Botswana lambasts African dictators

Botswana has expressed concern over increasing cases of African political leaders refusing to step down and extending their stay in office, even beyond their constitutional mandate.


In a statement on Monday, the Ian Khama-led government said it was concerned about lack of democracy among African nations.

“The government of the Republic of Botswana wishes to express her concern regarding the disturbing trend, whereby, some political leaders refuse to relinquish power when their term of office expires. These leaders have now resorted to measures such as delaying holding of elections or amending their national constitutions to effectively extend their term of office,” the Southern African country said.

“The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a case in point. We continue to witness a worsening humanitarian situation in that country mainly because its leader has persistently delayed the holding of elections and has lost control over the security of his country.

“Botswana, therefore, urges the international community to put more pressure on leadership in the Democratic Republic of Congo to relinquish power and pave way for the ushering of a new political dispensation.”

Several African countries among them Rwanda, Uganda have Presidents who have served for more than two terms.

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe ruled the country since 1980 until he was deposed by the military last year in November, after indicating that he would contest this year’s election to further extend his rule.

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  1. The Botswana government is totally correct. Africa does not need this at all. A maximum of 2 terms for every president should be observed in every country. A former president may bounce back later on just like what Russia’s Vladimir Putin did. So far humanitarian abuses are on the rise with the ordinary people being killed, maimed and displaced. The AU must not be mum. Mr. Kabila must leave office period, and the AU must be tough on countries that try to use its majority in parliament to ammend the constitution to give a sitting president another term of office beyond the stipulated two.

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