Chivayo faces Parly grilling

BUSINESSMAN Wicknell Chivayo will appear in Parliament today for grilling over his company, Intratrek’s alleged $7 million shady solar project.
The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy is set to quiz Chivayo over issues to do with a $7 million shady Gwanda solar project deal.


Chivayo, who is Intratrek managing director, is expected to appear before the Temba Mliswa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy to explain how Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) executives awarded him the tender and went on to pay him the full amount before implementation of the project.

Recently, ZPC board chairperson Stanley Kazhanje told the committee that Chivayo was in fact paid $7 million, instead of the $5 million for the Gwanda solar project.

Energy minister Simon Khaya Moyo also appeared before the committee and declared that heads would roll at Zesa Holdings over corrupt deals.

Moyo disclosed that former Energy minister Samuel Undenge had authorised Chivayo’s shady deals.

“Heads are going to roll, and the Chivayo-Gwanda solar project has been a matter of interest to many people and was brought up in Cabinet and later we heard that a directive came from the former Energy minister Undenge to the ZPC board to award the contract to Intratrek (Chivayo’s company),” Moyo told MPs when he appeared before the committee last month.

Moyo has already ordered an audit to be carried out to thoroughly investigate the issues in question.

Chivayo’s issue was also raised during former President Robert Mugabe’s impeachment motion, where MPs said the former Zanu PF strongman turned a blind eye to corruption during his tenure.

There were also reports that initially Chivayo had inflated the costs of the Gwanda solar project to $200 million, resulting in Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa writing to ZPC to revise the cost structure.

Chivayo moved away from the project site last year, when he had already been paid the $7 million. It appears that he was given a nod to get paid the amount without a board decision.



  1. ingulube enonileyo

    Roasting of the fat pig

  2. Why parly grilling, he should be arrested like any other fraudster, why is he untouchable.

  3. Achati sori nemuridzo gore rino!!

  4. I think there is a big problem in this country.
    With enough red flags and documentary evidence why will the state keep on lingering to show its zero tolerance on fraudsters.
    The Executive is full of people with fraudulent track records , they must also fall.
    The Maphosa Gwanda man who helped Ed in Moza is a fraudster, charged with 29 counts of fraud , so why make friends with fraudsters , ED is not clean and not fit for the top job.
    Chamisa for the future, you are the best

  5. Dzambarafuta will fall together with some big mafia in Zanu absolutely no doubt about that!

    How else can you explain this reluctance in bringing him to book? Because his shenanigans will open canes of worms and bring about the downfall of big names in Zanu.


    Vugweregwere bwose pasi nabwo. Kana vumbovo bwuripo munhu ngaende seri kwesimbi Zimbabwe yofambira mberi nevasina vundyire. Tiri kuzviona hedu kuti nyika yakazara nenhubu.

  7. Juvhinari Dheriquency

    KKKK he will change his name to Sir Wick Nailed

  8. Taneta nazvo izvi akambosungwa ndiyani…ED and ZanuPf are rotten like RG they must all go…

    1. Tax evasion is not a serious offence so lets not try to hide with a finger and paint bad potential investors who can bring about the betterment of the general Zimbabwe nationals just because you have your own hidden agendas or want to gain political mileage for your party or candidate at the expense of the nation, that’s being selfish and greedy Cristiano rnaldo , ronaldino, messi and of late sachez have been accused of such evasions but they are positively contributing to the growth of the accusing countries’ economies

  9. Undenge must also face the music!!

  10. Bet you he lie like a cheap watch to get away with it

  11. chivayo akaiwanepi mari iye asina kumboshanda ndikushaya kwaakashanda

  12. Chivhayo apa ndopauchaona kti dombo kugara mumvura harisi nyoro mfanha inoiona nyaya ycho

  13. Seems lyk its gonna tak forever to close ths stagnant case. He was arrestd and releasd less thn 24hrs later. Varikumutadza here

  14. Comment…chandoziva ndechekuti hapana muridzi wekudenga nepasi kunze kwaMwari naizvozvo kubva kuna ED chiwenga mpofu will face jail again im telling you the truth hapana anosara nokuti makungopomedzera vana Undenge its becz akatendera chinhu chakaitwa naMavhaire maida kuti adzime tender yakaitwa ikabvumiranwa asipo iye undenge wacho chokwadi chichabuda asi i see jere ravo kumberi uko vanagumbura tichavaburitsa majere akuramba kukwana

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