana chobuda apa. dai vato saver mari dzavo vasati va broka

    1. His Horrible president jokin zhuwawo

  13. Zhuwawo describes our tankers as rotten…then come back to Zim dear coz our tankers are no longer threatening at all. He futher says that Bob is no longer interested in p9litics coz he is retired. Why then take yo ‘coup’ dossier to Sadc & AU wen you knw the biltong retired? Its a gd thing Zhu for telling Jona and Sav that yo uncle retired. There was no coup in Zim.

  14. this is shit hole party

  15. Comment…Political parties are not registered. There are more than 80 of them operating and more are likely to be formed. Everybody is free to form his/hers either locally or in the diaspora. At time, zpf celebrated at splitting of mdc and now its zpf. We have lacoste cabal, npp(Mujuru), newpatriot front, zimbabwe peoples party, udc(Daniel Shumba) etc and more are likely to be formed

  16. G 40 are you dreaming or drinking your urine. Stop that madiness. All Zimbabweans are better off with ED than dictator Mugabe. Why you did not petition SADC or AU when Mugabe stole the people’s 2008 vote and started butchering innocent Zimbabweans? Did you petition SADC when Itayi Dzamara was abducted? Did you petition SADC when $15 billion was looted?

    Musatijairire, ED is the President, we marched for him. We love him and will always follow him as long he is leading us out of this mess that your Grandpa Bod put us in.

    1. but he dont love us and what is he doing to show that he loves us zimbweans wake up

  17. He labelled us Nincompoops this Zhuwao boy during the March aripa SABCS NEWS APO. Does he now wants to be the President of Nincompoops???

    1. Its mighty difficult to understand a moron my friend. Don’t even try. People like Zhuwawo view the world using their backsides…

  18. the true and legitimate leader comes from God, let us all patiently wait .

  19. I am happy Jonathan,Zhuwawo and Saviour are now fugitive diaspora. They can now test how it feels to be away from home. What they can only do now is pray that ED loses the election. If he wins it doesn’t look good for them lot.

    1. Very true let them feel the pain.Hakunakidze kunze uku weduwe.

  20. Kungo vukura vukura isu zete kuvata

  21. zvakangofanana

    1. Hanzi ED haasi legit .mugabe akanga azoita legit rini .Tibvigwe kumhepo munotinhuwidza.
      Hamusati mavukura.

      1. muzukuru waTongogara

        Robert was not legitimate as well since 2008 he forced people to vote for him 27 june Mugabe muoffice campaign, 2013 Nikuv we never had a legitimate president since 1980, we were not born but we were told Tongogara was supposed to be president only orpah and Robert knows what happened to Tongo

    2. GUYS these fellows are now jobless and they are on the bottle big time,stranded and nowhere to go OK they formed a party but who cares, surely the AU,SADC etc should make their letter public so at least we need to know their President,vice,secretary, you know party structures if any exist and where they got this idea that our president is ilegitiment when Zanu Pf recalled tired old bob and the Party nominated President ED for our President otherwise they should stop barking or howling like a defeated dog

  22. Ma G40 masvotwa. Manga majaira zvekuba. Zvakurwadzaika iwe musorobhangu Jonso. Manje hapana hapana. ED panyanga zete imi muchingovukura. That petition wont see light of the day. ED has already been endorsed by the AU. Zimbabwe is now a much better place to live than the days of a living ancestor dictatorship. Sveee hamunyari. Nzara yakurovai ma fugitives.

  23. This is bullshit. SADC was well represented at ED’s inaguration, so how can the cabalists seriously think the block can do anything in Zimbabwe. The rest of the world endorsed the so called “illegitimate coup” which to some of us patriotic Zimboz was a step in the right direction. So Zhuwao, Jonathan and your dogs please seat down.

  24. This is bullshit. SADC was well represented at ED’s inaguration, so how can the cabalists seriously think the block can do anything in Zimbabwe. The rest of the world endorsed the so called “illegitimate coup” which to some of us patriotic Zimboz was a step in the right direction. So Zhuwao, Jonathan and your dogs please seat down.

  25. Kutya nzara uko vanga vajaira kuba

  26. Hanzi ED haasi legit.mugabe ndiye akanga asiri legit.Aitongovewo mbava huru..Tibvigwe kumhepo munotinhuwidza

  27. Mugabe was rejected by the people please G40 leave us in peace

  28. Shame on the G40. They have to accept our new president. So far so good with the majority of zimbos.

  29. Right to say it

    But the truth is , if the army had not been on the streets first ,were we going to remove Mugabe . i say NO .the truth is therefore that a coup was done .

  30. Zimbabweans are fooling themselves that there was no coup. Fact of the matter is there was a coup camouflaged as Op Restore Legacy. I concur with Umkonto ka Shaka and Sagitarr. Why did the military not allow the MDC and other opposition parties to hold demontrations during the time period they were cozy cozy with RGM? Infact, demonstrations of any kind were quashed with such ruthlessness that l shudder. Remember what happened to Tsvangirai when RGM rabidly said “Makachiona here chakadashurwa nevakomana”? Rings a bell now? Where were the military then. In November, what actually happened was that people were invited to demonstate by the army so that the civilian march would legitimise what they knew to be a coup. Most Zimbabweans are so naive as to believe that the generals and the Croc have the nation’s interests at heart. I beg to differ and will always say it without fear or favour- what happened is a coup and the plotters were out to serve and protect themselves. I do not in any way support Prof Moyo and company because they have ulterior motives but what they are raising is a very valid point. Muri kupembedza gona nerinobata mai by by unreservedly supporting the generals and thier coup. Yes they delivered us from 37 years of tyrannical rule but take cognisance of the fact that it is they who propped up RGM. Rememember the June 2008 debacle which ushered in a GNU? Everybody concurs it was the work of the very same generals and the current president. Saka what are they up to today? Forewarned is forearmed and l rest my case.

    1. Maonazvangu go to bed with G40 thats where you belong you scumbag

    2. muzukuru waTongogara

      there is time for everything Muonazvangu at some point i liked former president RGM at one point Ndikada Tsvangson but they diddnt deliver at all ED is giving us hope although he is not an eloquent speaker like chamisa and RGM but he has whole lot of strategies coup or no coup we were singing same song Mugabe ngaende ngaende

  31. Correct me if I am wrong. Isn’t it that Gabas had refused to resign until parliament was in the process of impeaching this old goblin. That is when it resigned because going out the impeachment way would have resulted in it not getting any terminal benefits at all

  32. Maonazvangu don’t sound stupid.Don’t sound like you have been involved in an*l s*x with G40. shut up

  33. Yes, Mugabe was removed as a result of a coup. But how else would he have been removed? He had intimidated and frightened everyone except the army generals. Initially, the generals were on his side but later they realised that they were supporting a lunatic and turned the guns on him. Mugabe was also an illegitimate President because he lost elections but initially had the backing of the defense forces. His misrule collapsed when the soldiers deserted him.

  34. vamwe hataiva nebasa nekunhuwidzana nekunhuhwirana kwamaiita muzanu. sevanu vaive vakadzvanyirirwa taingoti hameno ikoko. Asi zvamakazorega marujata achingovomoka pese pese pama rallyyaibiwa paishandiswa mari yenyika kwete yemusangano. ndopakatangira ku sympathizer na garwe pedzisire zvino garwe uya wamaitukirira totomuda zvino. pwere dzakadzidza zvituko kumaG40. munonyadzisa. ibvai apa. kutonga hakusi kuonererwa ne ice cream ichinyimwa murume mukuru. kutonga kudiwa nevanhu. itai party yenyu vanotsigira kushaya hunhu semi vakuteverei tivone.

  35. Nonsense Lacoste supporters are so scared of this new party bcoz for sure it will eat into very few supporters of ED . I hate Mugabe and ED bcoz they both destroyed my country . zanu must go simple .

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