Byo chokes under $172,6m debt

BULAWAYO mayor Martin Moyo has warned that service delivery in the city would soon grind to a halt, due to lack of funding as council was owed in excess of $172,6 million in unpaid rates.


Moyo told Southern Eye at the launch of the city’s rapid results approach meeting yesterday that the local authority was struggling to meet its obligations due to a financial squeeze.

“We would be in a better position as council if residents paid their rates. We are aware that people are wailing given the state of our economy, but council is the people, and if they want us to provide better services they have to pay for them.
“They cannot complain about the poor state of roads, flowing sewerage, poor street lighting, among other services which we provide,” he said.

Moyo urged residents to take advantage of the flexible payment plans that council introduced at the beginning of the year.

“Residents must approach council offices and talk to us over payment plans where defaulters will be expected bring their current bills and present a plausible payment plan,” he said.

He said they hoped the new government will ensure economic revival that will positively impact on council activities. ads Ads

“We hope that our industry will be revived in the new political dispensation and residents will find employment and in turn be able to pay their debts for the smooth running of the local authority.

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  1. vanhu havana mari

  2. Our Local Councils are just not innovative enough. They are too bureaucratic.

    1. You want them to be innovative in making you responsible enough to know that there is nothing for free in this world. Simple, pay for the services if you want them. ZANU has destroyed this country by installing this spirit of entitlement to its citizenry.

  3. Cannot understand this Mayor when sometime back they werebuilding a mayors mansion (why) when it is not a necccessity and wanted wifies at councillors residences in a harsh economic climate they should not go for luxuries for themselves . The other luxury was a benz . theseCouncils should be investigated . The Cemetries are in a shocking state . The revenue hall was a hive of activity many many yars ago paying for electricity, drivers licences, rates etc. the councillors should do without their luxuries

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