ED winds up 100 days in office

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has appealed for patience as he winds up his first 100 days in office, saying “it takes more than 100 days to recover an economy”, so citizens should not lose hope at the slow pace of change.

By Phyllis Mbanje

When he assumed office in November last year, Mnangagwa pledged rapid transformation of the economy and the general way of doing business in government, but in a video released on his Facebook page at the weekend, Mnangagwa admits it has not been possible to achieve much under the given period.

“We must of course be realistic and recognise that it takes more than 100 days to recover an economy. Real change takes time,” he said.
“I know there are those among you who are frustrated at the pace of change and I understand that,” he said.

Chronicling his “achievements”, Mnangagwa hailed the national budget which he described as “bold and responsible”.

“It (budget) cuts huge swathes of waste and scaled back the Indigenisation Act to open the economy to investment.”

On the unrelenting cash crisis, Mnangagwa said his government had facilitated greater use of mobile money.

Mnangagwa also said stemming out corruption had remainecd one of his focal points.

“The phrase ‘zero tolerance’ approach has been backed up by action. We instituted a three-month amnesty to get back stolen funds, mandated all Cabinet ministers to declare assets,” he said

But, political analyst Eldred Masunungure dismissed Mnangagwa’s deadlines as unrealistic and said the goals set for the 100-day period were unattainable in such a short time.

“The said ‘achievements’ are too modest to even brag about and since we are heading towards elections it could just be a ploy being flagged to the electorate.

“It will most probably take us up to five years to see any meaningful change. The situation we are in cannot be remedied in such a time frame,” he said.

Mnangagwa said his government had made huge strides in rebuilding the country’s battered image and had managed to bring $3 billion of investment commitments.

“In terms of human development we have ensured free health care for vulnerable groups while increasing budgets for both health and education.”
By midday yesterday, Mnangagwa’s post had attracted over 1 000 comments on his Facebook page, with some of his critics blasting him for appraising his own performance.

“At our workplaces we are not given chances to self-appraise. I wonder why you think you should appraise yourself…,” read one comment.

Many expressed displeasure at “some” corrupt ministers who are still in government and demanded public disclosure over externalised funds that were reportedly returned, as well as the declared assets by the ministers.


  1. He set the time frame for himself & now he is crying foul.

  2. we expect more baba

    Less talk mdara.we need results.You promised that in 100 days things will be better because you had hit the ground running!Now you are a crying baby!kkkkk

    1. people do not listen carefully when leaders ar4e speaking. 100 days was never a period to attain but to change direction of focus. every minister has changed the approach to work. every ministry has changed the way of doing things. the requests for results within 100 days i feel is ok as this ensures ministers are accountable in short cycles. Beitbridge-Masvingo-Harare-Chirundu road could not be done over 100 days but stumbling blocks could surely be removed and progress beginning to shape up overthe period. I see change, i feel Change and i still feel #EDHASMYVOTE!

      1. maremerwa ka. chamisa has our votes

      2. Go to hell! Your relatives are in dire poverty! Nothing has changed, only words and the mouthpiece have changed. Tune in to ZBC news, or read the Herald and see if you feel the change that you are professing. He is incompetent to rule. FULLSTOP!

      3. you are drunk

      4. What ever you smoke , u take it to much!

  3. operation restore legacy cannot fix the economy, cannot bring jobs..but,only free and fair elections can..

  4. Cut the crap ED and go hang! We need meaningful change; real change! ZBC and Herald are funded by us, everyone of us, and yet they still report ZANU after ZANU. How many MDC or PDP rallies have been aired on ZBC? Why is is that we are still failing to get money from banks? Why is it that we are still being charged 20% to withdraw from Ecocash? Why is it that the Chinese retailers are still demanding cash? Why is it that prices are still high? Eggs are $1 for 4, and never has this happened before, we used to buy a crate for just over $3. Bread deliveries are now getting more and more delayed under your rule. Why? We need answers. No jobs have been created. We are still failing to access money from the banks. ZBC and Herald are still so boring with ZANU after ZANU, yet you forget that it is us taxpayers financing their operations. Relief food meant for everyone is being deprived from our non-ZANU supporting relatives in the rural areas. We are sick and tired of your empty promises. You profess to be dealing with corruption; who in all honest has been arrested as of today? Not even one, and you never chastise even your very own Mpofu, who abuses our state funds and disrespects us in the parliament. Who in this age still uses diesel trains? It is debt after debt! We do not need your wife’s Chicken Inns that she is buying using our taxes and stealing the show on TV; we do not need all that BS, we need jobs to be able to buy them for our mothers and grandmothers. Stop messing us around, the country does not belong to ZANU, it belongs to us all because we are equally paying taxes and we deserve some accountability and respect.

  5. zvavakavimbisa vakonewa ,vanenge vochema ma sanctions manje manje,,itai ma reforms vakomana,Zimbabwe idigwe shuga,gore riya maka ponda zvizvarwa zve Britain, muchavatorera minda,mukati Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans,muchiti dzokerayi kunyika dzenyu,Tsvangirai oti musadaro,court yoti itai zvepa mutemo modzinga ma judge ose muchiisa vanoda zvamoda..mopiwa ma sanctions ,mochema moti Tsvangirai akatiunzira ma sanctions, nyambe ndimi munozvigokera moto muziso ,zbc ,army,police and CIO are for the state ,like SA,Nigeria,Ghana,Zambia, malawi,Namibia and so forth Regime change is not illegal

  6. ‘cannot defend Mugabe’s record of corruption and misrule in the name of respecting and preserving his legacy which means leaving him with 15 farms to himself while other people are forced to have one downsized farm; and leaving his corrupt officials in unquestionable possession of their loot.
    ‘cannot achieve anything in five years as long as rbz governor shoves millions and millions of U S dollars and bond notes to the artisanal or small-scale miners in the name of purchasing gold which money ends up fueling and funding parallel market activities—-All for the sake of creating a job for himself at the central bank because the use of a basket of currencies has made his work more or less irrelevant.
    ‘cannot succeed until Parliament is given teeth to bite in its lawmaking and oversight functions and is put at par with the other two arms of the state in terms of government authority and, is not abused and misused and down-trodden by the executive arm.
    ‘cannot succeed in any development in the country until there is a clear separation between party and state or government processes and state coffers are not drained to fund party programmes.
    ‘will not achieve anything for the country so long as E D continues to beat about the bush on all the wrongs that Mugabe did and chooses to call him an icon, a mentor and the founder of our nation, when everyone knows that ZANU was formed by other people in Mugabe’s absence and he was only invited to join and offered a post by the real founders and yet he has all along failed to respect and acknowledge those who brought him into the party and has pretended that he was ZANU itself.
    ‘will achieve nothing if his government is not prepared to make rules and regulations to guide and direct the financial services sector such as banks, mobile money service providers and insurance services players to ensure that the consumer benefits to the maximum because all economic output thrives on the power and ability of the domestic market elements to consume the bulk of whatever is produced by their local industries.

  7. Frankly speaking we all remember when mdc joined the unity government there was rapid improvement of a matter of a few months in the lives of the people without any silly excuses. We already knew that ED is hopeless & that the removal of Mugabe was just a small step towards real change that is required in Zim

    1. mugabe stole few things compared to ED

  8. tendai chaminuka

    Ini hangu se part yepovo I was expecting kuona mabond akuwanikwa mumabanks not mumastreets.That ED you could control asi you decided to go on a foreign investment offensive forgetting that 100 day target would have been achieved had we dealt with correcting what is within ourselves.As long as graduates are still selling airtime mumastreets within the 100 days no tangible results have been achieved.100 DAY achievements are for a certain class not for the povo.

  9. Pity that the president cannot be held accountable to what he says at a rally or even at his inuaguaration, otherwise proper democracies will have him hauled before law for breach of promise or oath of office. But citizenry must note his 100day failures and remember that come voting time in July – his time is over.

  10. GIVEN AND TAKE THE SAME JOB my fellow friends the results we will not come in 100 days or two years.I can bet my last coin but i am happy the Parliament is doing a wonderful job and tribunal is a process too, we have seen the so called millionaires taken to task and havachabatika pama FACEBOOK KKK. Thats taking control of the bottomless pit because it would not make sense kuita source ma funds achisviko Dyiwa

    this take a look at Telecel Dr James Makamba has gone back but hapana chati chaoneka chinobatika as yet but imagine just a small company what more nyika yose 3 billion is jus a drop in a ocean.Nyika yange yaparara guys

  11. Comment…lets vote for mdc guys lets forget with this mugabe boys aslong zanu is in power we are going nowhere,viva mdc

  12. Comment…lets vote for change not this mugabe party,viva mdc viva chamisa for life

  13. Chamisa for president

    Comment…lets vote for mdc not this mugabe thieves,viva mdc

  14. Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza

    ED you were part of the gravy train for the past 37 years! In the Midlands for example, we know that your Dishourable Minister of State Owen “Mudha” Ncube, is your front man for grabbing innocent citizens’ lucrative mines. You are corrupt yourself and you were enthroned by a corrupt army to avoid arrest and to entrench a corrupt Zanu PF rule. You have missed your 100 day target and we are watching you.

  15. Comment…you guys are nailing it on th exact spot. show is stil zbc, we stil dnt have access to our money AND Obert is still obert mpofu. But one thing u guys are leaving out is munangagwa cannot change much because his hands are tied. the very people who are corrupt are the ones who put him in office. that’s the reason we stil have chinamasa and vana obert. he has to kind like say thank you. that’s why we have chiwenga as vice president and all those generals now ministers. that’s corruption on its on. the only solution for this great nation, according to me of course, is to clean all these old people including munangagwa himself. they are all rich have farms send their kids overseas for education and medication. even the so called sanctions dnt affect them. they dnt live in the same situation as us, they have lost touch with the situation affecting us povo. better vote for Chamisa and if Chamisa meses up we can stil vote him out after 5 years and give back to munangagwa. we got the power. let’s give others a chance. for 37 years these guys have been at it so I dnt see why we can’t give this young man 5 years. zanu pf is corruption in itself. all they care for is protecting their wealth not us the people. pasi navo vese.

    1. Pasi na Chamisa who cannot wait to mourn a fallen comrade but is in a rush to grab power. If he became state president he would be no better than the current crop of Zanoids. He has no experience of real work outside politics and the fact that Mugabe often praised him during the gnu era points to something. Honestly, the guy is a C10 operative and is on a mission to kill the MDCT from within. Better get someone else in the MDCT who is not Chamisa, Ian and Terressa Makone or Mwonzora, known state intelligence inplants. The MDCT is full of better and more capable leaders.
      Chamisa is ambitious and avaricious but, that is where it ends.

  16. Around the year 2000, the ANC in South Africa had similar excuses which somehow dragged on until the present year…..
    ““It took apartheid centuries to mess up this country, so it is unreasonable to expect us to fix it all in five years”, was the riposte. Five years became 10 years, then 15 to date.” (by Victor Kgomoeswana).

  17. Comment..go Ed go u still hve sme time, make sme changes before the day of election comes

  18. The guy can’t even achieve targets that he set for himself with his own mouth, there’s no greater failure than that

    1. What targets did he set @Truth? ED only promised to change the way of doing business and urged ministers to come up with plans to do some service to the electorate. He also gave that as a deadline for those who externalized money to return it. Saka chimwe chinodarika ipapo chii? On corruption, almost every case with evidence has received attention. Saka muri kurasika papi muOne Room. Vote for your Chamisa but ED has my vote. Zvenyika hazvisi zvema experiments izvi.

  19. You will soon be telling us 5 years is too little then, 10 isnt enough.

  20. My fellow Zimbabweans you only talk about Zanu and Mdc and completely ignore Zapu, the mother of all political parties in this country. In ZAPU there are no squabbles; they have a solid rich history. Tell me what it is that makes you hate/trivialise them. Are you tacitly in agreement with the Zanu conspirancy that was hatched in the late 70’s especially after Lancaster talks to destroy Zapu and its legacy so as to establish a one party state. Most of you in the opposition are ex-Zapu, you are busy building other peoples homes whilst your home is neglected or maybe its politics of the stomach without conscience. COME back and together restore the ZAPU LEGACY; stop being cowards. I AM NOT ASHAMED OF ZAPU, FOR IT IS THE POWER THAT BROUGHT INDEPENDENCE

    1. hauna kukwana iwe

  21. ED shamwari ka ita mushe. How can you say all this trash. Wakunyara ka? Chamisa ari kuuya mpfanha. Ticha vhota chete. We cant get decent jobs. Unofunga kuti mabasa ekurima nekukorokoza ndiwo mabasa atakaendera konowana maPHD and ma Masters ku diaspora. We cant even aford airtime under your “new dispensation”. Why do you still keep obert mpofu? Why is chombo still free. We can see through your rubbish campaign. Ticha vhota mira zvako.

  22. Fellow Zimbabweans, taikuudzai pamaimarcher paye kuti there is a very beautiful Korekore/Chishangwe saying which I have personally decided to appropriately adapt for this forum that “Uyo aramba chigaramanhenga chehuku waramba nemutumbi wese” Naizvozvo maZimbabweans hamungasvipe Mugabe monanzva Mnangagwa

  23. nonsense u illegitimate president as long as u dont reform nothing is attainable.wainzwa tsvangi achitaura vakomana famba gwara rimwe

  24. All you zimbabwean people out there especial ZANUS, they are useless and don’t have vision and have full of doom minds.Zanu pf system won’t change anything in Zimbabwe no matter they put in different people with different faces as long as that person belongs to zanu pf governing party and government forget about change.

  25. Thank you all for very good contributions ,the ruin was done in 37 years and it needs at least 10 years ,I bet some of you will be gone by then but the change is coming ED is much better if he works together with the youngsters ,all the old school are so rich and should be removed UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

  26. But not to unite with anything called zanu pf,they must all go and we create a new and formidable governing generation of MDC. They have shown everyone that they can deliver by binging in the US Dollar and everyone was happy and enjoying.2013 zibambwe is back again into suffering and this zanu thing created again bond notes,why must we keep on suffering when this cabal are celebrating our sufferings? People can keep on supporting them because they are gaining certain things,but we will never reach anywhere.


  28. To all those who had negative comments towards ED you are just myopic. The country was severely damaged for 37 years and 11 months and you expect change in 100 days. My foot!
    Cheap politicking wont take us anywhere. This country needs to be rebuild and it will take years more than 10 years to bring it back. There is need for hard work and commitment to rebuild this country. So this cheap politicking will take us nowhere. At least ED has seen it all and will not repeat the mistakes his predecessor did. The current admin needs support for their effort

    1. First he was part of the package that destroyed the economy for 37 years and 11 months. Its not like he was born yesterday and found it like this. Secondly cash crisis wont take more than 100 days to arrest if the right person is in charge. General some problems do not need 10 years, its not like we mentioned infrastructural projects or bringing back the currency just making cash available. Do not be an EDIOT TOO

    2. You are the one who is a crazy fool, you forgot Tsvangirai helped to transform the economy from the zillion dollar inflation, and tainge takutoita naUS dollar ekuramba tichiti iyi iri old, iyi yabvaruka. The economy was transformed because of Tsvangirai in a few months, and you talk of 10 years. Pangangoenda Tsvangirai in 2013 ndopakafira sarungano. Ndopakabiwa mari nanaED. Defense had 50% stake in the diamonds saga. Who was the defense minister? Who was the army commander? Chiwenga! ED. Who was ku Home Affairs? Mohadi! Who was the Minister of Miines? The despicable – Obert Mpofu! And you tell us bull shit kuti tivape chance? What chance? Kuti vatsvaira Save River here? He cannot experiment with our lives, he is not a God. Ohh over my dead body!

  29. Where was ED when the country was being destroyed and by who? Useless General Dingo you support your egos.

    1. He was busy assisting. 37 years 10 months and that’s when ED realised that Zimbabwean economies is in ruins? If that’s the case then we have short sighted leader, slow in response.

  30. anyone with eyes can see things are changing in the right direction;only the blind fools to not notice that.wakamboita thorough cleaning mumba mako mava ne 5 years musingagarwi mukaita spotless in one hour here.makajaira kungotsoropodza asi izvozvi mune shirt isina rimwe button;tangangai pamuri tione chamagonawo

    1. Where are they changing? Change is this: Arresting corrupt officials like Mpofu Obert, removing draconian laws such as POSA, AIPPA, scrapping bond notes, bringing back $15 billion, not directing police to shoot people, allowing independent auditors to scour rot out of parastatals and gvt departments, firing useless people from,jobs. Tell me how normalcy and progress is going to come if a President has no power or will to practice a little of these?

  31. In life, Cde President you should know that self praise does not have life span neither nor copying can bring food on the table what previous leader has said, the likes of the late Dr Richard Morgen Tsvangirai said pa GNU. How can he expect to change rotten economy in 100 days yet he was part of 37 years system, unless if he says he was sabotaging the previous Administration so as to became the best after the Old man.Kuvukura sekutaura kwavo ndokwanonyanya. He should avoid looking for support and telling the Regional/International blocks of his goodness but instead should put his house in order for them to see progress

  32. 100 days is time to show ED, (we love him) that Operation Restore Legacy is over, former President Mugabe is “safe and sound”. 100 days have shown him that indeed he is not capable of managing the tasks required in order to extricate Zimbabweans out of socio and economic disaster, sustainably and equitably. Even if he were to win elections resoundingly, the question which would persist is: Why bother to contest if your 100 days with absolute authority are as unimpressive as this?

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