Disruption of NPRC meetings worrisome

THE recent disruption of national healing consultative meetings by separatist Mthwakazi Republic Party activists, is a worrisome development and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

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The peace-building and national healing consultative meetings are being spearheaded by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to heal the nation ahead of this year’s elections.

It, therefore, boggles the mind why some obscure group chooses to disrupt such a process in Bulawayo and Matabeleland region, where the majority of citizens still bear scars of past political abuses such as the Gukurahundi issue.

These disruptions come at a time people have been waiting impatiently for the establishment of this constitutional body, which is provided by under Chapter 12, Section 252 of the Constitution. Zimbabweans have been waiting for the NPRC to be set up since 2013, when the new Constitution was adopted.

This constitutional body, which has a 10-year lifespan only became operational last month, when President Emmerson Mnangagwa signed into law the National Peace and Reconciliation Act.

For almost five years now, former President, Robert Mugabe was dilly-dallying on the establishment of the NPRC, whose mandate include ensuring post-conflict justice, healing and reconciliation; to develop and implement programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe and the peaceful resolution of disputes.

What it means is that the commission is now left with about five years to meet this herculean task before it becomes redundant yet there is so much work to do including the resolving of the emotive Gukurahundi massacres in Midlands and Matabeleland regions and past electoral violence.

It, therefore, boggles the mind that a group which purports to represent the people of Matabeleland is putting more spanners along the way of the NPRC. What good is disrupting meetings being organised by the NPRC brings: simply because of the tribal composition of commissioners?

Isn’t it an issue the activists could have raised during the meeting rather than resorting to retrogressive disruptions?
These commissioners did not appoint themselves and surely if there are concerns about the composition of the commission, these could be directed to the government, particularly Vice President Kembo Mohadi who is in charge of the national healing organ.

Disrupting NPRC meetings will only help to drown the voice of people in the Midlands and Matabeleland, who are eager to contribute and bring closure to the issue of Gukurahundi and other issues which needs national healing.

Very soon, the last five years of the NPRC will be over and will these activists take responsibility, if the commission fails to meet its mandate because of these disruptions?

We agree with Shalom Project Trust director, Anglistone Sibanda, who elsewhere in this paper accused Mthwakazi activists of misdirecting their anger and violating people of Matabeleland’s rights to be heard.

According to Sibanda, the disruptions by MRP serve the interests of the perpetrators who would not want the issue to be discussed and brought to closure.

It is our hope, therefore, that people in Midlands and Matabeleland should make steps to stop elements trying to disrupt meetings meant to bring closure to a very dark period in the history of country.


  1. True very worrisome and its a rebirth of dissident activities by these pressure groups seeking unnecessary attention.

  2. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Are the leaders of Mthwakazi above the law if not let the law take its course. They are afraid that the 20,000 number that they claim might not be reached when real statistics come out

  3. While we sorrowfully sympathise and so heartily feel for the gukurahundi victims, affected, and even infected we are surprised that this group of activists directs its ire towards to present government head while all along it was quiet in hibernation. The activists know the person who was at the helm of authority – commander-in-chief. Why don’t they go there and deal with the person. The person enjoys the luxury of fat benefits from the present government. The guy owns grabbed farms and farms, mansions and mansions outside the country, castles and castles, tens of millions of dollars gratuity, etc etc. Why can’t these be taken for compensation! The wealth is just too much. Dams and their tadpoles were grabbed and poor people evicted. I wonder whether these messages get to the intended targets or it just ends in the newspaper walls! This person ruined the country for decades. This family has gone across lands to hit women. This family has no respect for elders – iwe Charam.. iwe Mnanga… iwe Kauk… What type of person!! This ocean of wealth I hear through rumours though that it is being used to support the moyomoy’s, chombichombi’s, zhuazhua’s, kasukasu’s etc to bring bloodshed to Zimbabwe so they can rule!!!Such a person cannot deserve statespersonship and cannot expect to be interred at Hero’s Acre!!! That person failed to eradicate corruption but promoted it instead.

  4. The issue being brought up by the pressure group is not about the process but about the composition of the NPRC. How can you have people who will be asking for translations for every contribution made or be busy whispering among themselves asking each other ukuthi “hanzichiyi?” or simply saying ‘andinzwi, andina kunzwisisa etc”. Therein lies the crux of the matter. Just send people with whom people will have no difficulties communicating. Period

    1. I think the best way forward is just to drop this process and train another 5th Brigade in preparation for the overzealous Mthwakazi rebellion in order to deal with them once and for all.

      1. Tobias for really???????

    2. why not use english?

  5. iwe @silas jack naelisha musataure kwamusina kuswera inotofanirwa kunzi national TRUTH toenda papeace ne reconcialiation unoda peace yei pASINA nyaya ko kutaura zvakaitika in detail kusvika pakurakasha wanhu.iwe @SILAs JACK unoziva kuti apresident was minister of state security nguva yacho,perence shiri ari paground chiwenga achimupa mainstruction,vakanga vawirirana mucabinet kuzviita so usataure kwausina kuswera mugabe n company are all liable

  6. Well Well well well,firstly dont forget anything good trying to be done by ED is thrown off its rails by none other than Jonathan Moyo,These MRP guys are simply singing for Jonathan otherwise its a smokescreen to want to paint the commission as if they are dump.These ndebele speaking guys need to embrace the shona speaking members of the commission and befriend them teach them the ndebele language join them as translators on their noble journey and zimbabweans can be proud, for once to be one.i enjoy speaking all these languages and i know ndebele rough riders as i grew up with them,they need kid gloves approach,they are like kids,and when a lot starts disprutions they think its fun and can continue,they need to be ignored and move on to the next village,or worse still dump this exercise because the main culprit Robert is near extinction.

  7. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Remember Jonathan Moyo is also a victim of gukurahundi, his father was slain and buried in a shallow grave he was forced to dig.All the same how can Mnangagwa institute peace and reconciliation when there is no truth.When a thief who steals from you do you ask for peace and reconciliation,no, you first ask for the truth so that you you talk reconciliation and peace. But here it the thief that wants peace with complainant without justifying his actions.The thief cometh to steal,kill and destroy that is akin with mnangagwa. Cde Rekai people who suffered the genocide do speak local language only so its wise to appoint people who have knowledge of the local language. Ndebeles speak nearly all shona dialects but shonas can’t a sentence in Ndebele but we live in Zimbabwe

  8. as far as I can remember in one of the NPRC led meetings I attended ,the commissioners were not even given a platform to speak and the Mthwakazi guys started singing disrupting the whole program, so, how did they know these people cant hear isiNdebele? honestly this is something else.my surprise is this,wena nguwe owonelweyo you then again want to write down your grievances, to me the composition is just fine so that whoever is going to hear will, besides the head of the organ is surely not Shona, just watch a turn of events on this issue

  9. Comment…I’m shona but this time I think these guys are right somehow. this is just window dressing. hapana zvecchicomission chenhema when the culprits are well known. do you expect them to find munangagwa guilty when he is th one who appointed them. that’s hogwash and bullshit. kutambisa mari dzedu

  10. So what exactly do you want done? You want the victims to be commissioners and then what? 37 years of tribalistic politics have blinded most Zimbos. Do you want someone from Mars to do this? Come on grow up, this country is more important than sectary orientated politics. Do you think the Mthwakazi theory will bear fruits, start doing something useful and bring food to your table, stop being used.

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