Chamisa dares Mnangagwa

MDC-T acting president, Nelson Chamisa yesterday told tens of thousands of party followers that he would quit politics if President Emmerson Mnangagwa wins the next elections, insisting the opposition party will form the next government.


Addressing mourners at the funeral of the late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai in Humanikwa village, Buhera, Chamisa, whose leadership of the party is under contestation, insisted on uniting the party to face off with Mnangagwa.

He declared he would quit politics “if Mnangagwa wins the next election”.

“We are ready to form the next government and in September we will,” Chamisa declared to wild cheers from the crowd.

Tsvangirai, who succumbed to cancer of the colon last week, was buried at his rural homestead under a tense atmosphere, as internal power struggles stole the show.

Chamisa said he was anointed by Tsvangirai to lead the opposition outfit.

“(Former President Robert) Mugabe failed to plan his succession, but our president (Tsvangirai) did. God has a plan for everything. When a great leader dies, his protégé takes after him.

“When I was appointed vice-president, people did not understand him,” he said, dismissing calls for an extraordinary congress to elect a substantive party leader.

“First things first, our constitution is clear. You cannot just wake up and rush into an extraordinary congress.

“There is an elaborate process to be followed and we will be consulting the whole leadership.

“This is a people’s party and we will make sure nobody wrecks it at whatever cost.

“We will convene special meetings and we will not accept any noise in the cockpit. If you disobey our orders, we will deal with you.”

National People’s Party (NPP) leader and former Vice-President, Joice Mujuru announced she was ready to join hands with the MDC-T ahead of elections later this year.

“This event has reminded me of the event in Gweru (where she walked hand in hand with Tsvangirai),” she said. “We agreed with Tsvangirai in the presence of (his cousin Hebson) Makuvise that we will work together.

“Our memorandum of understanding represents the wishes of Zimbabweans. We are ready to work with you, let us work together,” she said, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Mujuru and Tsvangirai signed a memorandum to enter into a coalition, but talks collapsed over the deal and the two formed separate alliances.

Tsvangirai’s uncle, only identified as Zvaipa, said his nephew died a pauper despite his three decades of fighting for democracy.

“Tsvangirai worked hard and suffered at the hands of Zanu PF,” he said.

“Some people made money, but he died a pauper.

“He was used as a goblin by some people to make money.

“Everyone knows this man won the 2008 elections, but being a man of the people, he refused to walk to State House skipping dead bodies.

“He allowed Mugabe to rule and the fact that the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa has allowed government to assist with his treatment and funeral means he acknowledges that this man is a hero.”

Tsvangirai’s younger brother, Manase, threw down the gauntlet and demanded that the MDC-T sticks to its democratic values to settle the current leadership dispute.

“This is not a popularity contest and you should stick to constitutionalism. Follow the rules of the party and go back to the people.

“You do not force yourself on people. Respect these people and do not handle then like toilet paper,” he said.

“This is a man, who lived a life of service and sacrifice.

“Tsvangirai persevered the brutality of a vile regime and would want to see you all united but following procedure.

“As a family, we are watching to see to it that his legacy is not washed away down the drain.”

Since his death, Tsvangirai’s family has been thrust into the limelight after seemingly choosing to side with a faction of the party that is opposed to Chamisa’s leadership and shutting out the late MDC-T leader’s widow, Elizabeth Macheka.

Tsvangirai’s golf partner, identified as Majuru, described the MDC-T leader as a rare breed of honest African politicians.

“The Tsvangirai that I knew and the one portrayed by the media, especially the State media, are different,” he said.

“Tsvangirai was an honest man and honesty is a rare trait in African politics.

“His death should be a wake up call to those in power to redefine and broaden the definition of a hero.”

Isaac Mhundwa, a brother to Tsvangirai’s late wife, Susan, also waded into the succession debate.

“It is good that if there is someone whom the people want, go back to the constitution and follow democratic tenets,” he said.

“We would be saddened that at a time we are celebrating the life of a hero, people are jostling to outdo each other.”

Veteran Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga described Tsvangirai as an African icon and international statesman.


  1. Mugabe anointed Grace vari vega mu bedroom. Look where it got her. Was Tsvangirai anointed or elected?

    1. Chamisa is very immature… he is masking a request for violence…he’s stoking the emotions of his youthful supporters not to accept any other outcome but his.

      What we need is immediate consolidation and resolution of current divisive issues…and doing alot more work on the ground.

      ZANUPF talks less and does more groundwork. It is something that is continually ignored.

      1. I beg to differ…ZANUPF talks and talks with no action. It says what people want to hear. When they talk, its towards elections. If they win that’s it, they then start talking again after 5 years. And it’s a cycle. YOU talk of violence! in 2008 panga pakaipa, was it MDC? Even when he won the election, Tsvangirai refused to be President if it meant walking to the state house walking on dead bodies.
        Pamberi naChamisa

      2. that is true

  2. chamisa is a dictator,mmmmm why is he refusing extraordinary Congress

    1. you are foolish…..

    2. Clearly, you do not know what you are talking about!

  3. Be careful what you say young man remember only yesterday another octegenarin gogo was threatening to commit suicide if she “see your speach” according to her own words not listen but see ,but where is she now and you ended up giving a speech at both freedom square and buhera, so lets not focus on zviroto as you are going to be lambasted by ED now that Morgan is no longer around who was the main pillar of the party.

  4. I think its becoming clear indeed,ZANU has captured a few MDC leaders.And I believe Chamisa is the main ZANU plant.

    ZANU knows they can never win elections,hence the 2nd option is to rule through MDC

    I fill Chamisa as a plant
    1)may not contest the result if ZANU rigs.because he will b in support

    2)chimisa has been slowly trying to subbotage MDC reputation without anyone knowing,an example being the blunt lie about the 15 billion from USA,knowing USA will dispute it thus undermining MDC reputation. think about it,don’t u think a renowned lawyer like him would have known of the consequence?

    3)who knows what direction he may take a month or few weeks after elections.or wat he might do

    1. kkkkkkk, on the contrary ZANU irikutokwata. Remember that in 2008 and 2013 MDC won the elections and because Tsvangirai was a soft guy…MDC never ruled(i.e became the government). But Chamisa on the other hand is not that soft…That’s the kind of person anodiwa manje…anekaMugabe style so.

  5. I love the way Chamisa has taken the bull by the horns, we are 5 months away from the elections & an unfortunate event has visited the mdc, but things have to move on & fast & this is no time to dilly dally with time wasting congresses etc when there’s no time left. Extra ordinary circumstances require extra ordinary solutions, bhora mberi

  6. Uncle’s observation is worrying. Was politics a conduit for Tsvangirai to become rich? Maybe if he hadn’t engaged in all those sexual shenanigans with those women and later had to pay them plus maintain them and his offsprings he wouldn’t have died a pauper. That get rich through politics mentality is typical Zanu PF and seems to have caught on in MDC.

  7. Chamisa is extremely power hungry and a dictator in the making, he thinks MDC T is his party, for a fact Tsvangirai did not anoint him, if he was anointed why is it that Khupe and Mudzuri are not aware, typical bedroom coup where Chamisa is abusing Elizabeth. For starters this immature Chamisa was defeated by Monzora and reverted to be an ordinary card holding member but through his proximity to Elizabeth Save was forced to illegally appoint Chamisa and as facts stand he is an illegitimate VP. Chamisa is a lair and thinks Zimbabwe is Harare Polytechnic where he could lie and get sympathy from students. He is definitely not a leader if one is to think of his pipe dream of $15 billion from USA. He just wants to get into power and loot and become a billionaire. The people who elected him are fools because they did not follow the MDC T constitution. Now he is hiring MDC T youth thugs to violently attack the only legitimate VP Khupe, in fact Chamisa has a huge appetite for violence, typical student politics. MDC T is heading for a catastrophic split. Khupe will approach the constitutional court and Chamisa will be bared from using MDC T and will be in the dust bin.

    1. Comment…kana ikaspliter anevanhu ndiyani, ndi Chamisa sakazvinebasarei waunofunga kuti anotevera Khupe ndiyani zuro uno Khupe wenyu airwisana naTsvangirai nhasi anaChamisa musazvinyepere nyaya haisi kumatare nyaya iripakuti uneruzhinji here kumashurekwako usatamba naChamisa ndibabavaya majaira kutongwa nemadhara.

    2. Taura hako….Mr 2018 do you have evidence that Chamisa hired those thugs? What if it was ZANUPF? They are the ones with a proven record of violence(refer to 2008). And about Mwonzora defeating Chamisa, you do not have your facts right. Chamisa was young at that time, he actually won but because of people like you, Mwonzora was declared the winner tichiziva hedu kuti Chamisa achakura! Please get the facts right before posting what you think. Chamisa hoye….

  8. But vakainda KuCongress, is he not going to win. Tipei masoko, Tipei masoko

  9. Ngwena yawavavarira kuda kubata iyoyi....

    He may indeed win at Congress because he is now firmly controlling party structures, even unleashing his greyhounds upon imaginary and real enemies. However, the 2018 election may be a different kettle of fish altogether. I can see ZANU PF quickly reenergized and also activating their youths, kuti zvityise. Abaiwa ngaabude nekuti we have now entered a night of long knives. The activation of the ever reliable youth militia, the war veterans and the army coupled with the likely bhora musango in the MDC T, will hand Chamisa the heaviest defeat he has ever suffered in his young but eventful political life.

    1. Army ndikuona ichipindira ED arakashwa nemukomana. There is no other way out of this imminent defeat. Takazviona patakashandiswa kubvisa Mugabe.

  10. Whoever said politics is a dirty game said it all

  11. This is another ‘stop it’ in trousers, drink with imagined power!

  12. This young man will take take Zimbabwe to the promised land. I see another Macron in him. Who said only geriatrics can run a country?

    1. Macron isn’t any standard to follow, Macron is a foolish, vain, arrogant and dangerous Frenchman full of his own importance who will leave nothing but chaos and confusion in his wake. So in one way you are correct but for all the wrong reasons. There is a reason why most leaders are older, wisdom, maturity and a humble attitude are required to lead a nation. Chamisa is young and big headed, he needs to think carefully before rallying the youth to “deal with” people who disagree with him.

      1. Do you know that once upon a time there was an 8 year old president? Wisdom comes from God not age. Wake up!

    2. Jackson maziyaya

      Comment…yes is True were going to eat honey and milk this year after election of twentyeighteen .chisa mpama chisa pamberi na chamisa pasi nevazwinyiriri


  14. You expect MDC T to go for extra ordinary congress while Zanu PF will be busy mobilizing votes across country, To me thats a big NO.
    CHAMISA did a very good move. As for the family please stay away from this issue we dont know you.

  15. I do not know Chamisa but I do know at least three disturbing things about him. In the GNU he was one of the ministers outwitted by Zanu PF (Webster Shamu grappled power from his ministry). When he lost to Mwonzora and went into private practice, he made a decision to defend Zuva against labour – politically ill-advised, given the origins of the MDC. He has made an unseemly power-grab for the MDC presidency, resisting an extraordinary elective congress, despite the fact that he seems to have the support of most MDC supporters. He is charismatic and apparently the people’s favourite but I sense unripeness, covetousness and untrustworthiness. Finally, hopefully the rumours that Zanu PF has dirty tapes of him to be released during the campaign are fake news.

    1. Pane dirty tape ringakunda Gukurahundi here?

  16. Being annonted by MT is worthless in a democratic party. An extraordinary congress will prove MT right or wrong in his preference

  17. Comment…going to an extraordinary Congress while zanu is busy campaigning mabvako modyiwa that doesn’t make sense

  18. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Comment…Bumbiro remutemo reMDC-T rinomboyi? Bumbiro ndiro rinegwara regutsa ruzhinji nguva dzose sezvo rinenge rakanyora neruzhinji. Nekudaro, rinotiyi? Dzimwe nguva nzira yekudimbudzira inezvimhingamipinyi zvakawanda.
    BUMBIRO RINOTIYI? Uye kana paine kudimbudzira kunoda kuitwa, BUMBIRO ndiro rinotanga kugadzirisiwa kuti rienderane nezvirikuda kutwa. Ubvunzo, BUMBIRO RINOTIYI?

  19. If people who follow or align themselves to MDC choose to ignore their own constitution, how then do they expect MDC to run the country in the event of winning an election? The excuse of not going for congress is invalid, how many days does congress take for them to ignore following proper procedures? Robert Mugabe had it on record that he was anointed by God and his beloved followers showered him with praises, was it true? It’s sad to see people encourage others to destroy their own party, learn from history to pave a better future,learn the mistakes from Zanu, you don’t need to be an intellectual.

  20. Ku Congress hauyende ne matombo. U need money 4that, which can be better spent on a focused campaign.

    Remember, every little action brings a reaction – Khupe, Mudzuri made their moves and NC returned the favour. That is POLITICS.

    Winners know their priorities, losers dont. The party is energised and ready 2roll over ZPF / and some people think its the right time to pick a fight.

  21. Pple have spoken they want Chamisa to finish off the job . Of the three deputy Presidents only Chamisa is clean Mudzuri wanted to destroy mdc with Biti and Makupe always argued with Morgan she even snubbed the formation of the coalition leaving Chamisa a cleaner guy very loyal to the party . As of his age that never work in modern politics how old is Macron ? Austria leader is even younger than Chamisa . Chamisa is the man and zanu is running sacred now. Junior pays not in sports only but in politics too.

  22. Wanted to say on last sentence junior policy pays not only in sports but politics too .

  23. Kkkkkkk chakaipa..

  24. Jackson maziyaya

    Comment…usaderere chamisa arikupisa gorerino uchawona

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