Chamisa, Khupe square off

ACTING MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa is keeping his fingers crossed, hoping to be endorsed as the opposition party’s presidential candidate when the national council meets tomorrow for candidates’ selection ahead of this year’s general elections.


Although Chamisa has been widely tipped to land the post after being given the thumbs up by various party organs, he still has to contend with a stiff challenge posed by vice-president, Thokozani Khupe, who is also laying claim to the position in accordance to the party’s constitution.

The youthful Chamisa was endorsed as the presidential candidate by leaders from the party’s 210 districts last Friday, but was yet to be endorsed by the standing committee which meets today ahead of the national council indaba tomorrow.

Party deputy chairman Morgen Komichi said tomorrow’s meeting would put finality to the leadership wrangles, adding all members must attend to give their side of the story.

“We want people to focus on party programmes and candidate selection and everything that has an advantageous outcome to the party and Zimbabwe. We cannot continue to be in a perennial leadership dispute and the national council has that power and mandate to guide us,” he said.

Khupe has been absenting herself from meetings over differences regarding the MDC Alliance.
Party deputy spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo weighed in, saying the decision by the districts will receive an endorsement from the national council.

She also divulged that the election directorate met yesterday and their resolutions will be taken to the standing committee and national council.
“When we met with district chairpersons from the 210 districts, it was agreed that they go back to their districts and start candidate selection and it must be done through a consensus,” Khumalo said.

“When push comes to shove there will be a primary election but it has to be verified. They were all given two weeks to submit their candidates and tomorrow (today) we have a standing committee and Thursday (tomorrow) we will have a standing council which will receive the deliberations by the decisions.”

The election directorate reportedly discussed concerns raised by the provincial chairpersons regarding the distribution of seats in the MDC Alliance.

Meanwhile, ZimPF leader Agrippa Mutambara has thrown his weight behind Chamisa.
Mutambara said Zanu PF and its “decayed” leadership have every reason to be frightened of a unified MDC Alliance led by an energetic young leader.

“Call it the (former US President) Obama factor or the shifting sands in Zimbabwean politics, either way you will be correct,” he said.

“The majority of our electorate is comprised of the youths. Who would be best suited to represent this vibrant constituency, ignored and forgotten under successive Zanu PF administrations, but qualified and yearning for recognition None other than the youthful Chamisa, who himself has been a victim of the ineptitude of the past and present administrations and understands the psyche of the lost generation, born and bred under the recycled, aged and corrupt leadership.”

He said under Chamisa there would be zero tolerance to corruption, no mysterious disappearances of political opponents, no genocidal extermination of whole tribes, no trampling of the freedoms enshrined in the constitution, and there will be no holy cow as all Zimbabweans will be treated equally.

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  1. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    Chamisa is what everyone is looking for and we will make sure we win the elections.We are tired of Zanu pf let alone the coup regime

  2. ndazvishaya wo ini

    Khupe will not come for the meeting. she will be waiting to update her twitter account that she is acting president. we wait for her update. she will hide under the blanket of constitution

  3. @Chamisa, Please stop madness of reserving women or youth seats let the popular candidate win most Women Mps are not dilivering due to protection.

  4. you will get to be disappointed . dont underestimate ngwena

    1. Ngwena will not stand achance with Chamisa unless he and Chiwenga wake vakaita rigging cz that is the only way they can win.Apa um not sure kana mugabe akasiaya rigging machine yacho

  5. @Ngwenya,suprising certain constituencies have been reserved women since 2018 its high time undemocratic process of reservation must fall be women or youth its uncalled for.Mdac-t should mature and demostrate real democracy.

  6. Reservation contributed to the worst Mps ever, for reference seek analyse current Byo Mps and senators.

  7. Lets face the reality!

    For the past 4 weeks, I have been closely following the succession drama that has been taking place within MDC-T. To be honest, it is sad and rather disgraceful(as others may prefer to call it) to note that at this very critical juncture, Khupe of all the people, is failing to face the reality of the current political dispensation. Khupe, we as the people we do not want you to be our president, we want Chamisa please! Truly i do not intend to disrespect Khupe in any way, but all i desire to do is to let her know that we as the electorate are totally not enjoying her drama. Indeed it is true that she was elected as the deputy chairperson of the party, but that doesn’t make her the best person to assume the position of a presidential candidate. We will never challenge the fact that you were elected, but all we need you to know is that we want Chamisaa.

    This is a critical time for us to create a government of our own choice, but you are busy creating unnecessary confusion within the party and the nation at large. The reality is that Zimbabwe as a whole will never in any way support you as a presidential candidate. This is not based on gender or ethnicity, buT rather on personal qualities.

    Zimbabwe is in dire need of a youthful, vibrant and vocal opposition leader, who can challenge the current regime and make a difference in the country. That person is none other than Nelson Chamisa. He is a very dedicated and well known parliamentarian, who has become a darling of the majority through his constructive contributions in parliamentary discussions. He is a brand that we all desire to identify with, regardless of ethnicity. Chamisa is a very gifted public speeker, who can convince the masses merely by his speech, even without giving them a single dollar. We do not only like the youngman, we are fond of him, we love him and we want him to be our president. He is like a lasting brand, which everyone would love to identify with.

    Verily i do not seek to campaign for the youngman as others may percieve, because he has done that for himself already. all i need to do is to let Khupe know the reality. History has proven to us that politics is a game of numbers. Numbers not in seniority, but rather popularity, popularity as in how many people like you. The more they like you, the more they vote for you. As i conclude, i would like you, Khupe to face the reality,and know that we are rallying behind Chamisa as presidential candidate, regardless of your constitution. We respect your constitution in every sense, but that constitutio will never create a better candidate than Chamisa for us. If you feel it fit for yourself, you can go and form your own party. I cant really tell you what it will be like, but if you ask Biti and Mutambara, they will give you testimonies that you will always remember, as we all do today.

    Sir Mayaya.

  8. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwi Mazivazvangu

    Taura hako Gift. Madzimayi ngaaende kunobika maKambani . Ndondirikuona vachigona. Nekuti kambani dzine madzimayi pamusoro adzisi kunyanya kudonha pane dzine varume. Zvematongerwo enyika izvi, dayi vaita zvishoma. Nekuti varikungochemera kucheterwa zvinzvimbo mune zvematongerwo enyika. Havadi kuzvishandira
    Kumwe kwese uku, hakuna mhirizhonga dzakanya. Uye amai vari kukoshiwa kuti vave nemwedzi misere
    vasingapinde misangano. Zvichireva kuti, kubvira Save vasati vapunzika. Zvino avachazivi pekutangira. Vanogona kutozotizve ndivo vachakwidza vakamiririra MDC-A. Apa ivo vasiri nhengo. Iwo madzimayi mangani akaita vatungamiriri venyika muAfrica? Avasi vaviri chete, Liberia neMalawi? Madzimayi, kuZanu PF, MDC nemamwe mapato ose hapana inofurira irere veduwe.

    1. khupe is nothing. ndiye munhu achatitadzisa kuhwina 2018 bcoz she is causing a lot of confusion in our part

  9. Real change luver

    Khupe is being used by fake supporters to cause confusion in MDCT. Ukangofunga pfungwa dzemukadzi wako wemumba unobva watongoona kwatichando potserwa na the so called Khupe if she happen to bcom mdc leader.

  10. i have never heard Khupe’s motions and arguments in the August House. Even when Morgan was still alive she was just behaving like a brat. Just leave politics and stay out of MDC or better still why can you not go solo for the elections. you will be lucky to walk away with 100 votes the whole of Zimbabwe even with your family members included.

  11. Khupe please this a do or die election.Its about our life and generations to come.Lets take this more seriously. Chamisa is not forcing himself on the people. The electorate have known Chamisa sinse the formation of the party being the only founding member left. He is a genuine fighter for people’s fredom.He is down to earth and intelligent enough to be able to pull the country out of this mess. He is a gifted speaker who will be able to market our country the world over for our benefit. He is simply the leader we a looking for and apparently he already been accepted by all exept you Khupe and a few others like Mwonzora.We want the country to move forward and we therefore want Adv. Chamisa to take charge. So Khupe understand this or you might as well start your own party. Its mostly about who is likely to win the election for the party and thats none other than Adv Chamisa.STAY AWAY KHUPE

  12. Let them fight it out. Hapana dovi rinongouya wakagara. If Khupe wins or Chamisa wins nomination then so be it.

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