DeMbare bear no Charities

DYNAMOS captain Ocean Mushure says the club’s senior players are desperate to perform well after their juniors put up a splendid performance to beat Caps United in the Zimbabwe National Army Charities Cup semi-final last week.


The Harare giants were forced to field a largely inexperienced side against their number one enemy, who they overcame 1-0, after Mushure and other senior players boycotted the match in protest over unpaid salaries, winning allowances and signing-on fees.

But despite being thrown in at the deep end, the DeMbare kids outshone their bitter rivals, who fielded their strongest squad, with midfielder Kudzanai Dhemere the outstanding performer.

The senior players resumed training this week after part of their demands were met, and are expected to be drafted back into the team.

“The youngsters did what many least expected, but we were not surprised really,” Mushure said.

“They did very well, exceptional, if we can put it that way. Our supporters are curious on how the team will perform now that we (the seniors) are back in the squad. The fact that they (juniors) did well, means that we will have to do better. I can’t say we are under pressure to perform per se, but we will need to improve from what we saw last weekend,” Mushure said.

The Dynamos veterans downed tools on Tuesday last week to force the club’s executive to address their grievances.

Players had been receiving half salaries since January last year, and are owed over $2 500 each in winning bonuses from last season, and varying amounts in signing-on fees.

The club has since cleared the salary arrears, and made a payment plan to clear the winning bonuses and signing fees balances, a proposal which has been accepted by the players.

“We are grateful to the executive and our sponsors for resolving the problem. They have promised that they will pay the signing-on fees and winning bonuses when the season starts because they get most of their revenue from gate takings. We had a meeting and we were told everyone has to perform this season because they have promised to meet their part of the bargain,” he said.

Still on the juniors’ solid performance against Caps United, Mushure said that display gives him an exciting feeling and hopes for a brighter future.

“It is an indicator that our squad this year is stronger than last season. The junior players are doing well and I have no doubt in the abilities of the senior players. So unlike last year, I think we have depth this season and I think we will do very well.”

Dynamos coach Lloyd Mutasa assembled a makeshift squad last year but still managed to finish second on the log standings, two points behind eventual winners FC Platinum.

Mutasa said he will make a few adjustments to the team that delighted against Caps with Mushure, his vice Obey Mwerahari, and striker Christian Ntouba, the more likely to be retained in the starting line-up.

New arrivals Raphael Manuvire, Jimmy Tigere and Marvellous Mukumba could also be given a run.

A win tomorrow, Mushure reckons, will be the much-needed boost to their season start, which is expected to kick-off in just over two weeks’ time.

“The supporters want a win, especially against Highlanders, so we have to win and get our first trophy of the season. The mood in the camp has returned to normal, everyone is happy and can’t wait to play, so we should be able to win this one. The supporters should come and support us, they should not boo us because some of the players are new and need their maximum support. Besides getting a trophy, a win will be a good confidence booster going into the new season.”

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  1. A STUP!D article. You keep on telling us, dynamos jnrs, dynamos jns. List the names of the juniors who played. Dont try to take us as fools. We know you, Mhara, you are a staunch dynamos supporter. Most of the guys who played against Caps are experienced players who played for other teams b4 they join dynamos. Besides Dhemere you are always talking about, who are the other jnrs who played??? YOU ARE SO OBSESSED WITH DYNAMOS, MR REPORTER. Your team is not the only team in league. Why the hell do you always write about dynamos? Is Jujumos the only team in PSL?

  2. Mhara has the right to support a team of his choice so as you.we can not be all caps fan like u.

  3. sinyoro get away mhara is unprofessional check how many times dynamos has been reported as if its the only team

  4. give the playez there money and everything will get in place, those youngsters who played on Sunday mukasavapa mari again they will boycott also this tym it will be during the league games muchida mapoints to win the league mozoti kudii, rongekai vakuru vekuDynamos pliz execute the ideas dzinoita kuti team ive nemari ibai zvenyu asi muchiita kuti mari irambe ichipinda muteam saka mukapedza pamurikuba pacho muchabira kupi RONGEKAI PLIZ.

  5. Dembare is a big team and the most successful and decorated Zimbabwean team any writer would want to put in his report. Surely who would buy a paper with headline Bulawayo chiefs? Had it not been issues of money, every player wants to play for big teams like Dembare. So the writer is still allowed to write about Dembare as many times as he would want. Its like writing about politics. No one would buy a news paper with headline of Zunde political party, but if it is Zanu PF or MDC people would buy the paper.

  6. Zvipi zvemakepekepe ngavatibvire kumhepo kuda kushora Dembare pese pese pane chayakutadzira here, is it by always beating caps, sorry uchafa ne stress, Dynamos will always be Dynamos, like it hate it nothing will change, Dynamic Dynamos, kuti Dynamos kuti Zim bhora

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