Defiant Zuma says he will respond‚ not resign

President Jacob Zuma has given an undertaking to respond to a formal decision by the ANC’s national executive committee to recall him from office‚ but Zuma is expected to put up a fight.


A source close to the discussions said Zuma’s response is likely to be “controversial”‚ while another added that he will not go quietly. This was after Zuma last night dug in his heels as he rejected a plea by ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa to resign from office.

Zuma said that he would respond in public to an official decision taken by the NEC‚ which should be communicated to him through a formal process‚ sources said.

The ANC’s national executive committee has decided to recall President Jacob Zuma as head of state‚ with no deal and an ultimatum.

At the time of the meeting‚ there was no firm decision that Zuma should be booted out – only a majority view that he should be recalled.

One source said Ramaphosa personally pleaded with Zuma to leave office but he responded “in no uncertain terms” that he will not resign. ads Ads

ANC leaders believe that his demeanour last night showed a man who is not ready to relinquish power.

Once Ramaphosa and ANC secretary general Ace Magashule returned to the NEC‚ a debate over a final decision on Zuma’s fate ensued and the decision to recall him was taken around 2am on Tuesday morning.

The meeting undertook to write to Zuma to formally communicate the outcome to him.

Magashule is due to brief the media to give a formal update on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. BECAUSE HE IS A COMMUNIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nelson Mandela was exceptional indeed, most African leaders think resigning is a weakness as opposed to progress.

  3. No body can stop Jah time, including zuma

  4. Sharp Nelson Mandela was exceptional yes but he could have done a 2nd term according to their constitution but he didn’t have much strength left in his body after all those years. They should just drag Zuma out of office.

    1. That’s the meaning of exceptional,leaving office without being pushed, most African leaders don’t resign even if they can hardly walk due to lack of “strength in their bodies”, including those in opposition parties.

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