Breaking: Chief Wozhele dies

SANYATI- Chief Wozhele, born Gochomu Jokoniya Mudzingwa, has died.

He was 101 years old.

His grandson and family spokesperson, Zerubabel Mudzingwa, said his grandfather died yesterday in Norton and will be buried at his rural home in Sanyati, Mashonaland West province, on a date yet to be advised.

“My grandfather succumbed to pneumonia after being unwell since August last year. He was a unifier and great motivator who always rose to the occasion when chips were down in the family. We will sadly miss his wisdom and high sense of humour which naturally matured with age,” he said.

Mudzingwa was appointed substantive chief in February 2008, taking over from his father’s late young brother Ndaba, who had served as chief since 1954.

He is survived by his daughter, Sarah (75), 12 grandchildren and 45 great grandchildren.


  1. How old was Chief Wozhele.

    1. I wonder why the High Court cancelled resit of English Paper 2?

  2. No disrespect, but breaking news? really?

  3. The answer to your age question brother. According to the article, Chief Wozhele was 101 years old.

  4. 101 years old? goodness me, almost as old as our last president !

  5. Breaking News…kkkkkkkkkkk yaw nyaya hamuna varume

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