Bite the bullet, opposition tells Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will have to keep his word and run a free, fair and credible election if Zimbabwe is to be fully integrated into the international community of nations, opposition parties have said.


In the wake of reports that the United States government has decided to slap Mnangagwa’s government with a renewal of sanctions that have been in place since 2003, opposition parties said the decision showed the new administration in Harare had done little to convince the international community that Zimbabwe has indeed turned the corner.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said his party had no hand in the US decision.

“We really do not have any capacity to influence decisions of the US government. We believe that the Zanu PF administration will be furnished with the full and exact reasons why the sanctions have been extended,” he said.

“We are confident that once free and fair elections are held in Zimbabwe, these elections will produce a legitimate and credible result. Thereafter, there won’t be any justifiable excuse to maintain any sanctions.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was not available for comment while party national commissar Retired Lieutenant General Engelbert Rugeje refused to comment.

“Get in touch with the spokesperson. I am not giving you a story, it’s not my position,” Rugeje said.

PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume called on Mnangagwa to bite the bullet and implement media and political reforms.

“The government knows the steps it has to take to become a normal government. This is still a government of Zanu PF in the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe. The State media talks about the President (Mnangagwa) and First Lady (Auxillia) as if they are the only people in action,” said Mafume.

Kurauone Chihwayi, spokesperson of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC, concurred, saying: “It confirms that Mnangagwa has done nothing to endear himself. The international community views them in bad light. Mnangagwa has a lot of work to do if he wants international respect. Inasmuch as we would want Zimbabwe to go forward, the Mnangagwa administration should do a thorough image cleansing for themselves.”

The ruling Zanu PF party accused the opposition of soliciting for sanctions in the wake of the fall of former President Mugabe in November last year and Mnangagwa’s rise to power on the coattails of a military coup.

MDC-T vice-president Nelson Chamisa, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti were in the US late last year for meetings with senior US administration officials.


  1. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Some of these people who seem to be champions of FREE & FAIR elections are wolves in sheep skin. They will instigate violence and blame it on thee President

    1. What positive practical changes have taken place in Zim since your President came to power? Any legislation repealed? Has he said or done anything on electoral reforms? Has allowed diaspora votes? He appointed basically the same Mugabe Cabinet – why do you need a Minister of Scholarships? Why cant that be a simple Department? Has he fully implemented the Constitution on Devolution? POSA is still in tact; arrests for protesting against govt inaction are still going own, yet these rights are protected by the Constitution. Tell your President to act and stop talking, then sanctions will be lifted. We are tired of his sweet talk empty words!

  2. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    MDC leaders were in US recently lobbying for sanctions continuity. The electorate will punish MDC for such treachery.

  3. ”The government knows the steps it has to take to become a normal government. This is still a government of Zanu PF in the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe. The State media talks about the President (Mnangagwa) and First Lady (Auxillia) as if they are the only people in action,” Thus very true its only the bottle top that changed , but the poison and bottle remain as usual, the Mugabe policies and some of the former Ministers are still moving scot free though there allegations leveled against them. Further to that , President Munangagwa on his last rally last Saturday in Churumanzu tells me he is just a leopard in a sheep skin , he has never reformed he keeps on sloganeering his statement he always barks before his booted from Zanu ”vanongo hukura isu tichingotonga.”

  4. Muzvinavhu prof whatever, if you think we will vote on behalf of you for your luxuries and whatever forget and smile. the electorate would rather vote for a dog than your zanu thing people are sick and tired of liers and looters. Infact we bless Mdc.

    1. These are people excitable about Mnangagwa for tribal clan reasons. There is nothing Mnangagwa has done in practice that deserves the lifting of sanctions; even this so-called Professor knows it, but will never admit!

  5. Comment…It’s nice for you guys your foster father will come to vote for you,Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans not America ,don’t forget only 2 people remain on the European sanctions list,you can go and celebrate with your Shithole draconian father isu vana vevhu tichinotonga

  6. America is no fool who would change policies over change of a person. They dont fight people but policies but sofar its ok. I think opposition is fooling itself to celebrate this extension. Zanu PF is moving forward and we the people are happy with progress so far. Its a question of time all will be well. Rome was not built in one day.

  7. Opposition parties are happy with sanctions extensions? Yes they have to, that’s the meaning of opposition. If they wage a complain against the USA, that will mean that they are not an opposition. That’s their job asi vanotonga vachingotonga, ivo vachingo vukura. Vukurai zvenyu asi ED ndizvo. God bless Zimbabwe

  8. Government ya Trump haisi mombe yedhaka inokumirwaa.. donn blame MDC for sanctions…MDC is not part of Trump AdminstratioN.iTS just zanu pf propaganda for blaming mdc for sanctions. the violated peoples rights and rigged elections since 2000

  9. Chero zvazvaita masanctions are our staple food,tamajaira handei tione #EDHASMYVOTE

  10. we have never really needed the approval of the so called #1 democracy with all that is going on in the white house right now. it would be degrading to be in-dosed by such an adminstration.

  11. ma reform akaipa ayo ngwena ne zanu pf vanobva vatorova pasi cause majority dnt want to see zanu pf in power

  12. Opposition yacho ngaitsvake ma powers kubva kuvanhu kwete kutaura zvema sanctions. You want Zimbabweans to suffer for you to be given the power to rule them……Zimbabwe haisi yema terrorrists ndeye ropa. Regai gamba ritonge kwete matsotsi e MDC ayo

  13. You are all 100 per cent lost, Gamba ririkutonga why is it that you dont see mwana wa Smith achipusha chingoro chema tomatoes kuti ararame ,I Thought during the liberation struggle we used to say united we stand divided we fall ,are we united or we are divided according to where ones bread is buttered?mucharamba muchingo ukura pasina change .

  14. Vana Chamisa naana Biti begged for sanctions to remain in place. Zvamaka fambira zvaitika. Tichasangana pavhoti. What kind of people celebrate sanctions imposed on their own country?

  15. Fact .this mentality that you prefer to vote for a dog than a certain party takes us back to voting for someone in a coffin and you really want to put yourself at par with Marujata.If so then you need to go and see a phsyctrist.

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