Chamisa is on the right track

The goings on in the MDC-T last week haveleft many in a state of disbelief and confusion given the time left ahead of this year’s harmonised elections.

By Matangira Tidings,Our Reader

This is the least any MDC-T supporter could have expected given the health of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. We thought it was time for the MDC-T’s three vice-presidents Thokozani Khupe, Elias Mudzuri and Nelson Chamisa to be reasonable. They should come to their right senses and do things to the best interests of the party and not for selfish ends.

But if events of last week are anything to go by, I am left with no choice, but to say amongst the three vice-presidents, only Chamisa seems to be going by the ideals and aspirations of the generality the MDC-T membership.

Naturally it followed that in the absence of the other two vice-preidents, Chamisa would automatically become acting MDC-T president. Acting capacities are not permanent, but circumstantial and can be moved from one individual to another depending on the situation obtaining on the ground.

Keep on Chamisa with the good work you are doing both under the MDC Alliance and MDC-T party. The majority of MDC-T party members are with you. To the close relatives of Tsvangirai, all Zimbabweans are with you during these hard times.

We are all praying and hoping that Tsvangirai will one day come back into the fold and lead the party, but it’s not prudent for you to be involved in the succession battles of the party. This, you should leave to the party structures.

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  1. People who do not see past their own ego’s and own selfish interests should never be in positions of leadership. They lack vision and only see a small tiny picture, like a selfie with only them in the picture. We need leadership that have a panoramic world view and can fit the entire nation in the picture to take all of us on the journey of real change in Zimbabwe. Too bad we only have fat greedy losers that call themselves leaders but are running a race for themselves and will win nothing for this nation.



  2. I failed to understand Matangira Tidings.Was Matangira saying bec Mudzuri was out in SA then Chamisa would logically become ACTING PRESIDENT as the remaining senior person or what?But he failed to relinquish the post when the appointed acting pre Mudzuri came back.As far as I’m concerned or I can see it, itz only Chamisa & camp who are causing this recent confusion in the MDC-T. I’m not denying that just as good as our recent military coup in zim,Chamisa might have the support of many MDC-Ts though wrong,in as much as the military coup is wrong but ours had the support of all people in zimbabwe

  3. Please I appeal to whoever is responsible to take our president Morgan Tsvangirai to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri(ECG) that cancer will definitely vanish in Jesus’ name!

    1. nonsense

    2. The DID NOT have the support of “all” people in Zimbabwe. Just a point of correction.

      1. I mean the military Coup didnt win the support of evryone

        1. There was no military coup. The army responded to a coup that had already been effected by J Moyo and Grace, who both had stolen the president. The army just acted to reverse the coup, and that is part of the army’d duties.

          1. Hahahahaha you make interesting reading; a coup reversed a coup and the current leaders still need people to either approve or disapprove them. They do not have the mandate of people, it was a coup-not-coup whether Jonathan and Dr Fugu had done whatever it doesn’t cleanse this coup except elections or erections

  4. Comment…Kare haagari ari Mr Chamisa .if u base nenyaya yekuti Chebundo akambokunda ED kuKwekwe muchenjere kuirasa. motokwinya munozvamburwa pama election arikuuya mukapinda mujira.
    look yr party is under succession wars wheares ED is striving to uplift the economy.


      1. mutori pa Campaign kani, t ceased to b Mugabe’s bcz t was ammended during the GNU period Zanu ws represented by Mangwana MDC by Mwonzora,

  5. You jacob zums, if ED as you said that he is striving to mend the economy,under which umbrella is he mending the economy because i understand that ED was slept with targeted sanctions by the USA,why? You are day dreaming jacob zums because zanu pf will never ever develop zimbabwe although it is your poor wishful thinking.Zanu pf is a cursed party full of selfish useless individual devils.Investors will only come to invest in zimbabwe when the governing party demised forever.Take my words.

    1. These sanctions are not new, they are automatically renewed every year. Money can still come by other ways if the US so wishes. Sanctions take time to remove as it moves through a long process, just like Mandela’s terrorist status which was removed years after he was being dined, feted and glorified in the US.

  6. MDC Must focus on elections, izvi zvekuti ndini mukuru nhasi ngavasiyire pasi zvidyiwe nembwa,ivo vachibvutidzana masimba kudaro Zanu pf iri kurovera bhora mberi nekuti parizvino hakuna succession wars they are busy with their tasks and at the end of day they are going home not empty handed leaving u pointing at each other. Shame!!!

  7. The other thing MDC must do z to elect their new leader instead of endorsing. Madaro mopana makore ekutungamira bato mochinjana after a certain period kuti mose mugovawo maPresidents bcz that’s your wishes,in the very near future tichanzwa matanga zvekuurayana se Zanu pf, remember mviro mviro dzemhanza mapfeka. Murikutirwadzisa zvamava kuita izvi zvamakangodzidzavo wani. Seat down guyz and get means to remove the mess and dust you have already caused. Ukaona muchiti mukatadza kuwirirana pane zvimwe zvinhu munhu obuda muparty ondotanga rake bato hazvina sense, get the solution to solve the differences, by forming another party it’s a reflection of failure to settle down the dust and causes a lot of cracks which explains damage to your career

  8. This is a bootlicking story proves Chamisa is paying journalists to do his biding in the media chakuzobvaruka kana Save vakasagadzirisa.

  9. people of Zimbabwe we just want a democratic change. stop this endorsement syndrome. People must be voted for

  10. Chamisa is just an ordinary party card holder after he was trounced by Monzora.He is an illegitate VP according to MDC T constitution.MDC T is heading for a split.

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