D-Day for O-Level English exam resit

High Court judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo yesterday reserved, to today, judgment in the matter in which parents are challenging Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavima’s move to order a retake of the 2017 O-Level English Paper 2 examination, which he nullified following reports of massive leaking of the test paper through social media.


Through the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, some concerned parents approached the court last week seeking a court order declaring Mavima’s announcement as “null and void”, arguing his decision was against the country’s laws.

A week ago, Mavima announced his ministry had withdrawn the English Paper 2 and issued an order for all the students to retake the paper this Friday.

However, two of the affected students’ parents – Victor Mukomeka and Chingasiyeni Govhati – approached the court challenging Mavima’s authority, arguing the minister does not have the mandate to act in the manner he did.

The parents said what the minister could do, in terms of section 36 of the Act, was to promulgate regulations to do with, among other things, the cancellation, for good cause, of examinations or the results of examinations and the disqualification of examination candidates.

They also argued that some of the students had travelled outside the country and as such would face difficulties if Mavima’s decision was upheld.

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  1. Comment where are the culprits who leaked the English paper 2. What’s going to happen to the students who were cot red handed and those who had not seen it. Who is going to meet the costs for a rerun Sorry resit. What if all the subjects were leaked. Gore rino tinopasa tese…

    1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk tinopasa tese chete, pama bright students ipapo pfeeee

  2. kkkkkk tinopasa tese chete pama bright students ipapo pfeeeeee

  3. I hope this nonsense does not spoil other people’s Valentine’s day..

  4. tawanda mupandiri

    as a matter of fact,common sense will tell one that the most sought after papers are maths,science and geography the English. In all material respect,all these papers leaked and were circulating on social media platforms with even answers already prepared. Technically,subjects such as sciences,mathematics and geography can not be re-written without formal preparation and continuous study hence the relevant Minister is trying to cleanse the system using a less technical subject.This is a temporary solution,we demand long term strategies to curb this cancer of exam leakages thus not putting our main academic pillar into disrepute.Lets not crack a nut with a sledge hammer,ZIMSEC should bite the bullet and admit for having weak controls and not alleviating the problem before it materializes, lets all stop this madness and move towards a disciplined educational system that is transparent,value adding and professional to build tomorrow’s future generation and beyond.

  5. Majestik King Mazz

    yalls aint gat no order inasmuch as pple cheated juc give the whole country B’s to compensate for this indiscipline

  6. in as much as zimsec has its on weaknesses the following institutions are also to blame…
    PARENTS… the same parents who are making noise about the resit are also the same parents who gave their children money to buy these leaked papers. Students do not get these papers for free.. so who are funding them to buy leaked papers?.. PARENTS/ GURDIANS OF COZ
    TEACHERS…..most papers are leaked at schools thats y most leaked papers unomavana a night before the exam. (thats when zimsec would have delivered exam papers to schools)

    if zimsec officials were the only ones leaking papers then logically these papers would be available on the “streets” even a month before the exam. the fact that these papers are mostly available a night before points to teachers leaking papers

    1. were the leaked papers hard or soft copies. if soft copies……no way would a school have leaked the papers. ZIMSEC becomes the culprit. if hard copies…….its possibly both zimsec and the schools who are the culprits. Zvekudzokorodzesa vana maexams haaa ipapo minister vati rashikei……considering he was in Hon. Dokora’s administration. Ngavatipewo maserious. If he was a freshman mucabinet like other comrades taimunzwisisa.

  7. Waste of taxpayers money, does he know there is students in the rural areas with no access to social media? They walk long distances and sleep on the open during examination times to avoid walking and camp outside schools? The schools/students with access to leaked papers must be identified and have their results nullified. You cannot condemn the whole country. The affected schools have incompetent administration and the administrators have to be suspended/investigate or fired so this doesn’t happen again. It’s not the first time this is happening but, it will continue happening because those responsible for the leaks are not punished, they are making money out of it and will certainly do it again because they know the Minister is so stupid and will punish the students. Since when do students set papers? Where do students get the papers from? Did any student break-in? If so arrest the culprit.

  8. Comment…worse than the devil we knew mr dofora

  9. This is bullshit

  10. Nxa high court maita finhu finhu.

  11. Better vagona

  12. malabishi

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