I fear for my life: Khupe

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe has claimed that she now fears for her life, hence her decision to boycott all meetings held at the opposition party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare, as she continues to receive threatening messages from youths from a rival camp.


Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube, said the culture of violence that has pervaded the MDC-T had made it impossible for her to attend last Friday’s standing committee meetings and any other party activities before and after the death of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai early this month.

“This is a group of people who are now determined to use violence as a way of out-manoeuvring and outflanking Dr Khupe.
Right now Dr Khupe as acting president had given direction that we hold a standing committee meeting, but there arise serious questions to do with her security. She is not guaranteed to make it to those meetings. Meanwhile, this isolation, this use of violence is meant to isolate her from party activities so that people can go ahead and claim whatever position and whatever leadership action they want,” he said.

Khupe has since the launch of the MDC Alliance not been attending MDC-T standing committee, national executive and national council meetings, citing security concerns since her assault by suspected rowdy party youths in Bulawayo last year.

She even refused to meet Tsvangirai at his Highlands home to discuss the matter in September last year.

Dube defended his boss, saying she was not opposed to the MDC Alliance and was not boycotting meetings of the party, but instead was opposed to dictatorship exhibited by her late boss in inking the alliance deal.

“What Dr Khupe is against is the unilateralism in decision-making. In principle, she has agreed to the alliance, but this needed to be thrashed by parties. There was no need for people to go under the cover of darkness and thrash out a document without involving everyone. That document by now is still not in the public and has never been discussed by the MDC-T national council,” he said.

Party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora confirmed Khupe’s security fears.

“I am aware that she has been receiving threatening messages and she told me as the administrator of Harvest House…
unfortunately the events in Bhurea lead credence to this claims and until and unless we deal with these elements as a party without fear or favor, then it is difficult to guarantee anyone safety including our leaders,” said Mwonzora.

He said Khupe was not boycotting meetings but was staying away for her safety, saying he hoped that this would be dealt with by the party.

But, youth leader Happymore Chidziva said Khupe should not paint the party as a violent institution which did not respect its leaders.

“We are not aware as to who is after our vice-president, we respect her and are also worried on her absence at crucial party meetings. Nobody wants to beat out the vice-president, that is not the culture of this party and the youths, let her give other reasons,” he said.

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  1. Khupe’s demands are too much. She did not want to meet the late Tsvangirai at his Highlands house for fear of violence. How come she is one of the first people to rush to his Highlands house after his death? This lady is self centred. She has different agenda to destroy the party. What is so special about her? She is always in the papers together with her cabal who wanted to wrestle power from Tsvangirai. Those who know her are aware that she is such a divisive person. Leave her and see what will she achieve.

  2. Who are her supporters? They can organize a solidarity demo if they are there.

  3. If the MDC’S National Council endorses Chamisa,then what more do you WANT?Ma Khupe.i know it pains you as you stick to your constitutional rights that you are the MDC vice president ,but the present political situation in zimbabwe does not favour a woman president,click and open your mind Madam. You can not stand against zanu pf’s hostility tendencies although Mugabe has departed political scene,this has been there for years.The soldiers have been governing and we want a man with big mussles,thats why Tsvangirai chose Chamisa. madam Khupe and your false backers,let us follow what the party wants at this present moment,then changes in the near future because its already election time.What congress do you want for at this time?

  4. Hlengiwe, Mpopoma

    Mama Khupe, its not about this and that , let there be a united front. A stronger opposition. Even if they elect you president, you don’t stand any chances of wooing more voters than Nelson Chamisa. Even here in Bulawayo you have already seen that people are rooting for Chamisa. Let us all rally behind one candidate who is pulling the grassroots.

  5. Are there really no security personnel or bodyguards who can escort her so that she attends the crucial meetings? You can’t just sit at home complaining to the press without taking action. The party is moving forward without her, shame

  6. Chamisa and Grace fanana. If not careful he will go down Grace way. The few suppoerters of Harare cannot make you go to State House. The few supporters of youths will not take you to state house. You need the whole country and all ages to get to state house. Kana MDC ikarega kudonhesa munhu uyu iyo MDC ichadoneswa ne Zanu.

  7. Dibula wathivula

    Kkkk unourawa naniko nhy khupe hahaha ndaseka ini huya tikange maputi zvaramba zvepolitics iko unodzigona here uri mutungamirirwi kwete mutungamiri

  8. FINGAZ August 2016.
    Bulawayo provincial party chairman, Gift Banda, led the assault on Tsvangirai’s appointments calling them unconstitutional since the office is an electable position.
    Banda was immediately opposed by Masvingo provincial chairman, James Gumbi and Chitungwiza provincial youth chairman, Jabulani Mthunsi, who argued that Tsvangirai had not violated the party’s constitution.
    This resulted in a stalemate, forcing the meeting to refer to the MDC-T constitution, with Mwonzora, as secretary general, taking them through the charter.
    The MDC-T constitution only states that the president shall appoint a vice president and or vice presidents without specifying the number of the appointments. It would therefore appear that Tsvangirai took advantage of the constitutional ambiguity in making the appointments.
    After the reading of the constitution, MDC-T deputy national chairman, Morgan Komichi, who was moderating the meeting on behalf of Lovemore Moyo, who was absent, decided to have the matter decided by voting.
    The appointments were endorsed after a vote of nine to three provinces.

  9. Khupe’s matter was put to rest in 2016! Haana nyaya uyu.

  10. Khupe tibvire apo mhani. You think you own MDC. Haiwa, tigarire pasi mukadzi mukuru.

  11. Kana zvarema Moms siyayi coz position yamurikuda iyi inoda zvivindi.

  12. Mr Tsvangirai vairohwa wani paneasingazvizivi here?Moms dent destroys MDC siyayi or form your own party if pssbl thn causing pandemonium in the party

  13. “Right now Dr Khupe as acting president had given direction that we hold a standing committee meeting, but there arise serious questions to do with her security. She is not guaranteed to make it to those meetings…”

    Dololo dololo dololo, you call for a meeting you cant attend, really????


  14. tulo wapedza hako you call for a meeting you cant attend ma1

  15. Comment…moms garai kumba siyanai nazvo

    1. typical female behaviour,dont be a cry babe Khupe,stop cheap politicking and tainting the party image in the process.indaka ku court.

  16. Comment…violence ikangonzi iripo ngazvitererwe lets not forget nkomo akati violence mukati mugabe ari right akazotanga kurova imi povo mukasvinura lets keep our eyes and ears open democracy yacho yamuri kuda chamisa neviolence yake anoswera adzoswa ma sanctions remember panodiwa democracy first

  17. The problem in MDC T is use of unorthodox power grab strategies. Why did MDC T held an Elective Congress in 2014 when Save knew that he is the one center of power to appoint other VPs, Mudzuri and Chamisa. He went to impose the MDC Alliance position without prior consultation to the elected Top Team of the party (undemocratic, dictatorship). It is very unfortunate for Chamisa who still has time on his side to take over leadership of the party knowing very well that he lost in 2014 to Mwonzora for the Secretary General position despite the perceived popularity then and reduced to a party holder and today he emerges as the acting President of the party without going to the next Congress with excessive use of rogue youths to instill fear into Khupe and others who do not support his ambition (attack on Khupe when she did not agree will agreed alliance position, barring Mudzuri from entering the Harvest during the time of party takeover,violence at Save’s funeral,what a disgrace , then there is a serious problem within MDC T. The party needs to go back to basics for them to claim to be a democratic party. With Save, the architect of one center of power, it then becomes imperative that an Extraordinary Elective Congress is held with the next two months and the best candidate is elected to be Party’s President ( Chamisa, Mudzuri, Khupe and any one in line the party constitution can throw their hats into the ring).This issue of imposing oneself is undemocratic and constitute a high risk to the party, an inevitable split, those votes matter most when your ambition is to be come President after elections. At this level of the game student politics do not work and even the registered youths will see a glaring gap of immaturity and undemocratic tendencies, more votes will be lost. It is important for MDC T and MDC Alliance to know that gone are the days where a $ 15 billion US package cheap political promise refuted by US administration is used as an election marketing strategy, not in the digital age it is myopic, it is in effect 1980s cheap political grandstanding. Extraordinary Elective Congress is the only solution to keep the party united rallying under a democratically elected President. It is that unity of purpose which will win Presidential and parliamentary elections and not individuals because they can speak at huge gatherings where the would be voters will be clapping hands after $15 billion lies using petty and irresponsible experience from student politics which will add absolutely no value to brand MDC T and its alliance partners, the 18- 40 years generation can analyse and make informed decisions based on realistic party programmes and blatant lies.

    1. all that is totaly irrelevant,the primary function of a political party is to win elections and the mdc shlw just do wat is within its means to win them.politics and legalities need to collide at times.

    2. all that is totaly irrelevant,the primary function of a political party is to win elections and the mdc shlw just do wat is within its means to win them.politics and legalities need to collide at times.

  18. Ndonyaya dzeNewsday me Herald kuda kuputsa bato revanhu.mhai congress 2019 monuruza.kurumidzai kufunga.

  19. then madam khupe if you feel cant attend the meetings for fear of your life ( do you remember that the late leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai even faced worse than you may think of could be happen to you ) then you don’t have the audacity to face worst to come even if you will to face Zanu Pf , rather keep quite and let those with the audacity go ahead . Time is still there for you to try something in life rather than leading us .

  20. Comment… Madam khupe munopenga sitereki mungaigone mdc party iyi uye do you think mdc supporters vanokuteererai …thats dilusional hamuna support base imi tinokuzivai uye mafungiro enyu ndiwo aimbova mafungiro aWelshman ncube in 2005 but akazoona kuti tsvangirai chibaba

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