Chigwedere’s son spits venom on DNA tests

Former Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere’s son, Mangwiza, has revealed that his father has over 40 children, but only loves four.


Mangwiza, who is embroiled in a nasty witchcraft saga with Chigwedere, accused his father of attempting to divert from the family’s primary priority of seeking to conduct a cleansing ceremony by compelling him to undergo DNA paternity tests.

In response to Chigwedere’s court application for paternity tests, in order to prevent him from benefiting from the former governor in the event of his death, Mangwiza said he was prepared to go through the procedure. But Mangwiza said he would rather not do it on terms set out by his father alleging he was capable of manipulating the results, him being a powerful politician.

“The applicant (Chigwedere) is a learned man and should not stoop this low in order to worm out of a human life case and attempt to put paternity tests versus the right of life, versus cruel and inhuman degrading treatment, versus slavery through cultural means and all that continues in the eyes of the court almost two years later,” Mangwiza said in his answering affidavit.

“Furthermore, as learned as he is, he should have simply written a will that I will not inherit anything from him. I do not need blood money or blood assets and whatever he got through human loss of life. I can work on my own. All I am asking the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) is for cancellation of more than 200 cultural procedures he did on me while keeping me away from my mother for more than 20 years and has the audacity to say I am not his child.”

The former governor’s son wondered how Chigwedere expected the court to accept the request.

Mangwiza said he had only spoken to Chigwedere once in the past three-and-a-half years after accusing him of bewitching his children.

“He has never approached me at any point in time on paternity tests. The only time I spoke to him is when he told me I was going to die, telling me the ancestors were not happy and that I would not live long,” he said.

“I have accepted that tests be carried out and am not worried about the infringement of privacy on my part as there is nothing to lose in knowing who my father is. In fact, it would be a relief knowing he is not my father due to his atrocities on his very own blood and family. Hopefully, he does the same when the time for cleansing comes as he is running away from it.”

In 2016, the Chigwederes approached the ConCourt, urging it to compel Chigwedere to carry out an exorcism ceremony with a view to cast out goblins, but the court dismissed the matter on the basis that Mangwiza had used the wrong procedure in approaching it.

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  1. beware Mangwiza your father is a very dangerous man he can even use the dna samples should he get his hands on them for some sinister motive.

  2. this is just rubbish. pple who believe in such superstition have nothing meaningful to do with their lives.

  3. no wonder my generation don’t want kids….who wants all this baby mama drama DNA crap….worse if your own parents r in it …..u screwed

  4. Why do you worry about a sperm donor who doesn’t love you. Get off your bum and work for yourself and have your own family. This bitterness won’t take you anywhere. There are millions children around the world abandoned by mothers and fathers. Grow up.

  5. Get a life.

  6. Get a flipping life Mangwiza.

  7. Why can’t Mangwiza and Chigwedere resolve their issue in private? Why is Mangwiza failing to respect his father by castigating him in public? If Mangwiza is Chigwedere’s real child he should go and apologise to him for insulting him. We do not have scientific evidence of the existence of things like goblins and other fiction stuff.

    1. You are right there is no scientific evidence! These are spiritual things which can’t be proved that way just like believing in God. However I do not agree in the two fighting publicly as they are doing

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