Breaking news: reprieve for o Level students

High Court judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo has overturned Primary and Secondary Education Minister Paul Mavima’s move to order a retake of the English paper two examinations and ordered the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) to just use the paper 1 results instead.



  1. Will this help the students? Hope they will be satisfied and will our system be regarded as credible internationally?

  2. God of miracles. ndanga ndisina kurionawo paper 2 iri asi paper 1 ndanga ndakarichovha. Straight A iyi. Gore rino nderangu zvesure.

    1. Do you even know what you are talking about, most of the students will fail, 90% of the candidates will fail english

      1. I wonder why zimbabweans are quick to celebrate.This judgement is indeed doom for the majority of O level students.Chitogarai maregester for June otherwise maone nenew system yaDofora.

        Marongwe D.Z HRE

  3. Dzokororo Inesimba

    Tatokumakai ma 2017 canditates. When applying for work we will make u write our own paper 2 pakambani. We have put a red flag on you guys. Stop celebrating. Garai pasi

  4. This judge should have recommended the firing of the minister who rushes to do some unilateral decisions.Again Nhandara and his crew should leave office forthwith.

  5. Thats a good verdict..ndapasa

  6. Tough luck hey paper 2 boosts the overall mark manje kana zvaazvepaper 1 only haa majority will fail unless they use the normal distribution curve on their grading

  7. Saka ndiani achamiririrawo mastudents ane mastrengths kupaper 2. It was designed kuti this subject should have 2 papers for a reason. Still this is not fair to those students vagara vaine weakness kupaper 1 yacho. Hapana chagonekwa apa.

  8. Chakakosha mwana anozvarwa anoutano ramangwana rake rinenge rakajeka hatinga batiriri pakuti mai vazvara vatora ngova yakareba vachirwadziwa pakupona mwana. The verdict itself does not qualify to come from a learned judge but from a group leader.Comment…

  9. Zimsec here or ZiCircus.

  10. Here the court judgement is worse than mavhima’s oder 2 rewrite paper 2

  11. Garai pasi uku kukama svosve kkkkkkkkk…

  12. Heads should roll at zimsec . They have failed the Nation

  13. why blame game Zimsec you are making our education system go down the drain

  14. Daniel chapinduka

    Comment…ummmmmmmmm pakaipa but vagona manje coz kudzokorora hakuite isuvamwe tatookuDubai

  15. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohamandishe

    Zvirikunzi nevamwe vana, bvunzo yekutanga yechingezi iyi yaive yakaoma zvikuru. Nekudaro, vana vazhinji vachanyorazve mushure mokunge vabhadha mari yekuti vanyorezve. Asiwo, Zimsec gadzirisayi maitiro veduwe.

  16. Simunyu Simunye Ngabonye

    The judge’s decision is nether good nor bad, its a decision in a mad house in which a fool calls a nut, “You are deranged” yet they all need medication or psychotherapy to normalise the abnormal. The Government and Zimsec have both faltered but they now need to quietly resolve their problem from without the public domain. This is how I think you could solve this to a lesser degree of inaccuracy: You have a vibrant CIO which can identify and assess the extend and proliferation of this cheating based on follow up of the messages. Look into the performance of these bad apples and their surrounding environment, you may even request for school performance reports for the suspected candidates. Make your own judgements finally and please leave the public out of it. Leave everyone else out of this equation although you must endeavour to be fair. Then finally fire all ZIMSEC employees who have access to the these papers. Finally, to the Ministry I want to know if this is the only paper that leaked, honestly. As for the Minister, I am sorry for the poor judgement you made and in future you can consult your perm-sec and the headmasters in such issues and let other people be the bearer of such bad news and you be the peace broker, you have tarnished the image of my uncle’s government but I forgive you.

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