ED set to hold first 2018 Cabinet meeting

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa, will hold this year’s first Cabinet meeting tomorrow.


Speaking in Chegutu at the weekend, the President’s special adviser, Christopher Mutsvangwa said Cabinet will be seized with the cholera issue when they meet for the first time on Tuesday.

“Let me assure you Chegutu residents that your problem will be discussed on Tuesday when Cabinet meets for the first time this year” he said.

Asked how the government was operating without such important meetings, newly-appointed acting Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Simon Khaya Moyo said Mnangagwa had a busy schedule in January that took him to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Ethiopia for AU Summit and other African countries.

“The President was busy updating his Sadc colleagues about what happened and is happening in the country, attending Davos and AU meetings inside one month” he said.

Pressed further if the Vice-President cannot chair Cabinet in the event that the President is away, Moyo refused to answer reminding this reporter to stick to his earlier question of the first Cabinet meeting.

Failure to hold Cabinet meetings impacts day-to-day operations of the government as exposed during the cholera outbreak in Chegutu, where the Civil Protection Unit was found wanting in terms of drugs and other resources.

Academic and political analyst Ibbo Mandaza said the present Cabinet has nothing to offer and it shows that decisions are done elsewhere other than government.

“There are two issues here, firstly, Cabinet no longer exist it is different from the 1980’s and secondly it shows that decisions are done elsewhere not in the Cabinet,” he said.

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  1. First cabinet meeting of 2018 on Febraury 6 2018!!! What the hell have these guys been doing since the year began!!Where have they been? I dont believe this but then again I am not suprised! Guess its the same old story-no cabinet meetings without the president just like in the days of Bob!And wat is point of Vps? Ed going around Sadc explaining the coup? Why would a properly elected leader go around the region explaining his ascendency to the presidency if he was legit??!!!!!And then we are told he is a hard working guy-who i dare say hardly works!!!

  2. If he was legitimate he wouldn’t have to region trot and explain himself. Zvaiwanan Ngwena caught out. They should rather try to convince us voters and Zimbabweans that they are the real deal instead of wasting meagre resources trying to be heard by people like Zuma who are leaving office. Even if he explains himself to the region what if Zimbabweans reject him in the forthcoming elections? He should better expend time fixing things in the country!

  3. Why is Ibbo Mandaza always opposed to Mnangagwa? In 2004 Ibbo Mandaza’s newspaper, the Daily Mirror de-campaigned Mnangagwa and heavily campaigned for Joice Mujuru to be one of the two VPs.

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