Former First Lady MaKhumalo just wants hubby back home in Nkandla

Former First Lady Sizakela MaKhumalo Zuma wants her husband back home in Nkandla after his resignation as state president.


This was revealed by a member of the Zuma family who spoke to MaKhumalo on Thursday after Zuma’s resignation on Wednesday night. The family member said Zuma’s first wife said she had seen his removal coming and she had accepted it.

“When I spoke to her this morning she said she has accepted that her husband is coming back home. She said she had already seen it coming but she has accepted it as long as he comes back home alive.”

But the family member said they were not happy at the manner in which Zuma was removed.

“It did not show maturity on the part of the ANC. He had done a lot for people’s lives and the area.”

Zuma’s brother Joseph, 77 said there was “no justice” in the way his brother was removed.


  1. Karma is a B-word. Thats exactly what he did to Mbeki

  2. He did worse to Mbeki and he is tribal too. How could one want a President because he has done a lot for his area? Was he a country President or area President? That’s the problem with our African brothers and sisters across the continent, only their home is developed while they steal from every other part of the country and those close cronies see no evil?

    1. How is he tribal? You are confusing his being traditionalist and tribalism. The constitution in Mzansi, even that of Zim allows citizens to observe their traditions – that is no crime or sin. Zuma appointed lots of minority Venda people to his Cabinet and was even advanced R7.8 million by a Venda owned Bank to pay off his Nkandla Home upgrades per Court ruling – is that being tribal? Yes he was corrupt and unsophisticated, I would agree to that – but tribalism Zilch. He is not like your Mugabe, who despite having 7-Prison Degrees, only thought about Shona people. Mugabe never insulted Shonas on tribal lines – not even Karangas. His insults where always directed at the Ndebele and Kalanga people and never Shonas because he was a tribalist!

  3. Well the Zuma family you are the only ones who didn’t see it coming because you were enjoying the fruit of him hanging on. What about the whole of South Africa. You wanted him to be given a polite sacking?Well being President is a job in which one is an employee of the nation not the other way round. He was being protected by ANC. South Africans never let this happen again. We learned our lesson northern part of the Limpopo.

  4. Eh, let’s sort or talk about our own issues first before we think about giving advice to our neighbours.

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