Council in operation to clean up CBD

HARARE City Council has roped in political leaders and the military in a fresh joint operation to assist flush out pirate taxis and commuter omnibuses from the central business district to pave way for shuttle buses.


Council spokesperson, Michael Chideme, confirmed yesterday council executives met senior military and police bosses on how to launch Operation Restore Order.

“We are having a meeting with guys from the army, police and the entire city management on this issue,” he said.

This comes as organisations representing commuter omnibus operators have vowed to defy council directives to vacate the CBD.

Greater Harare Transport Association secretary-general, Ngoni Katsvairo said council unilaterally imposed the ban on kombis without engaging them.

“Who is providing the conventional shuttle buses, how much, at what time table? Are they not the same conventional buses that left when things were hard and now they are bringing them behind our backs with no consultation at all,” he said. ads Ads

The council on Monday ordered commuter omnibus crews to relocate to new ranks located outside the CBD.

The new ranks include the one at Seke and Dieppe roads (Coca-Cola), which will accommodate kombis that used Charge Office. Kombis that used Copa Cabana and Market Square are being moved to Coventry Road and Rotten Row ranks.

Chideme said the council would only allow shuttle services into the CBD using specific routes.

“Shuttle services in and out of the CBD will be provided from the new ranks and the buses will follow specific routes,” he said.

But the operators have questioned the motive behind the move.

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  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Nhayi vaChideme, mabhazi ay anenge achitakura pachena here? Nekuti kubva Kambuzuma
    kuenda town i$0.50. Imiwo vaKatsvairo itayiwo kuti reki masharo vabve panokwirirwa michobva. Mari yavanopiwa yoenda kuKanzuru guta rochena.

  2. Before one starts a major project there is need for a test run. I have not seen a shuttle bus to date on a test run; there are no demarcated drop zones along designated roads and the passengers are clueless as to what council is about to embark on. I think Cde Chideme and council can do a better job. This project does not need imported chemicals like water, and by the looks of things council will give the populace a service full of S**T.

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