Brace for bloody polls: Biti

OPPOSITION People’s Democratic Party leader and MDC Alliance principal Tendai Biti (pictured) has warned that Zimbabweans should brace for violent polls this year as the military will be desperate to remain in control of the levers of power.


Biti also warned that the November 15 military intervention which toppled former President Robert Mugabe would be reproduced in future as had been the case in many African countries where soldiers staged coups.

The former Finance minister made the claims while speaking at a panel discussion on elections and transparency at Sapes Trust in Harare on Thursday evening.

Biti said he was certain the military-backed Zanu PF government would use violence to retain State power, urging the international community to ratchet up pressure on the military to make a declaration that it would ensure the security of the vote in this year’s elections.

He said the forthcoming elections were a “do-or-die” for the military who had hoped to win votes through transforming the economy the same way Rwandan President Paul Kagame was doing, and failure on the economic front would force the military to use violence to protect its power.

“The issue of violence is going to be a factor in this election. The military did not plan this coup in order to lose power in July or August 2018,” Biti said.

“They have been marrying designer wives; they have been sending themselves to school. There are now more per capita PhDs in the army than anywhere else.

“And they were not getting those PhDs in order to get a job at Econet or Delta Corporation. They were getting those degrees in order to lay their hands on the State. So, this is going to be a fight of our lives. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a violent election.”

But acting Information minister and Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo dismissed Biti’s claims, saying elections were for political parties, and not the military.

“What blood is he talking about? The President is on record saying he wants free and fair elections. I don’t know the military as a party. This is an election for political parties, not the military, and it is perplexing why he is thinking in that manner,” Khaya Moyo told NewsDay yesterday.

Biti, however, also said Mnangagwa’s campaign was now anchored on the economy, invading the territory long held by the opposition making this year’s elections a battle of ideas which the opposition should win at all cost or risk 20 years under military rule.

“They [Zanu PF] are trying to postpone elections so that they have time to fix the economy as is the situation in Rwanda. I worked with them when I was in government and I can tell you, there is no Kagame in that party,” he said.

Biti, whose party is a member of the MDC Alliance, an electoral pact of seven political parties, said the military should be confronted over its involvement in civilian matters to avoid a repeat of coups in future.

“There is nothing that will stop the tanks from moving again no matter who has been elected in July 2018. So, it is critical that we find an answer to making sure that the barracks remain sealed off from interfering with the process because that’s the elephant in the living room.”

He said the forthcoming elections would be merely academic if the November 2017 issue was not resolved.

“This means calling for introspection on what happened and why it happened and working on ways to make sure it won’t happen again,” Biti said.

The PDP leader said the military should first undo a statement by the late former Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Vitalis Zvinavashe that the military would not accept victory by certain individuals and stop viewing threats to Zanu PF as threats to the country.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission have already promised the polls will be free, fair and credible.

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  1. Biti speaks as if its 2008,a period when MDC’s popularity was at its peak.This is 2018 Mr Biti the popularity of MDC has declined because of the rise of ED,no need for ED to use violence.He will win easily given the confusion and weakness in MDC.

    1. there is no rise here my man ED and Zanu pf are just talking . IN zim we want a party which doesn’t talk but which acts and talks after it has acted ,we all have seen a lot in zim The zanu pf saying it is to indigenous but where is it people think do not be corrupted with words come on hey!!!!after 2018 election it will be called the rise of ED dynasty whereby he will be having the money in his pocket not in CDE mugabe .

    2. Thinker you need to rethink! ED has risen to where? Not everyone is easily fooled by Public Relations.

      1. and not evryone see violence in 2018 elections….as long as sanctions are in place and e opposition still pushing hard for them to be there jus know that the ground is not level already so cry if the army take party

  2. Mdc is busy fighting whilst Zanu Pf is ground on the busy mobilising its supporters to register to vote, so Bitii sit down ED will win elections.

  3. Biti will do anything and say anything to stay relevant.

    His power mongering tactics leaves a lot to be desired on the ethical and moral front.

    I question his genuinenes though to the plight of the people. He stinks of some elements of selfishness.

    I stand to be corrected.

  4. there are some facts though,,u think military is going to lose power easily ,,stop acting as if this is no military gvt,even a 5 year old knows that this is a military.

  5. Biti you are just a politician and we all are aware of your hullabaloo…talk, talk and just talk. its time for action. stop wishing us bad and predicting your nonsense. there is not going to be any violence unless if you are the one who is going to organise your morons to instigate violence. its very easy to point fingers even when your own hands are dirty. kukaitika violence we the people of Zimbabwe will hold you personally accountable and responsible just because of your foolish and reckless bubbling. #hatichadekushandiswanembiti

  6. Shut up Biti let us enjoy our new found freedom

    1. Which freedom you sound like a proposed form 1

  7. i wish the opposition could care care for people than its self.let us enjoy this new freedom .we love ED.he knows more about the insides of Zanu pf than you do and he knows the mistakes which let us tO SUFFER HE will correct all that.lets vote for zanu pf and let biti stew in misery as he is a selfish man

  8. There is no new person in the evaluation of the Zimbabwean political confusion only those who expect to benefit from this militarism have shut their ego from accepting that we live in an army barrack! Those who fully support this undemocratic phenomenon are merely drunk with confusion.

  9. Opposition parties in Zimbabwe are a disgrace. You wish to see blood. Biti be quiet.

  10. Biti are you a prophet or you are just an echoe of the fear that is in your heart and a desire to cause unnecessary alarm

  11. Get away Biti, we are tired of your desperation and threats that there would be a “bloody polls”. This what you want so that you can start crying foul as usual, and then you start getting money from some Western countries. Please go away you are very unpopular and nothing in terms of opposition. I don’t understand why MDC T allowed you to join their Alliance.

  12. only God knows

  13. The Observer. Are there soldiers around the streets of Zimbabwe when you say people are living in barracks. You should have being living in the keeps in Chipinge and rural areas during 1975/6 with a man pointing a gun at you then you would have known how it feels.

  14. Mbiti, you did not marry a “designer wife” thats why u are divorcing. Grow up Tendai and stop wishing us bad



  16. Unforunately Zimbabwe is still far from getting a vibrant opposition which competes on ideas than to always wish for violence from the ruling party so as to remain relevant. Biti you have great intellectual capacity, please use it to gain relevance than to wish violence for you to be relevant to Zimbabwe.

    Biti you missed it when you formed your PDP.You are the one causing noise in MDC-T,STOP IT,alliance for what?Wakatukirira Tsvangirai iwe naana Mangoma nhasi muripapi?ZANU PF pasina Mugabe ndiyo yatava kutomhanya nayo.MDC iri kuratidza kushaya gwara nekuda kubatana nemi vana Biti muri power hungry.Mira wega nekaparty kako uone ukapinda muparliament iwe.Hamuna chekutipa ibvai manyarara,takakusapotai makore esa aya asi gwara chairo remusangano hamuna.Kubva 2014 ZANU PF iri noise asi imi makatadza kutora mukana wekuisa vanhu mumusangano yenyu,saka nyika hamungaigoniba imi.VOTE ED Mnangagwa.Hapana anorohwa becoz ZANU PF haina opposition yekukwidza nayo.

  18. Biti you are forgetting that at one time you were finance minister and what did you do to the people of Zimbabwe you claim to love. You do not have leadership qualities. I dont think anyone in sober mind can vote for you. if you are in doubt just try to call foe a rally with you as the guest. You are one of the main reason why MDC lost popularity.

    Biti wapera hauna nyaya,tinyararire apo,unokara kutonga hona Chamisa ava kungotora hushe nekumirira mukana kwete zvako zveka party ksina maturo PDP chinyi ichochi.Kunotonhoraka kunze uko.Wakairasa wega hapana achakuda iwe.Ma theories enyu aya haashandiba akakurasisa wena.Vote ED kana kujoina MDC -T asi zvigaro zvepa musoro kwete.Waiva pamusoro paChamisa watakupa ushe uyu.Wakatamba ne intelligence ukanzi waka ngwara kudarika Tsvangirai ndokubudiswa mumusangano nhasi wonetsa nekuda kudzokera asi it`s too let to join the big tent.

  20. Zvima comments zvevanhu vasina kudzidza, munonyadzisa, nxa, kwahi heee very high literacy rate

  21. kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  22. cheap talk from an egoistic persona in the form of biti. no right thinking person can take this fella seriously given his track record. with the confusion in the mdc right now ed wont need to do much to get an outright victory in the coming polls.wake and smell the coffee mr biti


  24. Love him or hate him, Biti is saying out the unadulterated truth. Ask yourselves why the generals have been quietly going to school. To just remain in the barracks and give orders to subordinate? No I too beg to differ. Do you think they staged a coup only to loose out six or seven months later? No I again beg to differ. Zimbabweans should be able to look beyond the ‘newly found freedom’ that Eliasha is harping on about and critique the issues that Biti is raising with an open mind. I have always said it and will say it now – the military were not doing anybody a favour by removing RGM- they were saving their own skins and now that they have tasted power, they will serve thier and not in the country’s interests. Even the now venerated ED is an interested party as he is only after serving the intrests of his triumphant faaction. What is it that is new that ED has brought to the country since he came to power? Muchapembedza gona nerinobata mai. Watch this space and we will see what you will say when the military refuses to relinquish power after being humbled at the polls. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when people start disappearing one by one after voicing thier concerns over the overstaying of the military in power. Brace yourselves for another 40m years of Zanu PF misrule because after ED, Chiwenga, Sibusiso Moyo, Valerio Sibanda etc will definitely want to taste how power feels. I feel pity and cry for my beloved country and yet you are busy denigrating Biti who is raising valid points. Muchamufunga zvenyu the time shall come.

    1. So you are saying soldiers must not go to school? You and Biti are living in a time warp where soldiers were recruited for their brawn and not brains. Grow up.

  25. Be in your senses biti, talk sense. Zimbabwe needs your contribution, don’t be power possessed, you will get there if you display your intelligence and love for your country, rather than talking of blood spilling, throwing stones and rubles to everyone. We are in a platform of facts, mind you, display yours to market yourself. Did you ever hear ED talking nonsense? Thats a demonstration of leadership material. God bless Zimbabwe

  26. Be in your senses biti, talk sense. Zimbabwe needs your contribution, don’t be power possessed, you will get there if you display your intelligence and love for your country, rather than talking of blood spilling, throwing stones and rubles to everyone. We are in a platform of facts, mind you, display yours to market yourself. Did you ever hear ED talking nonsense? Thats a demonstration of leadership material. God bless Zimbabwe

  27. After a military intervention at one of the economic lows inzara rudzii ingarova before elections that will cause the army to kill us for a bad economy. Now that I try make sense of it ndazviona kuti bitI anovhumuka


  29. Biti is not a bright guy. Surely, for someone who brags to be a senior lawyer, he must know when to open his mouth. His disparaging views of other people’s marital lives just show what a gutter politician he is. All hot air and no sense at all. He is already preparing a script for defeat…what a loser. There is no need to cry wolf based on a hyperactive imagination. Personally, I am sick and tired of politicians who have nothing to offer but scare mongering.

  30. Biti is one useless politician who is afraid elections hence his stance on maintaining the MDC Alliance. He knows on his own he is not capable of winning any election even if he is the only candidate. Only a child of the devil speaks of blood. Why should Biti anticipate blood, does he like blood. He ridicules the likes of Chiwenga of marrying a designer wife, where is his wife. What is wrong with Chiwenga’s wife going to school, inga wani Khupe akaendawo kuchikoro. What is wrong with any wife going to school when the husband affords to do so. This is children politics when we still have politicians to focus on individuals and not what they are supposed to do. The opposition had the manifesto, Mugabe must go, now Mugabe is gone, they are fighting amongst themselves and now focusing on madzimai evamwe vanhu whilst theirs vakavatiza vakaenda USA. Is Delta and Econet the only employers in Zimbabwe that can absorb those with PHDs and degrees. This is pathetic and not politics at all. Biti grow up. Has anyone ever talked about your wife or the numerous properties you have. I hope you acquired the properties in the right way and did not hoodwink desparate people. Biti is running scared because he has nothing to offer to the electorate hence his childich statement. You are no longer relevant to the Zimbabwe political landscape, hokoyo na Gutu ne ZANU(PF). You are going to be humuliated,.

  31. Has any of ED’s fans asked themselves why ZACC “debates” some cases brought before it instead of investigating ALL cases to clear the individuals (ministers) concerned?

    Some are even talking about “new found freedom” hooo? Have oppressive laws like AIPPA and POSA or even LOMA (Rhodesian) been removed? Have electoral laws been aligned to the constitution?

    Is there an economic strategy? What is it?

    Please don’t use this forum to expose your myopic views.


  33. get away all of you let politicians do wat they know best


    biti pls always speak positive rather scaring pple away.hatitye ma threats

  35. This Biti man only talks of war, Rwanda, Somalia and brutality nothing else. He sensationalises things, nothing positive or optimistic ever comes out of his mouth. He should just shut up and let more level headed people run the show.

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