Chinoperekwei salutes artistes for Nama gong

MUSIC promotions company, Devine Assignments proprietor, Biggie Chinoperekwei said music promoters should promote not just big name artistes, but also invest in upcoming talent.


Chinoperekwei on Saturday was recognised with a special award for being the outstanding promoter of the year at the annual National Arts Merit Awards at Reps Theatre in Harare.

The award recognises and pays tribute to an individual who has made an impact in the development and promotion of arts.

In an interview with NewsDay, the multi-award winning promoter yesterday saluted artistes he had worked with over the years. He vowed to continue contributing towards the growth of the arts industry in a way that also recognises the artiste’s efforts.

“As Devine Assignments, we believe promoters should not just rush to those artistes who have names and give them quick money. No, they must also invest in upcoming artistes, so that one day they will also become big artistes. In fact, there are no small artistes, but only under promoted ones,” he said.
“We are delighted to be the proud recipients of the National Arts Merit Award for best promoter in the past year. This is the highest achievement we can ever get in this country. I thank the artistes that let us promote them through the years as without them we would not be promoters. You can only be a promoter where there is talent.

“We want the artistes to know that we will continue working well with them and as the prospects of a new economy grow, we assure them that we shall continue to grow the profits and benefits of the arts together in transparent manner that recognises their wonderful efforts,” he said.

“Out thrust has been not to only target talent that is popular and well known, but we value all artistes whether big or small as we develop unknown entities and help them find a stage and develop a name.”


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