Council to fence off urban area from animals


BEITBRIDGE Town Council has announced plans to erect a perimeter fence around its urban district to keep away domestic animals, particularly donkeys, from straying into the town centre.

By own correspondent

Town secretary, Loud Ramagkapola confirmed the plans yesterday at a meeting with stakeholders drawn from Beitbridge rural and urban councils.

This comes after several fatal accidents have occurred in the town, with most of the accidents blamed on stray cattle and donkeys.

“We have had numerous accidents, some fatal, caused by donkeys, which stray into town. Unless carrying the sick to hospital, donkeys should be left at designated points on roads leading into the town,” he said. “Our town is the face of Zimbabwe and the region and it is sad when someone drives all the way from Harare or Victoria Falls to hit a donkey in Beitridge. We may have to erect a fence and grid around the town to safeguard lives.”

However, villagers from the precincts of the border town were against the move, arguing that the town was encroaching into their grazing land.
Speaking at the same meeting, district administrator, Kilibone Ndou Mbedzi advised development agents to engage villagers. “The issue at hand is important and concerns all parties. To achieve the desired results we must continue engaging and using village assemblies to spread information effectively,” she said.

Mbedzi said there were various committees at village level and the resources committees could explain to fellow villagers on the dangers posed by stray animals.