Chamisa, Mudzuri bury hatchet

MDC-T interim president Nelson Chamisa’s political star received a major boost yesterday after the party’s district executives endorsed him as the opposition party’s presidential candidate, following the death of party founder, Morgan Tsvangirai, last week.


The decision came amid reports that MDC-T vice-president Elias Mudzuri had thrown his weight behind Chamisa, leaving Thokozani Khupe who was also jostling for the post, in the wilderness.

Khupe insists that she is the bona fide candidate to succeed Tsvangirai, although Chamisa now has an upper hand following another endorsement by the party’s national council last week.

Deputy party spokesperson, Thabitha Khumalo, told NewsDay Weekender that yesterday’s consultative meeting attended by 639 delegates from 210 party districts, dismissed Khupe’s call for an extra-ordinary congress to choose Tsvangirai’s successor.

“639 delegates from our 210 party districts have endorsed acting president Nelson Chamisa as the presidential candidate. They said it doesn’t make sense to go for a congress as we are now preparing for elections,” Khumalo said.

“The districts said they have embraced the national council’s resolution and they want that resolution to be respected by the leadership. We are not going to have an extra-ordinary congress.”

Earlier on, Chamisa had told journalists that the consultative meeting was meant to finalise the succession issue and “eliminate noise in the cockpit”.

“As regards the issue of the party in terms of its unity and hygiene, this is part of what we are doing to make sure that the party is clear so that we remove all the noise in the cockpit and that people are clear as we prepare for elections and they are clear in winning the elections,” Chamisa said.

The consultative meeting was attended by the majority of standing committee members with the exception of Khupe, organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe, party chairman Lovemore Moyo and spokesperson Obert Gutu.
During the Press briefing, Chamisa frequently consulted Mudzuri in a gesture widely interpreted to confirm reports that the two had patched up their differences and pledged to work together.

“What we have done is perfectly constitutional. What we have done is 100% legal,” Chamisa said. He added that he would soon reach out to Khupe, so that they iron out their differences.

“Of course, we appreciate that our vice-president Thokozani Khupe, has not been attending meetings for the past eight months because of issues around the (MDC) Alliance with our president the late Morgan Tsvangirai,” he said.

“We appreciate her circumstances, she has not understood the party processes that have been instituted and the position that the party has taken.”

MDC-T secretary for security Giles Mutsekwa said his department had launched its own investigations into the attack on Khupe and two other senior party officials during Tsvangirai’s burial in Buhera on Tuesday.
He said findings of the probe would be made public within the next seven days.

Chamisa also apologised for the violence, saying they will make everyone involved accountable for their actions.

“We are in the process of making sure that any person who is in the party structures who has been involved in this debacle is going to be fully accountable to the party and will not be part of this great family. We do not want malcontents in our midst,” he said.

He said the leader of the MDC Alliance will come from the MDC-T, further confirming his candidature ahead of the upcoming elections where he will square up with Zanu PF’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru of the People’s Rainbow Coalition.

Chamisa said following the death of Tsvangirai, the party will not change its name MDC-T, as it was used to distinguish them from the rest.

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  1. well done Mudzuri at least you have seen the light. Young generation need to take charge of their future.

  2. Way to go! Good reporting Newsday. I wonder is there anything that the law states with respect to the abuse of state resources by the ED-led government viz. Herald, Chronicle, ZBC etc. that they misappropriate to fuel propaganda and the ZANU agenda? These public news outlets always selectively report, are rife with fake news and oftentimes mislead the public, yet it is the public that is financing their operations. Our taxes are being abused!

  3. the question is, will we be free after the elections?

  4. Comment…well done comrades for shaming our detractors. victory z certain.

  5. Its not about there being “no noise in the cockpit”!. This is a radarless charade led by a little dictator going nowhere.

  6. Comment…Khupe is the noise in the cockpit She needs to show maturity

    1. You may call Khupe’s protests noise, but seriously she has a valid point. If MDC needs to move forward, they need to concede to her position and then beg her to allow the status quo to continue for the sake of the party, otherwise it will be another monumental failure by MDC politicians. Its so easy to route for Chamisa and close one’s brains to the positions and history of other party members.The next easy thing to do, will be to point fingers at Khupe for the fall and failure of the party which is in sight.

    2. If she had a valid point, why did His Excellency the late MRT anoint other VPs, two more for that matter, if Khupe was a competent VP? Food for thought! Her boycotting of important meetings from the time of MRT and her frenzy with the media rather than paving for dialogue has shown that she is not a leader, and does not care about the future of the party, but herself. Pity for you Khupe.

      1. Tsvangrai’s appointment of the two VPs was a Machiavellian tactic of discounting Khupe because she had the courage to stand up him. Her boycotting of meetings is also due to the violence which she had suffered at the hands of fellow party members. The threat of violence against her has never ceased, just a couple of days ago at the burial of Tsvangirai, again she was attacked by party members. The issue of violence in the MDC being a scourge which even caused the splintering of the party before.

        It is then unfortunate for the party to subject one of its senior people to such a situation because she has a different opinion from the others. Politics is about coming up with common ground and moving forward tactfully. Otherwise if the difference between her and the rest of the party as some MDC members think is that wide, why not just fire her and let sanity prevail.

        It also fair to commend her loyalty to the party and its late President, because she managed to hang on despite the violence and the humiliation she has suffered at the hands of fellow party members and supporters. Also do not think that she also does not have people who support her position, who can easily be influenced towards violence as well.

        1. I like your view, its balanced

  7. All these briefings don’t mention the position of their constitution on the matter, what are they scared of?

    1. Did you listen to the briefing or you are simply digesting the propaganda by ZANU?

    2. if Khupe has a point as she alleges in newspaper, she shld attend the ongoingb meetngs and make her self heard, not to talk to media, the fact tht she is not attending meetings attest to the fact that she is fighting a losing battle.

      Enda pafacebook and search “Zimbo Tv live” and watch the video for yesterday’s press briefing, yakatsanangurwa constituton nezuro naChamisa

  8. They had to bury the hatchet, their appointments as VPs were not according to the constitution and they know it, no wonder why the power grab by Chamisa.

  9. for as long as these leaders do not abide by the constitution, there will never be freedom or democracy in Zimbabwe. As it stands there is no diffrence between the ruling party and this MDC of Chamisa as both breach the constituion to manouvre their political or rather personal desires

    1. The constitution is very clear that the National Council appoints positions between congresses. Duties of the National Council – (l) To fill any vacancy, by way of an election, in the National Council caused through resignation, death or any other cause, provided that any vacancy in respect of Elected Provincial Representatives to the Executive defined in Article shall be filled at an election of the Provincial Council.

      1. 6.2.5 An extra-ordinary Congress may be called: (a) By a simple majority vote of the National Council or two thirds vote of the National Executive which vote shall be conducted by a secret ballot.

  10. Personally , l dont see this Chamisa bringing the salvation majority of Zimbabweans aredesperate for. He lacks maturity and must also distinguish himself from Zanu Pf culprits or maybe its because he got contaminated with the zanu pf virus. NO FUTURE FOR ZIM UNTIL AND UNLESS THE CONSTITUTION TAKES ITS POSITION AND REIGN OVER POLITICS

    1. Have you ever read the MDC Constitution? What Chamisa did is constitutional!

    2. ava vanongovukura, maturity kudii? kuvata mumeeting ndiyo MATURITY?

  11. mese mukuti khupe fomai party yenyu full stop.constituation or not tiripana Chamisa n hapana anomumisa

  12. The beautiful ones are not yet born!

    What is Chamisa so afraid of? A congress would actually re-energise the party and i am failing to understand how convening a congress would disturb preparations for election.

    There is nothing wrong with what Khupe is asking for, and it is the wise thing to do. Why unnecessarily alienate a key constituency in your party? My fear is that Chamisa might win the battle, but lose the war.

    I think its time Zimbabweans moved away from political parties. We need more independent candidates who are not easily abused.

  13. going to the congress will derail things. zanu will pay some people to vote against the peoples choice thereby killing the party for good.

  14. There was a coup in ZanuPf now there is a coup in MDC-T.


  16. Chamisa is a loss before any contest occurs. It must not be a case of the youth taking over just for the sake of an exhibit. Track his disaster in the 2013 elections when he had bulldozed himself into the organising secretary’s position in a prior party congress. It gave the ruling party a straight two thirds control of Parliament. It’s going to be worse this time round and Chamisa’s political obituary is being self-written right now.

  17. Well done Mudzuri. My vote and other young generation is on Chamisa. Khupe should recognise the new leadership and not continue being used by Zanu pf detractors. It’s high time to bury differences and fight the common enemy in Ed and Zanupf. Ed will not stand a chance against Chamisa. We cannot be fooled by Ed and Zanu pf. They are the same with Mugabe. My only worry is, are we going to have a free and fair elections after the army’s involvement in the November coup?

  18. Fellow Zimbabweans, Im hurt, so hurt..our focus is on who rules, yet we still have a way to go, even if Chamisa rules, we need more than 5 years kuti inake… Ini im supporting Chamisa, but dai akangwara aimboshanda naED for this term so that anozokwanisa ku controller the whole country after azosara ege,..Munoti ma government officials anomuteerera here Chamisa aah im hurt mufunge.

  19. Comment…Maratidza kukura baba Mudzuri.regai tioone panosvika mwana wenyu NELSON.toda bato riite runyararo.taneta nezvamai khupe vagara ndozvavari kunyange Save vachipo.vakazvikanyira vega.ungadai vakagarapo for Nelson usataura taura bhora mberi

  20. khupe na grace mugabe zvakafanana. kungo vhukura vhukura zvinaprogress.
    khupe marriage inomunetsa, iyi i politics not murume

  21. WHAT CONGRESS??? I swear through Sango my old grandfather that even if congress was held that power hungry woman you call khupe will not accept defeat.she is now zanu pf project to try and devide MDC to prevent the imminent defeat at elections.Chamisa is going to be our next democratically elected president and ngwena is having sleepless nights everyone knows that.khupe orasika mazuva okupedzisira nyika yonaka shame

  22. ana ed are fools leader form nowhere chiwenga muhadi for VP .we need chamisa

  23. Chamisa and Mudzuri should hurrily replace khupe faster faster team yakabaiwa hapana nguwa apa. Election are at the corner . pavaccuum apo why wast time pamunhu weZanu uyo. Hamuzvioni here .Akatengwa

    1. Why can’t you simply fire VP Khupe,constitutional nominated at the congress at replace her with appointed Richard Tsvangirai or Giles Mutsikiwa to be co VPs with Mudzuri.

  24. Comment if there is a provision in the constitution for the MDC national council to make resolution to appoint an acting president for the party and set a date for the congress,its the best decision that in the interest of the party because the time frame for holding Congress does not permit .The time we have as a party is to consolidate the party and foster for unity and avoid divisions and power struggle that has cost us for the past.chamisa seems to be a good candidate to carry Zimbabwean to a promised land ,that is new Zimbabwe. The multitude we have seen for the past days is testimony that chamisa has the mandate to sail us through to new Zimbabwe. Every Zimbabwean except those power hurry cadre can throw doubt about that

  25. So since 8 months ago the Mdc have been wrong thats why Khupe absconded meetings since then? Tsvangirai was wrong? Chamisa is wrong? Mudzuri also wrong to rally behind Chamisa? And now only Khupe is correct? Something must be wrong with Khupe, no wonder why she failed to resolve her differences with Tsvangirai upto his death. She seems to be self centred. Hatidi vanhu vakadaro.

  26. kudenga kunaMwari

    Comment…I Hondo sarai muchengete vana

  27. Madam Khupe should be dismissed from MDC-T movement with immediate effect. Her services have immediately become irrelevant

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