Chitown hospital defends partnerships

CHITUNGWIZA Central Hospital has said the joint venture partnerships (JVPs) it is implementing are meant to sustain socially disadvantaged residents who cannot pay for the medical services offered by the institution.


The hospital said among the patients being covered by the JVPs were children under five years and adults over 65 years, maternity cases, the mentally ill, rape victims and public health cases which are being attended for free.

“Those needing medication are assessed by management in order to access drugs from the Joint Venture Partnership Pharmacy,” the hospital said in a statement.

“We are also pinning our hopes on the arrival of medicines which are being purchased through the Health Levy Fund.”

However, there are patients who were in the paying category, but now fork out much less. CT scanning which normally costs $1 000 at private institutions costs $250 at Chitungwiza hospital.

This came after it had been noted that the government was failing to adequately fund the hospital and also taking care of patients who under normal circumstances are supposed to be under the care of the government.

Chitungwiza residents have full access and covered under the JVPs.

“Given the current state of our economy, joint venture partnerships are the way to go,” said Lameck Chibvongodze, the chairman of the Chitungwiza Community Liaison Committee.

“There have been improvements in the service delivery ever since our committee started working at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.”

The hospital requires $18 million per year which is $ 1,5 million per month yet it only received a mere $900 000 for the whole year.

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