Chiefs bitter over Mnangagwa inauguration snub

TRADITIONAL chiefs have expressed bitterness over the lack of recognition at the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

They said this was a clear demonstration of failure by society to accord them their due respect.

Speaking at the launch of the Zimbabwe Justice Sector Programme, Chiefs’ Council president, Fortune Charumbira said Mnangagwa’s speech at his inauguration omitted recognising the traditional leaders.

“Even the Head of State, I want to show you that these are realities that even learned people sometimes overlook.On the day he was inaugurated, we were all asked as chiefs to be there and we all came in nice gowns.

“But the person, who wrote the salutations, forgot us. I didn’t hear about Chief Charumbira or any other chiefs, and am sure it’s not his fault (Mnangagwa), but it’s the person who wrote the speech,” Charumbira said.

During Mnangagwa’s inauguration on November 24 last year, several traditional chiefs, who were clad in their royal gowns, failed to get the VIP treatment with some ending up sitting on the ground and in the scorching sun after failing to acquire seats. Ads

Charumbira highlighted the constitutional mandate that chiefs play in presiding over judiciary matters.

He bemoaned the government’s failure to adequately recognise and capacitate them with requisite skills and competencies in order for them to fully deliver on their mandate.

“For decades, since after independence, forums of this nature never used to include people from our institution. Despite the fact that we were also presiding over cases, we were left out and someone will answer that question, as to why, (because) currently in the training and workshops we are left out,” he said.

Section 163 of the Constitution recognises customary law courts, which are manned by traditional chiefs, as being part of the judiciary system.

Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said the role that chiefs play in society was being downplayed and there was room for relooking and strengthening the institution, which ought to be revered for playing a pivotal role, particularly in the country’s justice system.


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  2. Madzishe ndivo vanhu vauraya nyika. Vanoita sekuti vanovhota ka100 iye munhu aine 1 vote.

    1. taura hako. Kunyanya anonzi Charumbira uyu

  3. Comment…madzishe ati kuda recognition ivo valve kwati kwati neG40 supporting Gire’s ascendancy to power denouncing ED. how can they easily forget.


  5. Madzishe must not be involved or be partisan. People like this Charumbira always want to benefit. Zvine basa rei there was no sits for them after all they are not God. Those vehicles must be used to ferry patients to the Hospitals not to use them as a liscence to marry young girls.

  6. Personally i dnt see the relevance the chiefs still hold in this fold and generation. Please Educate me what meaningful contribution have they made in other sectors of society besides receiving monetary allowances and vehicles. Custodians of our history and culture????hahahahahah……..forget tht ZANU PF mantra plz

  7. Respect is not demanded Mr Charumbira, bit it is earned. You surely can not force me to respect you because i will only pretent to do so.

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